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According to all reports I read, the World of Warcraft movie bombed in the U.S. I saw a variety of reviews ranging from “Worst Movie Ever” to “It Wasn’t That Bad, Haters.” In any case, the movie apparently crushed it in China, breaking all records for foreign movie releases. I haven’t seen it, but I had some friends who went (pictures after jump). It seems the potential of the China film market is really having a big influence on U.S. movies recently.

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    1. What the above guy said. I haven’t seen it myself, but apparently it’s great if you already know the lore, but if you don’t you’ll be pretty lost. It’s supposed to still have great action though. Critics were bashing the movie nonstop unfairly from what I’ve heard, though I don’t know what they were expecting from a movie as niche as this.

  1. thank you for chapter!

    the movie followed the original warcraft lore good. if some did not like it must be because it did not follow the usual hollywood flow of movies.

  2. I’m refusing to watch it out of fear. Played WoW for 5 years loved it. But from what I’ve gathered about the movie unless you’re already invested in the lore of Warcraft this movie is not for you. Parts of the history have been left out like the Burning Legion turning the orcs into fell orcs and how red orcs and different from green orc and how that is different from a brown orc. Overall it’s a fan movie, and as most of the critics probably are not fans most of the backstory is wasted.

    1. Here’s my review, honest and true to the point of 2 bottles of wine. It is, without a doubt, a terrible movie. That said, if you’ve played even a single month of wow (lets say 30 hours in game) or heartstone, you will enjoy this movie. Non of the (human) armor is CGI, the fantasy aspects (magic mounts) make sense, and I predict that this will stay one the top three warcraft movies even if they make 10 more movies after this one.

  3. it wasn’t that bad considering it was more of the story for warcraft 1 time frame if anybody even remembers that. I enjoyed it but i kind of wished and still hoping that they do the rise of Thrall from warcraft 3 or his background story from the books about warcraft 2 which were very well written in my opinion.

  4. I wasted alot of my life on wow back when it came out in 2004. Since the cataclysm expansion I haven’t played it as much but continue to buy the expansions to play for a few months before giving it a rest again.

    Haven’t seen the movie, didn’t even know it was already released. I’m obviously in that “give it a rest” period at the moment.

  5. Thanks for the chapter

    The critics choked on it cos it’s high fantasy, nothing like they saw ever before, vivid colorful world, perfect fantasy armor, amazing magic! The only bad thin is the cut, they cut it hard, and you can see it, 2 hours was just too short, and the movie is full of action, one thing after another. Directors cut will be perfect.

  6. My wife and I went to see it with two of our friends. 3 of us played WoW and the RTS games and really enjoyed it. The 4th who didn’t play any of them enjoyed it but slightly less than we did. The reviews were overly harsh, and half of them seemed like “jump on the bandwagon of hating these movies” types of reviews.

    If you’re at all into this type of world (which based on this website you probably are) go see the movie and enjoy a fun, franchise starting, world building movie. I’m glad it’s crushing in China because then we’ll definitely get more and the reviewers can suck it.

    Also side note, a lot of the reviews are coming from places that have no place reviewing a fantasy movie like this… Forbes? etc..

  7. I recommend you to watch it and rate it yourself. As a fan, i enjoyed it.
    Its true they omitted some details but at least you can still feel the urge to go for a war.

  8. Rookie director but at least he followed the original game plot closely as he can (difficult to do as WC1 original plot was refined or altered by subsequent released of WC2, WC3 and WoW plus novels/comics), some details change like with Garona/Llane part. Heck, at least the director didn’t pull an Anderson (Paul WS Anderson), that will be worse.
    I think it is easier and better for them to do a Starcraft movie than Warcraft, as Warcraft bound to be compared with LoTR, GoT and such. At least, it is one of more watchable game-to-movie.

    1. I love the fact that you know that WoW wasnt the original…. Alot of my friends believe that WC1-3 were products of WoW…. I have been in heated debates with them about the fact that WoW stemmed from the WC pc game and made its way up to the WoW rp game….

      1. Agreed.
        And really, no need for heated debates. Just show them a google search of “warcraft games list”. Shows a timeline of the game release dates… easy peasy

  9. I just came back from watching the movie… and I thought it was awesome!
    No idea why it bombed in the US… I can only assume that they can’t appreciate fantasy <_<

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