☯ ISSTH Chapter 761-762 ☯

The title of this chapter is “An Old Friend….” So, who do you think it will be?

A) Han Bei
B) Wang Tengfei
C) Zhixiang
D) Guyiding Tri-Rain
E) Yun Che
F) Other

If you are confident, leave your guess as a comment to this post BEFORE reading the chapter!

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46 thoughts on “☯ ISSTH Chapter 761-762 ☯” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Thanks for the double release!

    Mmm… We haven’t heard from Han Bei in ages, so I’d want it to be her… But then again, Yun Che making a cameo would totally blindside me, and it’s not like Er Gen hasn’t done the unexpected before.

  2. Wang Tengfei i betcha because other than yun che thats a guy we have not seen for forever and the wang clan stuff happened and he wasn’t mentioned so he should be alive

  3. B) wang is enemy, probably dead, killed by the mad geezer
    C) Zhixiang is in another mountain, nice thing if it is her though ;p
    D) Guyiding Tri-Rain is on the turtle’s back and haven’t becoming a sea
    E) Yun Che.. no not him, he will kidnap all Haowie’s girls
    F) Other.. ya you name it..
    So it’s A) Han Bei

  4. My guest is the spirit severing guy, who failed to obtained the legacy/brand from the Frigid Snow Clan(Agarwood Clan). I forgot his name. From his line, I would expect him to show soon enough, well, apparently not today.

    Why is there ‘Yun Che’ anyway, hahaha

  5. Going to eliminate Yun Che, Zhixiang, Guyiding Tri-Rain and other off-bat. Not in this universe, off world and said he’s supposed to come to her, is with turtle, and finally there is no fun with an ‘other’ option. So that leaves:

    A) Han Bei
    B) Wang Tengfei


    Wang Tengfei, I want to believe he got wiped out along with the rest of the Wang clan even though there isn’t a confirmation that he was or wasn’t present at the time, and he’s not the person who come looking for Meng Hao or vice-versa. So that leaves Han Bei, and since MH has recently just come from the Sacred lands of the Black Sieve sect and I believe he still owes her a copy of the manual they got there the first time in there. It has been a while since she has made an appearance, seems it like the time is ripe that if anyone would come knocking it would be her.

    so A) Han Bei is my final answer.

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