☯ ISSTH Chapter 777 ☯

This just in: I don’t have even the slightest hangover from the $5 bottle of Skyy. Obviously that doesn’t prove that it’s NOT fake, but it does seem possible. I read a great article about the problem of fake alcohol in China, which I would link to, but it’s been several months and I can’t even remember where I read it. The main problem that article talked about wasn’t artificial alcohol (although that does exist), but rather, cheap alcohol repackaged and sold at high price.

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    1. Type Size Price
      Skyy Vodka Original 1.75l $20.58
      Skyy Vodka Original 750ml $14.99

      if it costs less than $10 chances are it might be counterfeit but it could also mean they acquired them by other means (stolen, bought in bulk)… and thus they can sell them cheaper.

    1. Precisely, does living in china make you more daring perhaps? Because I really wouldn’t touch alcohol that has a very high chance of being fake. It’s really playing with your life and health. I guess that, if he keeps this up, MDB will be a widow soon.

        1. Considering he’s consuming a good of which he doesn’t know the origin of and has a chance to contain all sorts of things that a human shouldn’t consume I would say no, this is in fact quite a possibility. Try having a random assortment of bottles in front of you. If you consume one, the chance it is poison is quite a bit higher than you might want to believe. Now try that with a bunch of stuff together instead of them separately. That’s exactly what the stuff deathblade has consumed is. Something of which he didn’t know the origin of, and a mixture of different substances together if he’s lucky. Now, tell me, if he does this every so often, how long would it take him to be really sick from it? And how long until he drinks something that upsets him so much he dies from it?

  1. so were u drunk?? well even if u got drunk and didnt have a hangover, its better to go for products that u can trust. there are some places in my neighbourhood that sells some cheap alcohol but the long term effect are rather nasty

  2. Well for starters Skyy is a rather cheap bottle of vodka to begin with but 5 dollars is rather cheap. He still has not told us the size of bottle he bought? if it was a 50ml miniature bottle then i can see it being around that price. If it is a 50ml then that is rather pricey. lol Pay the extra next time and buy some grey goose. If its a bigger bottle then price wise like you said either fake or super watered down.

  3. Well if you’re trying to console yourself, there’s a few possibilities of why it’s cheap and NOT fake.

    1) Stolen/black market goods. Maybe somehow they evaded the tax or something. OR that shop is trying to launder money.

    2) Counterfeit brand, but real alcohol. There’s plenty of those around.

    In any case, dude, if it’s too good to be true, it usually is!!

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