☯ ISSTH Chapter 850-851 ☯

Something happened yesterday that made me blink and then laugh inwardly. We took Baby Deathblade to an early education center for a demo class. In the lobby, BDB was crawling around exploring, and became quite the center of attention. At one point, one of the teachers walked up and then used her fingers to push her eyelids apart to make “big eyes” and said “Wow, he has such big eyes.” Surrounding teachers all laughed. This kind of comment gets made a lot, but usually not accompanied by the demonstration. I was thinking… what would happen if I went to one of the Chinese kids to make observations and demonstrations regarding their eye shape…..


Chapter 850. Chapter 851. Translator: Deathblade. Translation Checker: anonpuffs. Chinese Grammar Consultant: Madam Deathblade. Proofreaders: Courtrecords, GNE, and Lingson. Meme Archives: joeljbright. Memes: Shu. Master of Cuteness: Baby Deathblade.

These are the 18th and 19th chapters of the week, and also the final chapters. Stay tuned for the start of a new week tomorrow!

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    1. Depends on the approach you use to define racism. On the behavioural approach it would be, it might or might not be on the cognitive approach (depends on what his thoughts were at the time of making the comment), and most definitely wouldn’t be racist on the motivational approach.

  1. Should of went up to the teacher, stretched the corner of your eyes with your fingers and said “Wow , she has such small eyes.”

    Then just stare at her with that *did you recognize the stupid?* kind of look. It’s a mix between that *really?* look and *I’m done* look. You have to cock your head a little, narrow your eyes, raise one eyebrow, deadpan eyes, and stretch the corners of your mouth, keeping your mouth straight like 😐 while pressing your lips together.

    1. I just performed the action described in this comment… and that really is the “do you recognize the stupid” look. Wow. I think you’ve just created a facial expression. Good job.

  2. In the context of population, I can understand their comments, since not many children with western style eyes are seen there (I assume). If you made that comment it’d just seem pretentious and stupid, since every child there has more traditionally ‘oriental’ eyes. Now if they made that comment somewhere like London, they would be the pretentious idiots, and you would be completely justified in your comment.

  3. Totally different notion of personal space, what’s appropriate, and PCness in Asia. 😛 I’ve learned to field questions about my salary, my rent, and my dating life with aplomb.

  4. If you are a cute female teacher it would be ok, if you are an unrelated adult male and foreigner on top of that it would be creepy or at least awkward =P

  5. My older brother and sister got told by a nice American teacher that people in Africa live in trees. We’re Nigerian so this came as a surprise to my siblings that the whole time they were living in university housing in Nigeria it was really a tree house! ?

      1. my friend is from Kenya and i ask him if its only wildness there and animals walking around free, he was like no kenya is like any other place it has beautiful places and city but it also has the wildness, then he show me pictures of different places in kenya and i was like whoaaa, same thing with my friend from Uganda, he show me picture where he lives, like it was a big house just like in the west, this is all because i had limited knowledge

  6. It’s okay DB, don’t let it mind you! I’m assuming they’re your child adorable and lightly teasing him. c: Big eyes is a good trait in China I think.

  7. Look at it this way,

    She most likely wouldn’t have said anything if she didn’t like the way BDB looked. For example, I’m half Thai/Dutch and I get a lot of comments about my (lovely) appearance in Thailand and they do that to point out the differences between me and Thai people as a casual observation and as a compliment. It’s not a bad thing.

  8. Racism is an evil circle. Man are not born with it, it is something taught to the young who then pass it on to their young.

    BTW i have turkish parents but was born in sweden and when i live here some small population here view me as immigrant while when i go to turkey they dont see me as a real turk, they are like he is from europe. guess there are more ppl who can relate to it here.

    1. It depends on which racism you’re refering to. If you mean about looking at people of other races as if they were different, then humans are indeed born with that. Which is what DB is referring in his story. Many don’t consider that racism, though some do.
      If you mean about hatred towards/feeling superior than people of other races. Then yes, that’s learned. Not only from “young to their young”, but also in schools (there are cases, specially in US), religion, and with interactions with others.
      “Interactions with others” is indeed like an evil circle. While the others are more linear.

      For example:
      A group of racist blacks says things like “Whites should die”, “Kill all whites”, etc. When whites see this, those who were racist, are now even more racist, and some of those who weren’t, are now racist.
      Then they will use the same arguments, but against blacks instead of whites. Saying that they are inferior, or should die, etc.
      Which will make the racist blacks even more racist, and convert some of the non racist blacks in racists.
      Now the whites see even more blacks being racist, so they in turn become even more racist. Which will make blacks more racist. And so on.

      1. atm i heard in USA (i suppose u are from there) white ppl are afraid of saying anything against blacks cause they get classified as racists, u know when ppl draw the racist card. lets say a white dude says something to a black guy and then the black guy can say ” because im black?” then the white guy gets seen as racists when he is not.

        Its like when i went to a school where only rich white ppl live together with 2 other guys from the suburbs, and one of them was black and he got bullied and his cousin was my neighbour so he came to school one time and threatened to burn the bullies house down when he sleeping if he dont stop bullying his cousin (reminds me of stuff that happen in US schools, then the bullying stopped and somehow the bully and black guy got on friendly terms, lol, btw i also went through some fights to stand up for my self cause at that time when i went to school there they were not used to ppl with different backgrounds from other countries, (im white with black hair) while everyone else was a blondie in school. this only happened at where the rich blondies lived, in suburbs there were not so much problems cause everyone there were used to eachother living there

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