☯ ISSTH Chapter 770 ☯

I saw two pretty cool trailers for a QQ xianxia game! Check them out after the jump. It might help provide some mental fuel for your imagination!

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    1. from my experience which is not too big but not small either usually comparing the trailer to the actual gameplay its like comparing heaven to earth… but hey! what do i know?!

    2. In Blade and Soul you have literally every xianxia character you can think of. People were taking names from MTL. I remember getting in 3v3 pvp team with Zi Ling and Xia Qingyue at the same time… I was Yun Canghai. I really struggled to think up a name for 6th character, so I took good ol’ grandpa’s name after trying 50 other xianxia names that were already taken.

  1. I was thinking that all characters in chinese novels have epic meaningful names and when they get introduced people usually judge them based on their name. Is it like that also for RL people in china? And even more importantly, does BDB have a cool meaningful name? I understand if you don’t want to share the actual name, but does it mean something??

    1. Lol. Interesting that you bring this up. MDB’s family couldn’t come to agree on a good Chinese name, and have taken to calling him by the transliteration of his English name. Various nicknames have sprung up from that.

  2. Just started supporting you on Patreon! Thank you for your awesome dedication to your work. I read your chapters firs thing before work and right before bed. Your high frequency in chapters really keeps the story and characters fresh in the mind. Also, good idea on the new side layout, something about it easily grabbed my attention.

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