♔ S🌸TR Chapter 429 ♔

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I remember reading confused comments about why other people would be eyeing the sixteen kingdom alliance even if it’s such a backwards place. My speculation on possible reasons are that — as crappy as it is, it’s still got a bit of resources, there’s at least four origin realm cultivators, and that mysterious place of dense qi on the Jiang Han territory, and some legacy territories left over from ancient times. Big fishes eyeing the small one for the choicest scraps?

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  1. Warfare 101: Attack the enemies weak points. The territory is still being guarded, but weakly by the sixteen kingdoms. You hit em where they are weak, and either force them to continue to divert resources to defend it, or make them give it up. Thus either weakening other lands to guard the weak point, or giving it up so as to not spread yourself so thin. As this territory doesn’t produce much of worth according to the story so far it seems more in line they are going to give it up so as to not spread out their defenses.

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