♔ S🌸TR Chapter 408 ♔

I hear you, cliffs are sucky

Partially edited by: Deyna

So let’s have another chapter instead! I believe this makes us current, but readers kept telling me I wasn’t behind after all. I thought I was. @@ In any case then, this chapter is dedicated to wonderful technomancer Broosk, who keeps the hamster wheels running behind the scenes!

Alright, you guys see why I didn’t even post a teaser for 408 an hour ago. It’s because the name was what was making Huang’er sick, and I still *dislike* the second word in the name. Any of you guys have better ideas? Pipe in in the comments please! The original raws for that word were “one heart”, and I do not want to do “Oneheart”. = =

<3 etvo

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  1. If you can read Chinese, skip this comment in case you are sharp
    How about Generation Coalescing Curse?
    Since 同心 is something like being united and joint together. What’s more Coalesce can be used to describe how the curse work as depicted in this chapter regarding 魂<– in Chinese so I don't spoil the story.

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