☯ ISSTH Chapter 993 ☯

I’m actually fairly certain that my brother-in-law’s drinking ability far exceeds my own, not to mention my father-in-law. However, when having dinner tonight with my brother-in-law, during which time we were drinking baijiu, he made this comment: “Bro, how come whenever we drink baijiu, it seems to me like you’re drinking water?” I feel like he was being nice to me, but I’m not really sure….

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  1. I always thought asian people could not hold their liquor compared to european. Genetics and stuff.
    Had the experience with japanese people, but it might have just been this group.

    Could it just be that it’s hard to judge someone is wasted, just like it’s hard to seperate asian faces for europeans and vice versa.
    (I get you are from the states, but I guess you don’t descend from idiginous or african people, so I just went with european heritage)

      1. Certainly true, that’s just a typical US/Europe stereotype. I live in Thailand, SEA and people here (older ones like 40+) drink alcohol like water and they drink very very often as well. Once I was with a Thai Calvary units gramps and they drank from 6pm until 8am, a custom for them is to throw their glass at the wall (Dont particularly know why, but they paid for everything lol, so it’s ok, if anyone know this please reply 🙂 ).

        For younger ones I dont have any particular notice but I think they are a bit weaker? Maybe they have yet to solidify their Alcoholic Dao Foundation just yet. The gramps must get a huge power boost after reaching Alcoholic Core Formation.

      2. yes, there is a genetic problem in some asians with one of the enzymes (aldehyde dehydrogenase) needed for metabolizing alcohol. That doesn’t stop them from drinking though.

        As for the guy above me, whether or not asians can hold their alcohol may be a stereotype since not everyone has this issue. Whether or not there’s a genetic defect in aldehyde dehydrogenase for some of them isn’t a stereotype, that’s science.

        “this mutation is common in Japan, where 41% of a non-alcoholic control group were ALDH2 deficient, where only 2–5% of an alcoholic group were ALDH2-deficient. In Taiwan, the numbers are similar, with 30% of the control group showing the deficiency and 6% of alcoholics displaying it.”

      3. Well, certainly not, I was just comparing “normal” people.
        I guess my experience is not really a good example, since a group of young japanese backpackers probably has less drinking experience than German youths, but at that time, I was just stunned at how fast they got drunk from what would not even count as warming up for me 😉
        I don’t think it’s a bad thing, saves a lot of money.

  2. There is a perfect explanation for this. When you are semi drunk your vision blur so you maybe saw your brother in law drink twice your ammount and maybe it vice versa.

  3. My 12year experience in China taught me, that the Chinese thinks of western influence rather pointless. So they would just accept things very easily. When it comes to baijiu, I told them I’m allergic to it and the doctors back home forbids me from drinking it. Surprisingly, the locals would stop forcing me on it and leave me alone. Try it, should help lots. 😉

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