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900 chapters! Wow! To celebrate, we’re going to have a simple little contest that EVERYONE can easily participate in, within the comments section of this post! I encourage all wuxiaworld readers to participate, even if you don’t read ISSTH! To keep the front page as clutter-free as possible, I’ll include all the rules after the jump!

Chapter 900. Translator: Deathblade. Translation Checker: anonpuffs. Chinese Grammar Consultant: Madam Deathblade. Proofreaders: Courtrecords, GNE, and Lingson. Meme Archives: joeljbright. Memes: Shu. Master of Cuteness: Baby Deathblade.

This is the 9th chapter of the week!

To commemorate the release of both chapter 900 of ISSTH and Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate, we are having a fun contest to create your own Martial Hero!

1st place: Free .pdf copy of Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate, PLUS your character will be fleshed out and included as an NPC in one of the upcoming Ogre Gate expansions.
2nd and 3rd runners up: Free .pdf copy of Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate.
4th and 5th runners up: RESPECT
The winners will be announced in an upcoming chapter release post. If the 1st place winner does not contact me in a timely fashion to claim the prize and provide more information about the character, then the 2nd runner up will have the next shot at having their character appear in the future Ogre Gate expansion. If the 2nd runner up doesn’t respond, the opportunity will go to the 3rd runner up… and so on.

How to enter:
Post a comment in reply to this chapter release post that describes YOUR Martial Hero. The character can be an expert martial artist, but cannot be too OP or “Immortal!” For ISSTH fans, think Qi Condensation or MAYBE Core Formation stage cultivator.

Format your comment by copying and pasting this template and filling it out:

Real Name (optional):
Martial Name:
Preferred Weapon:
Special Technique:
Physical Description (optional):
Backstory in a sentence:


Real Name: Siwang Zhijian
Martial Name: Deathblade
Preferred Weapon: Sword of Darkness
Special Technique: Neutron Sword Blast
Physical Description: Wears glasses
Backstory in a sentence: Born in a distant land, he traveled the world before meeting a beautiful maiden, settling down, and starting his own clan

Other rules:
Contest duration is 5 days, after which the thread will be locked!
Winners will be selected by me and Brendan Davis from Bedrock Games.
There will be no voting! However, feel free to leave a comment in response to any Martial Heroes you particularly like, and we’ll take that into consideration.

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  1. Martial Name:The philosopher
    Preferred Weapon:Words
    Special Technique:Heaven defying Word (Words from a book left behind by an unknown individual wich should have the power to rival with the legendary Ryujin’s (dragon gods). These words have the power wich will become stronger as the mind of the user becomes stronger. The effect of these words depend on their meaning but can enable one to kill or ressurect a person at will if this person is strong enough.)

    Physical Description (optional):A boy with a regular height, a pale complexion, and more muscular than your average person .His face has a pale complexion and even though his face seems nothing remarkable, his eyes shine forth with intelligence that should rival the wisest of men.

    Backstory in a sentence:A boy born out of nothing with nothing survives alone without food nor water, only holding an old book, shall reach new heights for humanity with nothing more than his mind and words.

  2. Real Name (optional):Basha
    Martial Name:Yin Long
    Preferred Weapon: Mourning sword.
    Long time ago, a one armed lone man infamous by the name asura slaughtered his way through the nine heavens to kill the heavens king with his sword , whose blade is made from the dragons kings spine and hilt carved out of the asura’s own arm.after defeating the heavens king the Asura moments before his death(due to wounds) throws the sword that has gained spirituality into the mortal realm…where it slumbers waiting for the worthy to claim it.
    (Basically a indestructible sword with spirituality that has followed the asura)
    Special Technique: indomitable will.
    A technique only to the one who follows the path of the asura.gives a massive boost to spiritual power and Brute strength for a short amount of time at the cost of losing blood essence if the time limit exceeds(the user feels no pain when active).
    Physical Description (optional):medium looks,clear black eyes eyes with a reddish tint,pure black hair till the neck,sharp eyebrows,(body shape and skin color:imagine the grownup gohan).
    Backstory in a sentence:A bastard son of the famous Long clan.mom dies while giving birth to him.grows up as a orphan doing menial jobs…one day at the age of 14 comes to know of how is father was killed as a conspiracy by the current patriarch from the mouth of long clans arrogant young master. he then kills the young master,escapes the clan and finds the Mourning sword by destiny.

    1. #1ISSTHfan (negotiable…don’t fight me ppl)
      Just created the account though…
      Thanks for all your hard word!!
      Love the novel and those memes XD
      (Definitely didn’t say those words to flatter you and win!!! Definitely not!! )
      Seriously Thank you!!

  3. Real Name (optional): Unknown
    Martial Name: Fate Walker
    Preferred Weapon: Lantern Staff
    Special Technique: Tricks of the mind
    This technique gives Fate Walker the ability to subtly manipulate the perceptions of others – misjudging distances, failing to see things in plain sight, while hearing whispers of things which aren’t there. As doubt and confusion grow, so does the power of the technique, until the embrace of a poison mist, or the slash of an impossibly fast blade becomes as deadly as reality.

    Physical Description: A lean man in his early 30s, with a moderately handsome face, and eyes that hint of age and wisdom far beyond his years. Those who see his true form are struck with a vague sense of familiarity, as if he were a long lost friend almost forgotten.
    Others, however might see someone whom they feel strongly about. Father, daughter, master, lover, nemesis, or their heart’s desire, those lacking in serenity of the heart may encounter someone they least expect.

    Backstory: Once a powerful cultivator who traveled far and wide uncovering the mysteries of ancient ruins, Fate Walker stumbled across an echo of the distant past. A memory of the a battle between supreme beings so powerful, they may have been deities. A battle so profound that a mere glimpse of its memory unraveled the threads of Fate Walker’s existence, resulting in ruinous damage to his cultivation base, and dissolving a part of his humanity – though what exactly was lost is unclear to him. There was however a silver to the experience. The same energies which did so much damage, also imparted flashes of insight and enlightenment, including fragments of a technique which Fate Walker since named ‘Tricks of the Mind’. He now travels the land, interacting with others in the hopes of understanding and regaining the lost piece of his humanity. Just like a man who is born blind might know he is is missing one of his senses without understanding what sight is, Fate Walker knows he is missing a part of himself, without knowing what.

  4. Real Name: -he has no name-
    Martial Name: Crumbling Eye
    Preferred Weapon: curved dagger (poisoned)
    Special Technique: All-seeing Eye – An intense gaze able to reveal any secret. It is able to fully analyze martial skills and formations utilized and can predict even the most profound techniques of an opponent. Though to his crippled nature, even if Crumbling Eye forsees an attack, he may not be able to react accordingly in time.
    Physical Description (optional): A thin youth with pale skin and an overall unhealthy complexion. His once fine clothes are tattered and lost their colours. He has a horrible chest wound caused by the very dagger he yields that cannot be healed and thus leaves him with a weak physique.
    Backstory in a sentence: With his birthplace and parents both unknown he struggeled and survived the dangers of the wild on his own when he was but a small kid, all thanks to his exceptional comprehensive talents. A wandering martial practioner of the dark arts eventually found him and she tought him the human language and the ways of cultivating. But, frightened of his unlimited potential she eventually tried to killed Crumbling Eye. She failed though and got killed herself in the end but managed to cripple Crumbling Eye.

  5. Real Name (optional): Christian
    Martial Name: Ren Chaoxian
    Preferred Weapon: Glaive
    Special Technique: Empyrean Judgment, as a royalty, Ren Chaoxian had always been able to discern the people around him, knowing their faults, their strengths and weaknesses. He was able to judge all of their capabilities, knowing full well whom could become his allies, and whom could become his enemies. This natural talent slowly evolved, giving him the ability to ultimately learn the truth about each and every person he meet, bringing him a chance to once… judge their ultimate fate.
    Physical Description (optional): Fair white skin, brown hair, green eyes, tall and a little bit skinny, a round face riddled with dark spots, thin lips, a flat nose, thick eyebrows, overall, just your random guy somewhere in the background.
    Backstory in a sentence: The Crown Prince of the Skyfire Kingdom, famous for falling in love with a talented commoner who joined a sect, forcing his father, King Lin Xingyu, to make this certain commoner, the would-be queen of the country.

  6. Martial Name: Longblaze
    Preferred Weapon: Reinforce glove (Like in Stellar transformations and Nine cauldrons)

    Special Technique: Grasping Sun – a Technique that strengthens the body to gain resistance to fire and the hands to be able to make and wield flames of all kinds.
    1st Form: Pecking Roc – Offensive – making a hand into a spear like shape, the user attacks while adding fire damage. Opening the hand will allow the user to catch other flames or deflect some fire damage
    2nd Form: Roosting Phoenix – defensive – Surrounds the user in a fire aspect shield dealing damage on melee contact.
    3rd Form: Stroke of the Golden Crow – AoE Offensive – Channeling a lot of fire energy into the users arms and into the surrounding space, the user swings his arms Rhythmically like a dancing bird engulfing the immediate area in flames.

    Backstory in a sentence: After creating the Grasing Sun Technique, he travels the world in search of a treasure plant to improve the quality of his flames so he can further improve his Martial arts.

  7. Real Name (optional):Mao Han Long
    Martial Name: Ou Tuo Han
    Preferred Weapon:Yin Yang Twin Sabre
    Special Technique: Yin Yang Space
    Physical Description (optional): muscle body with a big belly
    Backstory in a sentence: The laziest core formation expert on the world. (his lazines was the reason he started to practice the dao)

  8. Real Name (optional): Biming Chao.

    Martial Name: Eternal zephyr.

    Preferred Weapon: Biming Chao does not have hands. In their place he has two magical treasures that take the form of his hand, which he uses in combat. He also has a Pet winged snake as his soul bound familiar, that aids him in battle.

    Special Technique: “Answered calling”
    Biming chao’s right and left treasure hands are called “Prayer”and “Gift” respectively.
    “Prayer”, can absorb spiritual energy or other forms of natural energy such as fire or lightening (to a lesser extent). While “Gift” in turn can imbue objects or beings (such as his familiar) with the energy absorbed from his right hand. He can also use the energy directly from his own fist.

    Physical Description (optional): A tall pale man, with very distinctive short black hair, streaked with a lock of white. Biming chao is a calm individual, usually seen wearing robes of dim colors but with long exaggerated sleeves, while smoking an antique traditional wooden pipe. He has a pet winged snaked with dark red scales,usually twisted around his left wrist. Both of his hands appear normal but have runes engraved on them. When in combat his hands become translucent and jade like, while the runes on them glow silver when prayer is active and golden when gift is active.

    Backstory in a sentence: “At birth I was a burden, Coming of age I was an orphan, As a man I lost my limbs and was charred by the fires of a world I could not fathom. But from within I rose again, for i have found the thing that people have most forgotten.” – Biming Chao.

  9. Real Name: Ben Dover

    Martial Name: The Flaming Cheeseball

    Preferred Weapon: Flaming Golden Cheeseball (A sentient weapon that is on fire and is edible)

    Special Technique: Universal Assimilation
    Ben can merge with anything in the universe for a short while. While merged, he gains the object or person’s traits and power.

    Physical Description: A 15-year old with a six-pack. He has brown eyes and black hair. At first glance, you would automatically think that he is a troublemaker.

    Backstory: Ben was content with his lazy lifestyle and easy life, but that all changed when he got smacked in the face by a flaming cheeseball.

      1. I agree, ability seems a little too broken though and why the emphasis on the six-pack?! XD

        (Rule: Post a comment in reply to this chapter release post that describes YOUR Martial Hero. The character can be an expert martial artist, but cannot be too OP or “Immortal!” )

          1. @PyschoSid Yes, he can merge with the flaming cheeseball. He gets fire powers and can create cheeseballs out of thin air. Those cheeseballs won’t be on fire, but they will be safer to eat.

    1. Just in case my char’s special technique is too powerful:

      New technique: One Man, One Cheeseball…Unlimited Power
      Ben merges with his cheeseball to get a small power boost.

  10. Real Name (optional): Wu Lu
    Martial Name: Converging Paths
    Preferred Weapon: Thousand Forms- A weapon that can change its form according to the will of the owner.
    Special Technique: Assimilation- By defeating one of his clones he can absorb all their techniques and powers.
    Physical Description (optional):
    Backstory in a sentence: As a boy an artifact split him into 12 copies, now as a man he must journey to find his clones and see who will assimilate who and who will stand at the top of the martial world.

    1. Awww man seems like my guy copied the one before me, but I promise I’ve been trying to post this since yesterday. For some reason could not comment on phone or tablet.

      1. What, you mean my guy? His power completely different cause his power up is only temporary. It’s not permanent like yours, so I don’t think it could be considered a copy.

  11. Real Name (optional):
    Martial Name: Bookwyrm
    Preferred Weapon: Bookmark of Cessation
    Special Technique: Denouement
    Physical Description (optional): Male, Glasses, 2m tall, thin, slightly unkempt, almost always reading something
    Backstory in a sentence: Since he was a voracious reader in his youth, he travels the world for the acquisition department of the largest library in the realm.

  12. This one is long. Have fun reading 🙂

    Real Name (optional): Zhu Tao 朱道

    Martial Name: Crystal Smith.

    Preferred Weapon: A metal staff which has a numerous holes going right through at one end. Named Headless Shaft 无头轴 (I used google translate English to Chinese for this. Sorry if I got it wrong). He also uses crystals to set up his arrays.

    Special Technique: Forced Crystallization – Zhu Tao can force many different types of energy (including Qi) and some mass (like liquids) into a crystal structure, effectively snaring it and stopping it’s current action. However, if there is some sort of will (ISSTH calls it ‘divine will’ I believe) still left inside he cannot control the crystal structure, even if he injects his own will inside. The more energy or mass he crystallizes, the more tired he gets as it consumes energy and concentration. He cannot crystallize certain things. Notable examples are lightning, wind, metal, souls (and anything related to it), most solids, arrays and other people as well as anything with intelligence (and therefore a will).

    Crystal Forge – By using his own Qi, Zhu Tao creates any shape he desires out of crystal, be it multiple shards or a single piece, for a short period of time. However, this is far more draining than his Forced Crystallization, so he uses this only for hasty self defense as well as creating a ‘head’ for his staff, turning it into a polearm for martial fights. When smithing, he turns Headless Shaft into a hammer with a crystal head, earning himself his current Martial Name.

    Soul of Creation – By using huge amounts of his own Qi, Zhu Tao can make either metal or earth (including crystals). However it is only produces a tiny amount (A full day of rest can only produce something the size of a tiny pebble, and he will be incapable of doing anything else). However he has set up a small array which sucks away his Qi at a sustainable rate and slowly creates what he needs, which is metal which he only uses when he has no other materials to practice his smithing.

    Earth Soul – By envisioning himself as the Earth, he can push, pull and shape the earth by moving his own physical body. This tires his physical body, but does not consume any Qi. The amount of earth he can move is directly proportional to how strong his physical body his. He cannot use this to strength his Qi, nor does his Qi has anything to do with it.

    Field Arrays – By using the crystals he has, Zhu Tao can set up a large scale array capable of changing the area into a completely different environment. However, it takes times to set up and the crystals must have stored energy beforehand. Currently, he is limited to Earth, Fire and Metal arrays.

    Blue Fire – As a fire cultivator, Zhu Tao as full access to various fire techniques. The only unique thing is that his fire is blue and therefore far hotter than normal. However, this consumes his Qi rapidly.

    Physical Description (optional): A 27 year old man who is lean but fit and is 1.85m tall and covered in dirt and soot, obscuring the color of his skin. Wears rough, sooty clothing that is never clean. He has black hair, though there are signs of white hair on the left side. He covers his left eye with some ordinary cloth. He has never been seen wearing red or green outside of his clan, though has been seen wearing every other color. He does wear red undergarments for the new year, though is too shy to talk about it with others.

    Backstory in a (lot of) sentence: Born into the Zhu clan who were known for their innate talent for fire cultivation as well as alchemy skills, Zhu Tao was considered to have a below average talent in fire cultivation and he could not practice alchemy. However he still practiced diligently in order to repay his parent’s patience and kindness. However, at the tender age of 8, he got trapped in a large cave while hunting for herbs for the Alchemy Division. He spent several days trying to get out to little avail (I mean, he’s just a kid) when he noticed that some of the stalactites and stalagmites had grown ever so slightly which piqued his curiosity. He spent the next few days gaining enlightenment when he discovered he could shift the Earth by envisioning himself as a part of the Earth and moving. He managed to get back to his clan and recklessly showed off to his family and friends, which brought the stern disapproval of the elders. However he was allowed to stay because he still practiced fire cultivation just as much as before. During the next decade he picked up smithing, had a falling out with the alchemy division (because he blamed them for him getting stuck in a cave with only a few days of food and water and they him because he never returned the herbs he gathered (because he ate them to survive)), collected crystals and studied arrays and the tools of the mortal world. He was finally expelled from the clan when he remodeled a medicinal cauldron into a portable furnace, a serious crime in a clan which valued alchemy. He left, taking the clan badge with him and some red undergarments (secretly), swearing he would never openly wear red or green (the clan’s colors) ever again, neither will he use red fire (he uses blue now). Since then he has wandered the lands (he hates flying with a passion) pursuing the Dao of smithing, crystals, arrays and knowledge in general.

    Interesting facts:
    He had a disturbing habit of forging leftover ore and ‘scrap’ metal into horse shoes and rings instead of bars and forces people with too little ore or metal to purchase the shoes and rings before finally allowing them to commission armor or weapons.

    Despite being expelled from his clan, he does not hate them, though he does hate the alchemy division and alchemists in general and refuses to take any sort of pills, resulting in a low cultivation base. He even sends gifts and letters back to his clan and his family during the new year, hence the red undergarments (red for fire, green for alchemy but green is a no no because it represents alchemy in the Zhu clan) as he still considers himself to be filial.

    When forging, he uses fire to heat up the metal, earth to give mold it and his crystal arrays to help mix and purify it. He only uses the hammer to give it a more definitive shape. He has also taken some of the alchemist’s refining techniques and modified them so it can be used to purify metal.

    He’s not interested in treasure hunting (and hates the word treasure) but will tag along in the hopes that there may be some interesting crystals and metals in which he could use.

    When making something that someone else ordered, it is purely commission based and not pre-made. To pay, they need to provide the ore or metal and some wealth (like spirit stones) for the purity. Zhu Tao will provide them a jade slip recording the day it will be finished and the order, as proof of identity when they pick it up.

    The cloth over his left eye really is ordinary. He is not blind in that eye nor is it a strange color, he just covers it because he wants to remain in partial darkness (he thinks he can gain enlightenment like when he was trapped in the cave). He does take it off when he fights flying enemies and covers both his eyes when smithing.

  13. Martial name: Unknown as he rather train then think of a useless name.
    Weapon: Any weapon he finds he uses until the end.
    Technique: He has none but he likes the look of blood in his weapons
    Physique: Taller and more muscular than normal people. He usually has a beard as he is too lazy to shave.
    Backround: Forced in his twenties to start the martial road as his city was invaded. He did know a little bit of it before, but he didn’t get to any high level. He preferred to just gamble for money. He has no special talent or luck, but he trains harder and better than the masses.

  14. Real Name (optional): Li Tzu

    Martial Name: Devil Luck

    Preferred Weapon: Eternal Spear – a black shaft covered with magical golden patterns, on both ends blades made of unearthly red glowing metal.

    Special Technique: Time Sight – see snapshots of near future events that will occur within a small area.
    For a long time his success at gambling and ability to con others was attributed to incredible luck, only later in life did he become aware that the reason for his good intuition was in fact time magic, a power that he was born with and can learn to control.

    Physical Description (optional): A young human male, slim athletic build, black shoulder length hair.

    Backstory in a sentence: Born into a poor family he was ecstatic at being able to win gold coins by coning and outsmarting others, however, after upsetting the wrong people his gift turned into a nightmare and ended up costing the lives of his loved ones.

  15. Real Name: Hong Shui

    Martial Name: Blood Bow

    Preferred Weapon: The Bow (shock)

    Special Technique: Blood Banishment (smears her own blood on an arrow, when hits target, targets blood flees from invading blood, thus leaving targets body).

    Physical Description: Petite female with pitch black hair, blood red eyes wearing red assassin gear.

    Backstory: Her Foster Father found her laying in a pool of blood in the remains of her original village (thus giving her the name), being a world renowned alchemist he taught her much of what he knows; however, knowing she is driven by the desire for revenge he used his alchemical techniques to make many of her body parts toxic in one way or another, thus she left to make a mark on the world and to find those who destroyed her family.

  16. Real Name (optional): Asyari Amir

    Martial Name: Ān Shì (versed in, fully acquainted with; honest)

    Preferred Weapon: Shuāng Húdié Dāo

    Special Technique: X Xiéxiàn

    Physical Description (optional):
    – Height: 6’2″. Weight: 187 lbs.
    – Face: Defined jawline with short boxed beard.
    – Body type: Slender with defined/toned muscles.
    – Skin: Tanned
    – Eyes, Hair color: Dark Brown

    Backstory in a sentence: The Ān clan is a regular young noble family clan stemmed from a previous war only over a 1,000 years old. Ān Shì is the grandson of the third elder in the Ān family. He has always been interested in knowledge and with his deep comprehension skill, he is the smartest person in the clan if not the entire region. He longs to be able to go to other regions in search of knowledge.

    This is not without obstacles, in a world where strength reigns supreme, he tends to get picked on and not respected when outside because of his scholarly looks. Even though he is well versed in martial arts and actually is stronger than anyone his own age and power level, he prefers to use his brains instead of brawn to do most things.

  17. Real Name (optional): ???
    Martial Name: Heavenly Mask
    Preferred Weapon: Wooden Sword/ Wooden Hooped Staff
    Special Technique: Search for Enlightenment
    Physical Description (optional): Slender young man who wears a unique blue mask. the mask is a reflection of the sky. Wears azure cultivator robes with jade linings.
    Backstory in a sentence: Expelled from his clan for not being ruthless but still continues his path to be a benevolent cultivator who doesn’t kill.

  18. Real Name: Xu Lee (was trying to make his name to have the meaning strength of the rising sun)
    Martial Name: Wandering Shadow
    Preferred Weapon: Flying Daggers – he prefers to call them „his shadows”
    Special Technique: Sweeping Lotus – attack \ defense technique using the flying daggers to hover around him (defense) and can shoot the daggers at targets or all for a AOE
    Physical Description: tall, always smiling, fit but not overly muscular
    Backstory in a sentence: As an orphan he was taken in by his master who taught him everything he knew, after the death of his master decided to wander the world

  19. Real Name (optional): Zhui Nu Se
    Martial Name: Young Lecher
    Preferred Weapon: Bare-handed
    Special Technique: A special eye technique that allows one to notice minute details in the opponents actions
    Physical Description (optional): I’ll let you decide
    Backstory in a sentence: After being possessed by a mysterious old man, his personality changed such that he became a pervert and gained enlightenment on the old man’s signature eye technique.

    1. Can’t edit this because phone ran out of battery the moment I posted.
      Phyiscal Description:
      166 cm tall, has 2 whisker moustaches, short black hair. Likes to dress in a red luxurious robe lined with gold.

      Personality: Haughty; quick to blame and anger; obviously perverse but sincere in his words and actions.

  20. Real Name (optional): Jiang Chen
    Martial Name: ShieldBasher
    Preferred Weapon: Round Spartan Shield
    Special Technique: Cosmic Shield Bash
    Physical Description (optional): Average Build with a scar on the right eye and shoulder in line from one hit.
    Backstory in a sentence: Born in a sect torn by Civil War, he ran away only to come back with an ancient Spartan Shield that led to the end of the war and helping lead his sect to a prosperous future.

  21. Real Name: Miyagi Mont
    Martial Name: Not yet aquried in this plane. Depends on actions.
    Preferred Weapon: Michellago (Long Sword)
    Special Technique: Dark Star. Miyagis self created sword technique based on an ancient technique found in a ruin. Creates a miniature Black star condensing around her sword as the medium. (2 sec.) Her sword swings are then accompanied by additional power.

    Physical Description: Red Hair down to a little below the shoulders (near the shoulder blades). Blue Eyes. Clad in Black Clothes (Black Pants, Black Jacket with an embroidered black rose on it, Black shoes, Black Belt. All in a tight fit for fighting and stealth purposes).

    Backstory in a sentence: From Defeat by the very person she had the utmost trust in, she was thrown in a rift of their plane, and miraculously survives the torn and twisted space and arrives in a seemingly new unknown plane with a much denser energy source(qi,Ki, whatever) in the atmosphere.

  22. Real Name
    Tiam Xi

    Martial Name

    Preferred Weapon

    Special Technique:
    Dance of moon and river

    Physical Description
    A young man often seen playing lute and discussing philosophy, that is clothed in a green scholarly clothes. Aside from that his eyes differ colour (left blue right brown) and he has a large scar on his cheek and a full black beard on his chin.

    Born in a little village in the mountains, survived a genocide, bound a spirit of river to his weapon, learns martial art by observing nature. Seldomly leaves the mountain he was born in.

    1. uhm just noticed that screwed up and made backstory 2 sentences so hope it’s good I post the corrected version here as a comment on the previous…

      Real Name
      Tiam Xi

      Martial Name

      Preferred Weapon

      Special Technique:
      Dance of moon and river

      Physical Description
      A young man often seen playing lute and discussing philosophy, that is clothed in a green scholarly clothes. Aside from that his eyes differ colour (left blue right brown) and he has a large scar on his cheek and a full black beard on his chin.

      Born in a little village in the mountains, survived a genocide, bound a spirit of river to his weapon, learns martial art by observing nature and seldomly leaves the mountain he was born in.

  23. Real Name (optional): Wu Di (Male)
    Martial Name: The Blue Phoenix
    Preferred Weapon: an object that can change into anything that he want, including a living creatures (can be human) or even an invisible object/weapon, also can be use to change his appearance or become invisible. He also has a three headed dog as big as a building that is so cute, and a half cyborg parrot.

    Special Technique: although he has the speed of light and the strength of superman, his special technique is actually his hands that can catch anything. While the thing that can change into anything is mostly use for conning rather as weapon. Other special thing is that he is very intelligent which can predict anyone and everything accurately.

    Physical Description (optional): 35 years old, however looks like 27. Other than his heaven defying handsome face, he has a very very very average physical built.

    Backstory in a sentence: A Government detective with nickname Blue Phoenix, infamous by his handsomeness and his intelligent in solving cases, has an infamous technique which his hand can catch anything also expert in secret weapons with tons of achievements, and also a flamboyant with many girls, is somehow involve in solving a mysterious case of missing people and the appearance of strange creatures, who later was found out that it was an evil experiments that funded by the Government. There he met the strange object that can change into anything and also the dog and the parrot. He then being framed by the Government and become fugitive. And mark the beginning of the adventures of detective Blue Phoenix and his dog and parrot in revealing the Government’s true face and its evil experiments by conning all the way to the top ?

    1. Firstly, apologize to add this. Yesterday, I made the character spontaneously that when I read again, it seemed too OP, so please allow me to make some adjustments so I won’t be disqualified 🙂

      The story background is happened in the mortal kingdom of the Tang Empire in planet South Heaven of the Ninth Mountain, long after our beloved MC Menghao. It was the time when the kingdom is corrupted and rebellion are rising everywhere. Our wonderful MC, Wu Di the Blue Phoenix detective, are a royal duke who inherited a long lost martial skill which shockingly is the Stars Plucking Magic Skill! Although he is the dragon among men in mortal world, however if compared to the vast cultivation world, he only equal to the early Core Formation stage. The evil experiments that he investigated is a lab that hidden under the Dao Lake, it is a lab that infused an incredibly strong evils qi to a mortal men and make them OP, various methods are use so the man can hold the strange evils qi, some fused them self with evil creatures, some with beast, some with machine, and some use media like poison or elements. There he met a parrot which actually is the Lord Fifth’s divine will in the 9 tower pagoda which was made into a cyborg! The parrot teach him how to use the thing that can change to anything which actually is the Meat Jelly’s essence! And he met a new born three headed dog which comes the 4th mountain. When he blow up the lab, most of the evil qi are fused to him, fortunately the parrot use some of the meat jelly essence to fuse with his body to hold most of the evil qi and to prevent his body from exploding. The evil qi make him powerful with the speed of light and the power of superman, however he can’t use the full potential of the evil qi, otherwise he would explode, which then nearly happen many time in his next adventure. The parrot told him that he need an eternal stratum to survive, however not with medicine but with cultivation that the parrot teach and some legacy items that he would explore then. The parrot also teach one of the most ultimate and powerful heavenly bird magic skill, the Phoenix dance (with a lil’ butt shake) that very suitable with his current condition with abundant overwhelming qi. This skill allows him to summon a bird feather that form from the qi, the more detail and glowing the feather, the more powerful and intense the qi. With small movement, it will create a few feathers around 30-60 cm. More complex movements will add Phoenix’s tail feathers around 2m with beautiful decorative in full details (image it like a peacock’s tails). While full dance would create a full Phoenix feathers. He shoots the feathers like using a flying daggers. He later fight the corrupted kingdom officer, the evils creatures who want to snatch his qi, and some old enemies that once was he captured by him. Shockingly he later found out that it’s not just the Government, but the 4th mountain also involve in providing the evils qi. And of course some trivial things where in the very end of the chapter, he will meet the legendary Menghao and the true Lord Fifth and Meat jelly 😛

  24. Real Name: Xiao Shijie (小世界)

    Martial Name: Master of Black and White

    Preferred Weapon: Ying Yang Dual True Worldbreaker Blades

    Special Technique: True Night’s Sword Styles – A set of sword techniques focused on the laws of Ying and Yang, merging them together to bring a formidable sword ability. Created from merging the sword techniques of his parents.

    Physical Description: A young man about 20-22 years of age, he is about 180cm tall, and he is well-built. He generally wears casual clothing in order not to distinguish himself and when travelling dons either a black or white cloak. He has clear blue eyes and dashing looks, alongside a good brain and great intelligence.

    Backstory in a sentence: Born in the most backwater of areas, he is the child of two peerless experts who once roamed the lands, one of pure Yin and one of pure Yang, and inherited both of their bloodlines, turning into a being of both pure Yin and Yang, and obtained great power from them as well.

  25. Real Name (optional): Jin Qiáng

    Martial Name: Heaven’s memento

    Preferred Weapon: Metal claws

    Special Technique: Unseal (Jin Qiáng removes his talisman, injuring him but granting him far more agile movement)

    Physical Description (optional): An undead, arrogant looking teenager with long nails hidden beneath metal claws, stiff movements, and a torn talisman attached to his head. Wears long robes and a wide brim hat to hide his pale green skin and talisman.

    Backstory in a sentence: A heavenly martial arts prodigy slain due to his research in the black arts, and re-animated many years later as a Jiangshi, devoured his witless summoner and now travels the continent, seeking to regain his former glory through destroying the justice sects that killed him.

  26. Real Name: Unknown, couldn’t think of one.

    Martial Name: The Tiny Devourer

    Preferred Weapon: Flesh Wrenching Scythes (not very creative name haha) a small dagger that changes into a two handed scythe when stabbed into the owner, twisted, and pulled out. There is no damage taken from this process after the first couple of times. The dagger looks normal but the scythe is fleshly and pulsating, seemingly alive. It can Devourer an opponent who is weakened to absorb their power.

    Special Technique: Devour- creates a domain around Tiny’s opponent. The domain is seen as a humongous mouth with sharp teeth. The opponent is crushed and have their life essence absorbed. Cannot be used on those stronger than Tiny and some people who are at the same level as him can find a way to break out. Can’t use it that many times in a row due to Tiny’s current power level. Gets stronger when he gets stronger. He can attack or run while they are preoccupied with the domain. His weapon can use a miniature form of this when in scythe form.

    Physical Description: Short, about 5’1. He still looks like a kid, age unknown. Not really heaven shatteringly handsome but has some pleasant features and looks innocent. Short black hair, and a blue eye-shaped birthmark on his right… eye (which is black in color).

    Back story: Was in deep slumber underground a large mountain. Woke up in some type of dark, underground prison cell with little to no memory of himself. Felt pain when trying to move and saw a dagger stuck in him. He couldn’t pull it out until he tried twisting it and pulling it out, transforming it into a scythe. The scythe spoke to him in his mind, telling him if he wants to find out who he is/was, he must achieve immortality.

    Personality (bonus because I just felt like giving him a personality lol): He is squeamish, despite the nature of his weapon and ability. Therefore he avoids fighting as much as he can. He rarely gets angry and isn’t that smart. He mainly relies on instinct in battle. His short height makes him proud strangely.

  27. Finally able to make an account:

    Real Name (optional): –

    Martial Name: Mist

    Preferred Weapon: Purple River Nightgown. Yes, the sexy and revealing nightgown IS the weapon. It looks somewhat like this http://bit.ly/2bDxj82 (fan service?)

    Special Technique:
    1. Misty River Night — The purple nightgown instantly spreads mist to blocks all senses, even divine sense, creating a domain which spreads farther in accordance to her cultivation base (currently at a 3.000-meter). Even people outside the area could not detect what was happening inside. Kills opponents based on her moods (strangle, bled, cut), but most of the time she merely cripple the enemy and then flee. Can only be used effectively against people on par or below her cultivation base. If used against higher cultivation base, highly risky to her cultivation but can create enough time to flee.
    2. Winter River Taichi — Self explanatory (there are nine levels), or feel free to imagine your own version.

    Physical Description (optional): Beautiful, grey haired, yellowish skin, age around 22 y.o. Curvy, thus very sexy. More of a reason why people misunderstood her. Currently at Core Formation, cultivates whenever she was bored.

    Backstory in a sentence: A passive, moody lone traveler born from an intent of a holy river, not having any obsessions nor ambitions, but wherever she went events unfolded.

  28. Real Name:
    Yan Longjuan (延龙卷) or (烟龙卷)

    Martial Name: Whirlwind

    Preferred Weapon: Magic and incantations
    More proficient with wind magic

    Special Technique:
    Magic Delay – allows Longjuan to delay the effects of the magic and incantations, length of delay depending on his cultivation base. Longjuan prefers to stack up simple wind blades to form a formidable twister.

    Physical Description: Male. 190cm tall with black long hair that whips around in the wind. Eyes are brown and usually dressed in a simple gray robe.

    Backstory in a few sentences: The Yan clan is a clan that focuses on wind and smoke magic. As a 13 year old child, he was seeking for power to subdue his father to prove his worth to inherit the position of clan head. Stumbling upon a secret cave nearby the clan, he found a manual describing the “Magic Delay” technique long lost in the Yan clan history. Upon contact with the manual, it fused into him and raged for 3 days and 3 nights destroying most of his clan. Since then, Longjuan set finding survivors of this incident his life’s goal.

    Character: Willing to use cheap tricks to win; longs for familial bonds and friendship; Straight-forward and blunt (does not brag or suck up to others)

  29. Real Name (optional): Zhu mei
    Martial Name: MoonWater
    Preferred Weapon: Trident
    Special Technique: Tidal Pressure Cannon
    Physical Description (optional): Liquid empowered physique – He can turn into water itself, also he has high regenerative abilities.
    Backstory in a sentence: His family have been fishermen for generations and after bandits kill his family after raiding his lakeside town, he was left for dead but he merged with the embodiment of the lake he gains the power to control Water.

  30. Real Name: none
    Martial Name: specter
    Preferred Weapon: rod of natural anomalies
    Special Technique: ephemeral plane walk
    Physical Description: He is a male with dark red blazing hair and dark cyan eyes. He has a white skin tone and wears a black robe with purple colored formations on it and he has the body of the unnatural
    Backstory in a sentence: born from natural and unnatural anomalies that happend to congregate into a sentient being

  31. Real Name – Captain Spike Starbreeze

    Martial Name – The Sightless Swashbuckler

    Preferred Weapon – Set of sawed-off shotguns

    Special Technique – Sentient Swill – Spiteful spirits surround Starbreeze to assist in stopping subverters and silencing seditionists. A single sip makes the strongest sailors sloshed.

    Physical Description – Captain of The Somber Serpent, Spike Starbreeze is an unseeing skeleton, sustained solely by strength of spirit, shouldering shotguns and sporting a centuries old suit of scale mail shielded with sigils of a suppressed celestial that signifies the sixth sunset and seventh sunrise.

    Backstory in a Sentence – This superior sea rover searches for a showdown with a sinister sorcerer to settle the score and show he is surely sovereign of the sargasso seas.

  32. Real Name (optional): Horrible with names ( see other name ) so I gracefully leave this one open for now.
    Martial Name: Daemon Everlast
    Preferred Weapon: None, he never specialized in any, as long as it make sound, it works with his ability.
    Special Technique: Soundwave manipulation (using sound to create something similar to spell arrays)
    Physical Description (optional): A snot nosed kid, that have grow into a real warrior.

    Backstory in a sentence:
    – Being born in a world with little spiritual energy, Martial arts training did not allow one to train beyond the common mortal realm, so it saw very little uses outside war.
    Daemon growing up in this very ordinary world, was a farmer’s son, however destiny never let him follow his father’s footsteps.
    One day the clouds were swept away, the sound of heavy static filled the air, and the heavens (sky) became black. Moreover a purple cross split this sheet of endless black into four.
    Its center, a red flaming ball only grew bigger and bigger, and in only a matter of seconds it became apparent it was going to crash.
    An earthquake shook everything, when the giant fireball fell behind a mountain inside a nearby forest, dirt and debris spewed up like an erupting volcano.
    Daemon was scared witless, however his father, a muscular man more quick of mind, throw his son into the stone animal shed made inside the rocky face of a cliff.
    Before he or his wife could follow , they only had enough time to look up, and see the already black sky turn even darker.
    Rubble blotted out all the little light!
    As the earth shook, and light slowly returning, Daemon could no longer see his parents, who were by now crushed into something resembling pastry meat.
    A large heap of stone, sand and wood blocked the door, so he didn’t see the wall of flame that engulfed everything within in a 15 Kilometer radius.
    Still a kid, and losing everything he cried himself to sleep, and only two days later Daemon managed to dig himself free.
    With everything taken, and no experience off ever leaving the farm, his bad direction skills, something that up till he didn’t know he had, ended him up at the epicenter of impact.
    Here he found a heavily wounded person, someone that came from another realm, and after certain event played out, he ended up also being transferred to a more spiritual energy rich realm.
    Here he quickly learned power was everything, however after training he found out his talent in martial arts was quite bad.
    As a being from another world, he realized that while both worlds had humans that looked similar, they at the core were different, as people that grew up in a spiritually rich environment, they naturally excel in absorbing spiritual energy, however Daemon had a tough time, however he was not quite helpless, his people also had a special trait, his ears.
    Unlike people born in this world who absorbed energy in their body and from there manipulate it, Daemon could also hear each of the nine worldly laws make a distinct sounds.
    So after growing older and stronger, he slowly learn to use this trait to his advantage, and by manipulating his inner energy, he could create harmonious or chaotic sounds and create his own type of wizardry martial arts.

  33. Real Name (optional):
    Martial Name: Dagon
    Preferred Weapon: Soul Sword – A sword made of shadow essence which is able to severe souls from their body and trap it inside the sword, making it more powerful.
    Special Technique: Soul Mutation – A power which is able to severe the soul and turn it into a shadow like creature like a Dragon or a wolf which will loyally serve him.
    Physical Description (optional): Dagon has short dark hair and a permanent serious expression, he has cold blue eyes and a strong build.
    Backstory in a sentence: His parents were killed in a fire, thrust into the outside world, he is now hell bent on revenge.

  34. Martial Name: Seyren (given name) Rhunion (clan name)

    Preferred Weapon: Anything “self-made”

    Special Technique: Heavenly Blacksmith/Crafting Skills
    Owns with any kind of weapon she made, because she knows the weapon through and through.

    Physical Description (optional): Seyren is a young adult female, 21 years old. She is tall for a woman, roundings at the right places but slightly muscular because of her smithing. With her long black wavy hair that reaches her calves, well proportioned body and sky blue eyes she is considered pretty. But her “I don’t give a shit about anything” aura makes her hard to get along with.

    Backstory in a sentence: Grew up on a mountain, sheltered from the world, strict grandmother forces her into learning her legendary blacksmithing skills, wants to see what “the outside” looks like, runs off to take a peek, accidents happen and can’t return home, people trying to catch her to craft epic weapons for them, now finding a way to return home without causing trouble for her clan.

    1. Real Name (optional): Broseph
      Martial Name: Xiao Legs
      Preferred Weapon: Muscles
      Special Technique: Swole- This allows Broseph to lose muscles in one area of his body, Legs, Arms, and Guns and place it in another
      Physical Description (optional): Most perfect looking man on planet, arm is a meter thick
      Backstory in a sentence: After he accidently ate steroids before a wieghtlifting competition he has vowed to take revenge on any individual who uses illegal drugs.

  35. made a mistake on the ability, the “absorbs own health” is in regards to the enemy he’s fighting, he absorbs it and adds is to his own and heals any damage and wounds he gets based on the damage he does.

  36. Real Name (optional): Ma Long
    Martial Name: The Sun King
    Preferred Weapon: A crescent of golden metal decorated with an image of the golden crow
    Special Technique: Catch the light of the solar disc, refine it into myriad subtle blades. Empyrean slaughter!
    Physical Description (optional): Broad shouldered, short cropped hair, weathered face of a peasant farmer who spent too much time in the sun
    Backstory in a sentence: Local do-nothing nobody who was pressganged into a deadly expedition; he found great fortune, a greater destiny, and the greatest danger.

  37. Real Name (optional): None (Has been long since discarded, as his sect, the Wuji, believe that people are not unique entities and are all instead connected to the Universal Nexus.)

    Martial Name: Wu Ming (无名 Meaning: Nameless)

    Preferred Weapon: Bo Staff

    Special Technique: Nexus Step (Connects to the Universal Nexus and phases out of reality and back into reality in a new position.)

    Physical Description (optional): A muscular, bald man with a mid-sized height. Wears nondescript monk robes and a conical straw hat. Carries nothing on him other than a wooden Bo Staff, as he does not believe in earthly possessions. (If this were D&D, he’d have a Vow of Poverty.)

    Backstory in a sentence: His father pushed him off a cliff during a landslide in the mountains that killed the rest of his family… there he found an old man that took him as a disciple, teaching him the arts of the Wuji… a sect that connects to the Universal Nexus and believes not in good and evil, but that everything is a part of the balance of the universe(They’d be True Neutral.)… after training for a few decades in the Nexus Plane, which resulted in him not seeming to age, Wu Ming was told by his master to go back into the earthly world to help keep balance.

    That counts as one sentence, right? 😛

    Extra: The Wuji are an ancient and unknown sect, as they live in seclusion in the Nexus Plane and rarely come out to take disciples or interact with the outside world. Because they believe in true balance and being one with the Universal Nexus, they do not have possessions or greed over items like most cultivators would. Their powers are similar to telekinesis or other powers used by Psions, as natural Psions connect to the Universal Nexus without knowing what it is or getting real training on how to use their abilities.
    These powers include stuff similar to teleportation, telekinesis, memory alteration(think of Jedi mind tricks), draining others of their magical powers, astral projection, and others. They also have extremely high knowledge of the various worlds and planes, as they need to keep tabs in order to keep balance.

    Well, hopefully this all works. Good luck to everyone! 🙂

  38. eal Name (optional):Tàiyáng
    Martial Name: The bloody wandering general
    Preferred Weapon: gourd filled with alcohol qi, any object that is viable, sword of the sleeping tree
    Special Technique:

    [song of the beating battling (demonic) heart]- as he fights he he listens to his own heart finding within the beat of a thousand war drums. this calms yet excites him causing him to fight in a concentrated yet hasty manner. But his attacks become more fluid and his mind begins to simulate the battle as he battles, continuously giving him new ideas to beat his opponent. also as his blood pumps faster he becomes more powerful

    after finding the alcohol gourd. his attacks are enhanced.
    also if he has allies they might hear it as well and become strengthened by it. if his enemies hear it they feel oppressed by it

    [dreams of war (needs alcohol for dizziness)] – as he use his sword and alcohol, he begins to gain reminisce of his favorite dreams which begins to affect his opponents by making them reminence as well as fantasize the times they brutally and bloodily (and regretfully) indulged.

    song of the laughing crying heart- streams of tears fall from his eyes yet he laughs. he starts to fill cold. this aura affects others no matter foe or ally or thing. he simply wishes to cut things down. his blade becomes sharp. Everybody around him will feel as if their hearts are choking

    cutting self karma- a side trick he uses to cut off people who know him however he can still reconnect them. this can also be used to make them remember terrible things (though that part is more of a side affect)

    Physical Description (optional):he is often wearing a long black coat and nothing more except a plain white mask to cover his face

    Backstory in a sentence: born in a high clan. At a young age he was continually lectured by his parents about how dangerous the world was as a result he decides that he must find a way to protect his family and himself. But he ends up forgetting the reason and is kicked out of his clan. Once he remembers he is saddened and it crushes his heart. Soon he becomes something else. A half demonic human

  39. Real Name (optional): Xiǎo lóng
    Martial Name: The dragon reaper
    Preferred Weapon: a metal sword imbued with his flames
    Special Technique:
    self implosion
    fire regeneration
    metal flame will- can control metal like it is liquid allowing him to form weapons and armor

    Physical Description (optional):
    A body filled with cracks with green fire slipping out. he wears anything to hide his body
    Backstory in a sentence:
    The lone survivor of a village destroyed by a meteor with green fire. he ends up being the inheritor of the green fire

  40. Real Name (optional): Xiao Nui Fang
    Martial Name: Daoist Lazy Sky
    Preferred Weapon: Sword and darts
    Special Technique: Cloud Dance (dart flurry)
    Encompass the Heavens (sword aura used to suppress and attack)
    Physical Description (optional): Average height (around 5’7″), Slightly chubby, tan skin, light brown hair, green eyes.
    Backstory in a sentence: All around average person, briefly interacts with main character type individual then goes about following his own path and not getting caught up in others conflicts.

  41. Real Name: Yung Su
    Martial Name: Death Diviner
    Preferred Weapon: Blood Reaver (Sword)
    Special Technique: Soul Absorb
    Physical Description: Pale faced, green-eyed, short, slender girl in her late teens
    Backstory : By stealing her clan’s fabled sword, she accidentally unleashes the demon imprisoned in it that possesses her to kill everyone in her clan. She is now forced to slaughter her way through the path of martial cultivation, absorbing the souls of her victims to maintain her sanity as she seeks to free herself from the fiends grip as well as atone for her great sins.

  42. Real Name (optional):
    Martial Name: One Blossom 一朵花
    Preferred Weapon: flower shuriken
    Special Technique: Flower Burst Seduction.

    Flower shuriken thrown may or may not be illusory and opponent has split second to decide how strongly to defend. Real flower shuriken is not strong enough to kill only injure.

    Opponents who defend strongly and find flowers are illusory are taken by surprise and inevitably glance at One Blossom. Once glances meet, opponent immediately finds himself in the midst of a starburst of flowers and dies bursting as a rain of bloodred petals.

    Physical Description (optional): Nobody knows. To direct opponent, appears as someone loved by opponent but simultaneously to onlookers, looks like mirror image of direct opponent.

    Backstory in a sentence:

    At birth, real form and appearance is sealed by a mysterious entity who nobody knows is a friend or foe; she needs to unravel the mystery by finding this entity and break the seal to reveal real form.

  43. Real Name (optional): Xiao Sei’Lin
    Martial Name: Negative Lin
    Preferred Weapon: A flame crystal that becomes a fire shield (or wall in later stage)
    Special Technique: Heaven-defying Reversing Touch – Each time she tries to use her energy – she touch someone, the one touched will have gradually his/her ratio of yin energy and yang energy reversed. The fiercer one type of energy is, the faster this ratio is reversed.
    Physical Description (optional): A beautiful woman in her early twenties with jade like skin and long smooth black hair that flows until the middle of her back. Her figure may not be the best, but she still is pretty nonetheless.
    Backstory in a sentence: Deemed useless by her clan because her ability prevent her to learn any yin technique despite having the purest and the highest yin energy oh the youth of her clan (remember, each times she tries, it becomes yang, and each times she tries to use yang energy, her yin become even fiercer), she has fled in order to avoid marriage. Her aim is to rise her yang energy to the point of perfect equilibrium, that way if the ratio can’t change, she could use pure yin (or yang) techniques. But as an assassin, it is really hard for her targets to use techniques to defend themselves when she reverses her target’s yin and yang, as every technique that isn’t dual would be nullified or greatly reduced (except for people who have learnt to do the other side’s techniques with her reversing their energy, thus acquiring momentarily the power to use the other type.)

  44. Name (optional): Tian Mengxiang
    Martial name: nameless (she never bothered to think of one)
    Weapon: gourd of magical water that can turn into any weapon she imagines, though she usually prefers a bow or sword. In bow form it fires off ice arrows that return once they hit and can both track targets and morph mid-flight. The water rejuvenates her, so she’s much older than she looks.
    Special technique: Flowing Qi sword, a defensive sword style she based off of tai chi that accumulates sword qi in the body as she moves until it grows strong enough to take out the opponent in one blow
    Description (optional): thin and willowy, with brown hair and eyes as blue as the ocean that (almost) always appear to be gazing somewhere else. When she focuses, it generally means there’s a few seconds left until she creams her opponent.
    Backstory in a sentence: A hundred years ago, she stumbled across the water gourd in an underwater cave, and it became a part of her, now she roams the world, picking up various martial arts and secret techniques as she goes, though she relies mostly on Tai Chi and her signature Flowing Qi sword style when she fights.

  45. Real name : ????? (Main character doesn’t know, he has no parents *literally, his birth came from human emotions*

    Martial Name : Yokai
    Preferred Weapon : His fists / Supernatural Telekinesis ( Psychic ).

    Special Technique : Heart Devil (as he was birthed from negative human emotions, he has supernatural powers, which is to *A Hypnosis, Shapeshift (with difficulty) and *B Fear, Jealousy, Envy, Sadness, Despair and animosity are his supernatural attacks to foes*.

    Physical Description : Dark skin, Black garments (he cannot wear anything that isn’t a dark colour, or they will melt..like butter), his hair is more or less shadows that has a physical form, that keeps twirling about. His eyes are a glowing dark purple colour, *it is said that just by staring it, you can hear the horrors and screams of the billions of humans slaughtered*.

    Backstory : Born in a time of Chaos, where fear and despair roams the desolate lands, billions of humans has been mass slaughtered, they are now a inferior endangered species, Unknown beings has invaded the earth and heaven, and the sun and stars has been extinguished, permanent night fills the mortal the realms. Yokai birthed by the despair of the scarce humans, wants to live the ordinary human life, however he was birthed negative emotions, never having the opportunity to feel the warmth in life, he simply cannot find happiness. And so, he determines to eradicate these source of all this. The ’Unknown beings’ that roams the universe, and by doing so he will live the promised care free life.

  46. Real Name: Hao Long
    Martial Name: Heavenly Void
    Preferred Weapon: Yin-Yang Glove
    Special Technique: Neutral Field
    Physical Description: A 174 meter tall of 24 aged man with half white and half black hair and always use black mask
    Backstory in a sentence: Wake up in a middle of a great war while didn’t remember anything about his past, and force to become slave fighter of one of the sect , he made his way out from slave status and journey through divine continent while become a rogue cultivator to search about his own origin.

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