☯ ISSTH Chapter 854 ☯

Check the jump for another short discussion about ISSTH!

Chapter 854. Translator: Deathblade. Translation Checker: anonpuffs. Chinese Grammar Consultant: Madam Deathblade. Proofreaders: Courtrecords, GNE, and Lingson. Meme Archives: joeljbright. Memes: Shu. Master of Cuteness: Baby Deathblade.

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  1. Thank you Death, its always a pleasure reading and listening to your discussions. These types of things really cut down on the distance between the translator and the readers IMO, and its nice to see.

  2. Thanks for the chapter! I agree with you about the arrogance portion of the discussion. However, in the discussion about the sheer number of cultivators, especially Dao Seeking, I still find it a little shocking. I say this because from the picture that has been painted in my mind about the Ninth Mountain, no matter the size of it, is that it belongs to the Ji Clan. Therefore, I have always thought of it to be a place where there are primarily Ji Clan members with some other major clans (like maybe some members of the Fang Clan or Li Clan). However, it doesn’t seem like a place that is occupied by a lot of small clans like the four planets. The Ninth Mountain, from all of the discussions about it, seems like a haven for the best cultivators, which at this time consist primarily of the Ji Clan (since Lord Ji sealed the heavens) and other major clans. Therefore, I don’t know if it is correct to view the Ninth Mountain as having a lot of people just because it is very big. And we are talking about thousands of Dao Seeking individuals here. That is A LOT!! But, once again, thanks for the chapter and the discussion was nice as well!

  3. Thanks! Now I remembered where those [Dollar] seeking cultivators come from.

    1-south heaven is one of four planets, its special in the fact that clans cant take over it. So as a result cultivators are in an overall low quantity

    2-as notesd in 1st south heaven cant be taken over but others can, its obviousthat there will be a difference between a sphere occupied by clans as they will compete and each side will try to grab or teach more cultovators to thier side.

    3-planets are not the only inhabited location rather they are fairly smaller than others, note that its called (Mountain)and(Sea) realm. While its not confirmed if the mountain can be occupied the sea is. There was a mention of the islands and contenients in the ninth sea.

    4-there may be some places in the void like the demon immortal sect.

    All in all, south heaven is just a small part of the ninth mountain and sea realm. Its better not to use it as a standard

  4. Damn that was a pretty well prepared presentation on xianxia topics that pop up on boards. For some reason I half expected you to stumble and occasionally slip in some Chinese. Well done.

  5. My problem with every Xianxia novel has been the arrogance. Well, maybe lack of character would be a better descriptor. Yeah, I get the big fish, little pond syndrome. I also get that it makes it more fun to watch the MC kick their teeth in, but it just becomes overwhelming after a while. And I just think: How could you have spent two million years studying the mysteries of the universe, yet have the spiritual depth of a middle school bully? Of course, the MC’s morality is little better. Basically, anyone who doesn’t worship them like the sun is by nature selfish, stupid, envious, or downright evil. Then there’s the sheer stupidity that accompanies the arrogance. The way most cultivators arrange their societies shows zero forethought. Given their long lifespans, their social structures should be intricate to the point of insanity. Their plots should contain so many wheels and variations that it would take them a hundred years just remember all the details. Instead, it feels like it would take them a hundred years to figure out Checkers! And their social structure consists of simple chest beating machismo and blatant nepotism! That being said the escapism is fun and ISSTH is better than most at adding a degree of intelligence and moral contemplation. It also helps that it is funnier than most and has a good translator. Thanks DB!

  6. but the one from the unknown college still wouldn’t just assume he was more intelligent and educated than the top dog from harvard…even though he is brilliant in his own environment, he still knows that…

    and what are the mountain and sea anyway? i just can’t imagine that there the universe and suddenly a mountain and a sea… are they rock and water? are they asteroids? why are there planets drifting around the mountain? what’s with gravity?

    1. oh, and what about han shan’s sword? i thought it was a normal sword that could be used with sword qi meng hao got from han shan… is it in the milkyway sea now?

      and why are there so many magics he never uses again? the nine punch daoist magic from the ancient demon immortal sect, the five element paragon thingy, demonic qi? in the western desert he once faught this demonic creature and got enlightened on demonic qi and how to use it… since then he never tried again >.>

        1. we don’t really know anything about demonic qi aside from righteous bestowal and 7th+8th hex. however, i would be 100 bucks that haowy could do aswesome stuff with demonic qi!

          han shans sword is a given, since he already used his fathers sword dao.

          nine punches? he used normal punches against the chosen at the rite temple… six in a row even… why not use a daoist magic from the ancient demon immortal sect that he already got enlightened in?

          how does he gain something? how could he not gain anything?!?!?!

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