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Oh the topic of fillers…

I think it’s a slightly well known fact now that CN web novel authors get paid by word count. Therefore, you’ll find some repetitiveness at some point because that’s how they make their money. I’ve received a lot of comments in the last couple of chapters that I should’ve skipped translating a chapter and just gotten straight to where Jiang Chen emerges again.

The journey my friends, the journey! First things first is that I cannot pick and choose what I want to translate because it’s enormous disrespect to the author. “You spent a week writing this arc but I’m bored by it so I’ll just skip translating it. XOXO, etvo” Like… what. Had I skipped several chapters in this particular happening, we wouldn’t know about Wu Chen’s gloves or whip — going to come up again in this chapter.

But really, it’s the journey and the details I feel. I honestly don’t mind reading about the side characters, I see a lot of comments who seem to mind very much so. I like seeing the sidekicks or irritating twerps get fully fleshed out, because that seems more like a world to me than the adventures of the MC and his two dimensional, forgettable, and interchangeable followers. Do folks really only like reading about the MC all the time, to the point where they don’t want anything of the side characters?

<3 etvo

Psst. Even if you guys think there’s nothing worth reading in the chapter in the future… can you at least not tell me you spent only 3 seconds skimming it? T_T I stayed up to 2am translating it after all… Tfw…

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  1. daring to say that they shouldn’t be translated is an insult not only to the author (whom sometimes really just did it for the cash) but to you, the translator. suggesting that you should make an inaccurate translation… shame on those guys, shame on their families, shame on their cow…

    but yeah, some parts are best skimed, not so much in Sotr, but parts of say Emperor domination do fall into a category of ” this builds hype. aslong as you get that we are building hype, details ain’t that important, but everything really needs to be translated”

    And it’s interesting to see side chars, it’s one of the advantages of chines novels after all

  2. Nuuuuuu…
    Don’t worry Etvo, they’re only teasing. We love you really 🙂

    I for one do enjoy it when the author focuses on side characters, since it does open up the world that the author’s created more. When a story focuses on only the main character, I feel like the scope of the story becomes a whole lot more narrow, since all we hear about is main character this and main character that.
    My favourite novels are generally the ones that don’t really have a set main character, and instead, multiple people share that sort of role. That way we get to pick a favourite that we can relate to the most rather than being stuck with one. (not that only having only one main character is bad though)

  3. It’s not that we only want to read about the MC, but often, these side characters matter so little, they don’t seem to add anything to the story…

    Also, another issue is… the tropes….

    We read so many of these kinda stories now, we kinda have a general idea of where the story is going or what’s going to happen…

    So it’s just a repeat of stuff we read hundreds of times by now…

  4. Why oh why? This reminds me of back in the day when I traveled allot and listened to audio books.

    My biggest hatred was getting half way through the 3rd Harry Potter and then finding out that it was an abridged version…

    Needless to say the moment that I had to visit audible when I had Wi-Fi again.

    To sum it up either you read the whole story, or you don’t read it, no skipping chapters no matter how dry you feel it is.

    Thanks a bunch etvo!

      1. My buddy who got me into Chinese web/light novels would absolutely agree with you.

        There are some stories that I simply cannot read chapter by chapter, due to whatever reason…
        Few releases per week, too much hype building, rough translations, ECT

        That’s when I let them build up for 10-15 chapters before blowing through them but I read these effectively to waste time so I don’t want to just read them in <30 seconds.
        Instead I milk them.

  5. Hello etvo,

    I registered just for the reason I could tell you, I’m appreciating the thing you do. You are right and it is really important to see every chapter/word the author put there. You said that the journey is important and you are right. And every reader should feel ashamed who would like to jump to only exciting chapters. You should solidify your cultivation base 🙂

  6. I don’t dislike side characters. I dislike contrived characters.

    This entire “contest” seems very contrived and made up, purely for MC to show up and “save the day.”

    Like, who are these gray robed peak spirit realm lackeys? They popped into existence like 3 chapters ago and they’re at juuuust enough strength to kick every other spirit realm’s butts, but will very obviously lose to the MC.

    I like fleshed out side characters such as Chu Xinghan. But only because he naturally flows into the story.

  7. don’t worry etvo i don’t blame you. i enjoy reading it and only skip through some action lines where it only describes how one attack follows the next. but i am taking on average 10 minutes to read through your hard work and i am enjoying it very much.

  8. I dont mind having side characters being fleshed out as long as they are character that will likely show up ever again. I don’t just read chapters with Jiang Chen but the previous chapter had no substance and could literally be summarized in a paragraph without losing anything.

  9. Wait, you mean people read those worthless chapters? I just ctrl + f, “jiang chen”. If it takes me to the comments, then no point reading.
    Also, totally appreciate the effort you go to etvo. And, yay for jumping on the “be mean to etvo bandwagon”.

  10. Ok, to make things clear. I didn’t know that it mattered if you skipped translating certain chapters. But I never said that I skimed the chapter in 3 seconds. I actually read both chapters in full and was disappointed that it took Jian Chen to appear. That’s all.

  11. I don’t even mind this level of filler anymore.

    The current stuff in Perfect World is starting to irk me. Look over the last several chapters of it … a single fight between two characters that are not the MC; effectively unknown before now; MC isn’t even in the same region as the fight.

  12. It’s ok Evo, I didn’t spend 3 seconds, I spent at least a good 15 seconds looking over it all to see if anything was interesting (: Also thanks for all your hard work! ^^

  13. I’m also somebody that registered only for the privilege of offering support (kind words) to the translators & team.
    Thanks for the hard work and time spent for our enjoyment.
    Besides the storyline, I also enjoy the text translation and use of grammar, spelling and expressions. I’m not a native English speaker but I do use it on a daily basis and there have been occasions when I’ve had the pleasure of learning new words and phrases.
    Thanks a lot again and keep up the good work.

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