☯ ISSTH Chapter 728 ☯

I saw some good guesses, comments and lines of reasoning. Here are the results:

A) fried okra (China, made it myself!)
B) foie gras (China, had it at a restaurant)
C) Tom Yum soup (Maylaysia, of all places, at a resort)
D) chicken feet (tried for the first time in Manhattan Chinatown!)
E) Polish gherkins (China, bought from the supermarket just last week!!!!! Definitely not the same as American style dill pickles, which are not available anywhere near where I live)
F) dim sum (Hong Kong, when traveling)

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    1. I really don’t get you adventurous type. I’ll take your words when you said they’re delicious, but I’ll lose my appetite before eating them, so…

      1. It really depends on the person’s tastes. That kind of food is normally seen in my country which is Philippines but I don’t really eat it myself.

        1. I’m pretty sure that it isn’t the meat you’re eating but the skin, muscle, or soft bones. And I agree with you. It is really annoying to eat them. Especially without using hands. Though I got a friend that could put a whole finger in his mouth and debone it properly (and quickly too!!)

          1. The soft bones you speak of are not bones, they may be part of the skeletal system but… Ok I am being a nerd… The soft bones are either ligaments, tendons, and/or joints.

    2. Depends on how well they’re prepared, maybe? Ones I got were slimy and alternated between wet cardboard and over-watered jello in consistancy and mouth-feel.

      1. That two are the only available in china?
        You don’t find chinese pickles? it’s strange they have the biggest producer (40 millions per year if I remember).
        It’s also sad if you cannot find french sausage (strasbourg, morteau, toulouse,…).
        But in china you can eat the lap cheong sausage (腊肠).

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