♔ S🌸TR Chapter 413 ♔

This one’s dedicated to my wunnerful Patreons!

Edited by: Deyna

Hall of Fame to the right hand side, thank you each and every single one of you fabulous folks! 🙂

By the way, it happens to be Deyna’s birthday tomorrow. I proposed releasing the most horrid unedited chapters possible so y’all can flood him with tons of PMs for corrections. Isn’t that the best idea ever? XD Do you guys have other inspiration?

<3 etvo

6 thoughts on “♔ S🌸TR Chapter 413 ♔” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Nah, don’t do that…

    Instead, release 10+ chapters for Deyna’s birthday… so there’d be 10 times the usual amount of corrections posted…

    Except Deyna won’t be able to blame you since you released 10+ chapters to give honor and as a show of kindness…..

  2. I Dey-re not Dey-gn to know what would be a good present for Sire Deyna. I just Deyna know what would be a good present…unless…no, that would be rude… What am I thinking of you ask? Hmmm…Why not translate a chapter and fill it with horrible Deyna puns. Just in-Dey-nate the next few Dey-pters with such puns that Dey-ire Deyna Dey-rowns in the Dey-byss that is Dey-uns! All in the name of a birthday present.

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