☯ ISSTH Chapter 724 ☯

It hit me that I forgot to share the official picture of Ke Yunhai. Check it out after the jump. You can even see (what I assume is supposed to be) the Demon Immortal Pagoda in the background.

Translation adjustment: Going forward, what was “spirit vessels” is now “spirit meridians.” That means the second stratum of the Blood Demon Grand Magic is the “Spirit Meridians stratum.” I will go back soon to change the past references.

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    1. Edited. Ke Yunhai is the Paragon of 4th Peak, father of Ke Jiusi.

      And if you forgot who is Ke jiusi, he is
      -The son of Ke Yunhai.
      -The person who gave Meng Hao his identity for the 2nd plane of Demon Immortal Plane.
      – The Apprentice Legacy of Fourth Peak of Demon Immortal Sect.

    1. That’s quite similar to what Hattori Hanzo looked like, dumbass. There’s more than just your one racist stereotype of how Japanese people look.

  1. Wow! Ain’t that a cool father? LoL xD. But really, I pictured Ke Yunhai as an old but sturdy man, then Ke Jiusi as like that man in the pic. Hehe… Guess I was wrong. Totally wrong! xD

  2. I really used to dig this series, but it seems to just be dragging its heels at this point. The MC in my opinion is getting less and less likeable (I guess is why the author reintroduced the love interest). I really don’t know if I will stick with this to the end.

    1. OMG, you don’t know if you’re going to stick with it until the end????? WTF. I was wondering about that this whole time. Virtually every single day I would wake up and think, “hmmm, I wonder if harusnajinski will keep reading ISSTH?”

      Thanks SOOOO much for the clarification. I’m going to print out your comment, blow it up, and make a poster to tape to my wall so I can look at it before going to sleep.

      THANKS harusnajinski !!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. no genius, the MC is getting less likable because the author is making him devil enough to perform “sever the devil”. Quit your whining, no one wants to see that shit.

        1. it’s call reading between the lines to understand what is happening, obviously some people can’t

          I don’t know if that’s the actual reason, but it’s the most logical explanation/prediction


            (With caps lock I believe that my argument has much more impact!)

            Edit: Reading between the lines? Well yes, you could say that, but you could also say, that Blood Demon Patriarch already said that he wants Meng Hao to Sever his Devilishness. Appart from that, it actually should be clear as day why Meng Hao changed from his scholarly attitude to his new, evil style. (Because the Author wants it like that! :P)

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