♔ S🌸TR Chapter 435 ♔

So the big news was…

Will be edited by Deyna!

Apart from yes, GDK hitting chapter 300~ woot woot! Was that volare actually signed a licensing agreement earlier this week! Thus concluded months of work, and in the days before finishing it all, truly killer days. But happiness and joy! Woot woot woot! Excited for the new step in volare’s future!

But indeed, that has been causing some erratic-ness in my schedule. I hope that’s mostly over and done with, thank you all for your patience!

Oh, terminology change! Purple Sun Sect head Zixu Zhenren’s name has been changed to Spiritual Master Zixu! But… I don’t think any of you cared about that? 😀

<3 etvo

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  1. Thanks for the release~~
    Got my fingers crossed that in the next one Jiang Chen makes an appearance finally.

    Also, congrats on the licensing agreement!

  2. Hey Etvolare , please listen to me. Next time don’t even translate the chapters that are filler. Just translate the next chapter and we will be happy. No one needs chapters like this one.

    1. That’s like going through school and taking only the classes you’re interested in. 🙂 Translating selectively is a huge disrespect to the author and I don’t really want to do that. Besides, all the vocal comments on this chapter think this is useless filler, but possibly the silent majority doesn’t think so, aye?

      1. I think i’m part of the silent majority, and i respect you and the author for translating and writing this amazing novel, but the last 2 chapter i just actually skimmed the last one and in this one i(and most people i think) just skipped the whole thing. I understand about the whole thing of translating every chapter as important so i just hope this fillers end sooner rather than later. And thank you for translating and sotr and gdk, yes i read gdk and its great.

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