☯ ISSTH Chapter 743 ☯

I’ll try not to beat this horse too much into the ground, but here are translations of two real-life conversations that both happened today.

Setting: Public Place, MDB and BDB together
Chinese woman #1: Oh wow, look at the baby’s eyes, they’re so big!
Chinese woman #2: Wow, he looks like a mixed blood kid!
Chinese woman #1: No way, that’s impossible!
Chinese woman #2: Is his father a foreigner?
MDB: …………..

Setting: Elevator, the whole Deathblade Clan together
Chinese woman: Oh look, he’s so cute.
BDB: Hehe
Chinese woman: Haha, he laughed!
At this point we left the elevator, and the woman finally noticed me.
Chinese woman (in hushed tone): Oh, no wonder, he’s a mixed blood kid!

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  1. My two half-siblings are 1/2 white, 1/2 Chinese and both are adorable. It’s fairly common to find offspring of two parents with different origins have the best traits of both. I believe the term is called “hybrid vigor”, though that may just be a reference to plants… In any case I would say my little bro and sis are both smarter and better looking than my full brother and I are. (The smarter part might just be my dad getting it right the second time around lol)

    1. I think she means that BDB being cute is no wonder since he’s mixed blood. Here words make it sound as if Chinese babies aren’t cute.

  2. It’s a compliment of sorts. I know for Koreans, we generally think “mixed blood” people are much more beautiful. So they may just be saying… No wonder he’s so cute, he’s “mixed blood”.
    Stereotyping… but with less negativity.

  3. Half and half’s tend to look much cuter. Most of my family is half and half of something, be it Panamanian, Korean, Japanese, Mexican, or Chinese. It’s just due to genetic mixing, as hybrids have a much higher chance of inheriting the good parts of both parents (this can be seen with natural selection, as when you mix races or breeds of most animals that can STILL produce fertile offspring, they’re typically much healthier and/or stronger). And then you have Quarter Mutts like me, who are just a mix of everything, and we just look Mexican regardless of what’s in us.

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