♔ S🌸TR Chapter 405 ♔

Reporting in!

Hope you guys enjoyed the chapter 404 shenanigans, and YES to what happened! Woot woot woot! How satisfying did you find it? Didja like it? I might’ve done a fist pump on the plane when I finished.. 😀

Will try to get up to speed tomorrow, jet lag hitting me horridly. ><

<3 etvo

7 thoughts on “♔ S🌸TR Chapter 405 ♔” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. The 404 stuff was uber cute aka great.

    As much as we want to read much much more chapters, make sure to stay healthy. Don’t stress yourself to much over us chapter hungry readers. 😉

    Nobody, not even CKtalon or OMA could satisfy our greed. 😀

  2. Didn’t notice it tbh till after I read the chapter since I had only clicked next page from previous chapter to check out the preview pikachu’s only to find the next chapter

  3. Well well well I had a moment where i was thinking : Wait ! did wuxia change there 404 page that looks nice. and then i read the end message and could not help but think that i was stupid 😛 . Was fun ^^

    Thanks for the chapter but srly what a cliff you leave us with !

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