♔ S🌸TR Chapter 406 ♔

I think I caught something on the plane. ><

Edited by: Deyna

So it wasn’t all jet lag! Eurgh. >< I will climb out of chapter debt soon!

Instead of a double, I found this interesting note from the author and decided to translate it. Seems like he was getting mighty harassed by readers eh?

There are four updates today, everyone please be at ease. I understand everyone’s feelings of wanting to following the story, but writing a story really doesn’t happen through just banging on a keyboard. Many structural and plot elements require much thought, and the amount of time and energy needed to write one chapter is much, much more than people think. What’s the point in pressing me to update? Apart from making me more nervous, there’s no point in that at all. Being nervous only affects an author’s condition. You might as well let me quietly and peacefully write. I’ll naturally update at first light, would I possibly finish writing it and just throw it to the side, not showing it to you guys? Therefore, there’s no point in asking when the update will come. It will come when it comes. Hurrying me when I haven’t written it makes it harder to write, this is a negative feedback cycle. Please understand, I just want to write this book well and not just go for speed, producing trash.

Relax when you’re nervous, comfort yourself when you’re frustrated, don’t forget to wish yourself well when you’re happy!

By the way, do I have any western Europe, Africa, or Latin America readers? I was recently interviewed for a newspaper and they would like to speak to some readers regarding their own web novel scene experience. If you’re interested, please send an email to [email protected] with your name and country. 🙂

[Edit] I got over 100 emails whilst asleep! I need no more, thank you! Thank you all for the enormous responses, and yes it feels awesome to have readers all over the world. <3 <3 <3 You guys are the best, and I’ll compile a list to send to the journalist. 🙂

<3 etvo

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  1. I also do some translation when i’m feeling it.
    And after checking my work from the beginning i begin to doubt my own language.
    I need to make it more human and easily understandable.

  2. this Kingliest king in this world of unkingly king-wanabees is from Nigeria. so bow down lowly mortals and pray I don’t end ur life on a whim with my ultra super mega power massive incredibly impressively awesome sling shot. 🙂

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