☯ ISSTH Chapter 985 ☯

Slightly early release here as I hope to hit the sack early. Please enjoy:

Chapter 985. Translator: Deathblade. Translation Checker: anonpuffs. Chinese Grammar Consultant: Madam Deathblade. Proofreaders: Courtrecords and GNE. Memes: Shu. Meme Archives: JerryDaBaws. Master of Cuteness: Baby Deathblade.

This is the 15th and final chapter of the week. See you tomorrow for the start of a new week!

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  1. when you normally post this chapter, its around 6am here (west coast usa.) so when you say “see ya tomorrow”… im just like *O u O okay DB whatever you say you crazy guy you*


    *i know where he lives… kay? no one take this seriously ._. kay? cool.*

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