♔ S🌸TR Chapter 449 ♔

Does the flower look different to you guys?

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I think I need to find the right emoji…

The chapter uploaded earlier today mentioned the yin yang, Taiji fish. To illustrate what that might’ve looked like:

(second one’s red because it’s actually a tattoo design). Isn’t this beautiful?? And how shocked would you be if you saw this in the skies??

<3 etvo

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    The flower in SOTR is definitely different. I liked the last one, I like this one, flowers are good.
    Those fish are awesome, looks really cool!

  2. Whenever I think of ying yang fish, I think of the fish in Avatar: The last airbender. Y’know the one that one of sokka’s girlfriends sacrificed herself to replace.

  3. The previous flower looked more appropriate for this novel, I think. Something about it having brighter colours and looking “stronger” than this one. This one looks more feminine. That isn’t a disparagement of feminine stuff- it would be absolutely spot on in one of these reincarnated girl romance novels, or Poison Genius Consort/Hidden Marriage. But it feels out of place in SOTR to me.

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