☯ ISSTH Chapter delay ☯

Guys I got hit with a sudden fever and a crippling headache. I can’t get the chapter ready at the moment. Before anyone asks, no this is not an April Fools joke. I really apologize, and I’ll make the next release a double chapter release to make up for the delay. Not sure when that will be, I’m going to sleep. Assuming the fever and headache pass, the next update will probably come about 12 hours from now.

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  1. yeah..dont worry about us..we can live without our dosage of issth…donntt worryyy about usss… pant* pant*…what do id doo doo now…haahh* haahh*…*sweat* *sweat*..hahaha…*hahaha….*drooll

    1. Yeah. It feels very dry these days. No updates from Scrya. He-Man’s being MIA from time to time. TMW author posting less chapters recently due to health problems & promotional activities. Everyone’s being bombarded by RL…..

  2. Take a break, as for how long that’s for you to decide. I think the last time you’ve taken a break was when you finished book 3 and that’s only a 1-day break! Since then, you’ve been translating without rest. Also, if sometimes you’re not in the mood to translate then don’t force yourself and you can just bring us one chapter.

    However, if that one chapter has a deadly cliff waiting ahead of us then you have to warn us in announcement post.

  3. I concur. You must choose to sever illnesses for your first Severing. Next, choose April Fool’s and all such enemies of human intelligence for your second Severing.

    1. It’s a misconception that you are only contagious when coughing and sneezing. If anything, those two stages of illness are the least contagious. The most contagious is when you have a sore throat. Wearing a sick mask is the most considerate thing you can do, but I’m sure baby will be fine.

    1. BTW, today I watched ME!ME!ME! It felt rather messed up in regards to the visuals. Thankfully it’s not something made with real people in it. Then it would have been really scary to watch. Oh, By messed up I only mean looking at the visuals only made me feel kinda weird or something. Art wise it’s real good.

  4. I never understood why you guys apologize when you are sick, honestly it’s not like you just played a whole night through and therefore no chapters come out. And even if that would be the case, it’s your time and you decide what to do with it.

    Oh and get well soon 🙂

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