☯ ISSTH Chapter 827 ☯

Wow, so many great responses for the chapter-naming contest. Honestly, there were too many good ones, too many funny ones… just too many. Therefore, all of you are hereby declared winners! You are all super awesome!!!!! P.S. I’m surprised I haven’t heard the wuxiaworld crowd talking about this trailer OMG:

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This is the 10th chapter of the week!

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    1. Typical Hollywood “white washing” I am sure they will have a convenient reason for him to be about the only white person in a Chinese casted movie, but the long and short of is that hollywoodl don’t think a full asian cast will sell, so they cast whites in lead roles and wait for the money to roll in.

      U.S.A heck yea………

      Can’t wait for Scarlett Johansson to star in Ghost in the Shell (another white washing by hollywood) and I love her! but yea….

      1. you have to think of their kind. As you said they won’t sell otherwise. they have destroyed through history and now they are changing history. Matt Damon is my favourite actor though.

      2. Well the Japanese felt she was the perfect actress. Quite honestly it makes sense to cast Scarlett. Motoko Kusanagi body is artificial (made to look more Western), her character in the series looks more Western than Asian, and quite honestly if an East Asian was to take her role it would look really weird unless that actress looked more Western.

        1. I have no problem whoever plays any characters as long as the story makes the sense out of it. Say if the character is really a white guy transported into fantasy ancient China then yeah.

    1. I’ll have you know the monsters were very polite they saw they were building a wall and the monsters were kind enough not to ruin it and waited for them to finish

      1. You don’t understand, 1700 years ago Trump expelled the monsters from USA and created the wall, then the monster waited a few generations to evolve and now they want to get in again.

        BTW: The movie should be called Evolve: Stage 2

        What was that? You say they are asian and that’s China? No no, in 1700 years all USA’s Chinatowns will expand to cover the entire country and we will be steadily replaced with asian people. The only western people that will remain will be the pretty ones, like Matt Damon and such.

  1. Matt Damon ruins it for me,I don’t think he was the right actor for this type of film,which is a slight fantasy type,and another thing is he seems so out of place in this trailer there’s just Asian people everywhere then there’s one white guy,he just stands out way too much

  2. When I watched the trailer, at first I was like -.- and then I was like O.O
    But yeah, why Matt Damon??? More fitting actors for the role would be Jet Li, Donnie Yen, Stephen Chow (ok, maybe not) and perhaps Jackie Chan. In this kind of setting the cast would be more reasonable if half were eastern and the other half western, but meh… the trailer doesn’t tell everything, right?

    1. Yea, probably never going to happen. I sat here and tried to think of a big budget Hollywood made movie that had a lead character that was asian, but I am drawing blanks.

      It seems to be Hollywood’s MO,
      “Let’s make an asian themed movie but get this, we will cast a white person as the lead character and we will come up with some off the wall reason why the white person is even there and no one will question it.”

    2. Jet Li: His accent would be a turnoff to a lot of movie goers. Most movie goers do not have the tolerance to watch movie where everyone has an accent, plain and simple.

      Donnie Yen: Really hes not that famous to the US. His popularity is limited to Asian population and people who watch Asian/Kung-fu films.

      Jackie Chan: He made his brand in the US as a comedy star. Hes pretty stuck in that mold. I can’t see any of my American friends taking him serious in this type of movie.

  3. A white guy in a movie where everyone else is Asian, plus it’s an eastern historical setting. This is like turning the heavens upside down, angering saints and devils, annoying viewers and geeks.

    But this time it seems to be a Chinese movie instead of a Hollywood movie? Will it be different?

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