☯ ISSTH Chapter 739 ☯

Calling all bug experts, aficionados, enthusiasts and dabblers! On a recent outing, the Deathblade Clan encountered a very strange bug of some sort. Even as a young kid, I loved bugs, reptiles and animals of all sorts, but I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s really cool looking! I did a bit of image searching, but couldn’t get any good leads onto exactly what it is. Check out the pics after the jump and let me know if you have any idea what it might be!

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As you can see it’s not very big, maybe about half an inch.
bug 1

It has some pretty awesome colors and patterns, don’t you think? A pretty cool-looking bug!

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    1. from what I have read, the bug doesnt seem to harm humans in any way. But I read this sentence a few times: “In Chinese medicine the spotted lanternfly is regarded poisonous and used for relief from swelling”.

      The main problem is:” It attacks trees by feeding on sap and harms them further by excreting large amounts of a fluid that coats leaves and stems and encourages the growth of mold, according to researchers.”

      “[…]This pest poses a significant threat to the state’s more than $20.5 million grape, nearly $134 million apple and more than $24 million stone fruit industries. Pine and hardwood logging in Pennsylvania also accounts for $12 billion in sales. The damage caused by this pest is so much so that around 5 Pennsylvania townships and 2 boroughs are on high alert after the state Department of Agriculture confirmed the presence of an invasive insect that threatens its grape vines, fruit trees and logging industry. “

    1. Have been researching the bug a little. This site is super helpful: http://jipm.oxfordjournals.org/content/6/1/20

      “The first three instars have a black body and legs with white spots. The fourth instar retains the spots but has a reddish body with distinctive red wing pads”: Means the Bug is doing the same thing a Caterpillar does to turn into a Butterfly 3 times to reach the red stage. The first 4 stages are seen in the picture:


      An adult bug looks a lot different btw:


    2. I looked up the bug on google, lot of articles about it being a “new invasive pest in the United States”

      Spotted lanternfly seems to be the non scientific name btw

  1. I thought to try searching but all my searches automatically search North American beetles.
    I see someone found it now. I also noticed they asked if it is dangerous and got no answer.

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