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Hi everyone, here is a double release for you! I’m feeling a little odd, like I might be about to get sick. I’m going to drink plenty of water and also eat some garlic. Does anybody have any tried and true family secrets to “driving out” a fever before it strikes…?

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      1. Yep, normal honey with water is quite soothing… but Manuka Honey has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. It’s like a natural anti-biotic, without all the stomache bacteria raping.

        You take Manuka Honey by itself.

    1. Manuka is delicious, and probably does have mild effects on colds, equally(fine, ALMOST equally) effective is sugar and water, add lemon, (sliced, pour on boiling water) for vitamin c and, importantly flavour, and you’ve got a drink, but, especially if your sicky (stomach bug) then glucose powder is better than sugar as it doesn’t need to be metabolised in the liver before use (unlike sucrose, fructose etc) and will more rapidly enter the bloodstream, my mum (g.p.) would make a jug of ‘lemondrink’ to sip throughout the day if/when I was sick as a child
      You can find glucose powder at chemists and some other stores, sometimes called dextrose, this is due to chairal nature of glucose and is the right stuff

    1. Parasetamol will not cure or drug poison someone unless you eat too many. It function in simple explanation is just “makes you feel better” such as if you have a high body temp then you it will lower it back to normal but will not cure you. It however helps the body cure itself faster as far as i know. So if you really are sick then parasetamol is really much preferable.

      1. Paracetamol treats symptoms, e.g. Pain/headache and does nothing to cure anything, merely allowing you to ride out the sickness in relative comfort,
        Serious Paracetamol poisoning is actually really unpleasant and commonly fatal, thankfully, if you follow the instructions and don’t take too many in a 24 hour period then you’re unlikely to manage to give yourself any level of poisoning at all, paracetamol is super safe unless you’re super dumb ^^

  1. maybe something hot with alcohol (a drink like water with sugar and rum)? sweating is good to drive out the cold… but I’m not that knowledgable in this area^^

    1. From a scientific perspective ingesting alcohol, has almost zero medicinal benefits, it acts as a vasodilator, so it expands your blood vessels involuntarily which leads to higher blood flow in your extremities, but not much else, it also acts as a diuretic, so it makes you piss more, this isn’t really helpful, staying hydrated is one of the most important things you can do when you’re ill, drinking alcohol often makes you feel better, but that’s just being drunk taking the edge off, drinking places stress on the body and is likely to (marginally, or Mebbe a lot if you get smashed ;p) slow your recovery, some cancer patients and similar can be advised to avoid alcohol exactly because of this additional stress

      Sweating doesn’t help it’s a wives tale

    1. You are my Oprah, well if I watched or cared about Oprah, you get what I’m saying? Nvm, I agree, mightily, this is the advice my mum (g.p.) always gave, and 99/100 it’s the cheapest, and more importantly most effective advice

  2. There is something called pekmez. I’m weak in body and get bedridden for a week several times every year except for the year I drunk it regularly (1 spoon or shot). It is made from grape and kind of like syrup. But that taste… It ticks me every time I remember the taste maybe cuz I took it forcefully..

  3. If you can handle it, finely dice a clove of garlic and stick it on a spoon of good quality honey, eg some manuka with a high umf rating.
    Add to this a day of rest, and you should be good. At least it works for me ^^

    Hopefully it’s just a niggle and nothing more

  4. DB, I suggest getting some warm water and adding a teaspoon of salt, then gargling it for as long as you can until you finish it. 3 gargles atleast every hour shold work fine. This is especially effective for sore throats. Whilst gargling you should tap your adams apple to let the water penetrate deeper down

  5. Whenever I feel unwell, I try sweating it out. I feel light and refreshed after. Try taking in citrus fruits too. Lastly, this may sound weird but you may try placing a slice of half of onion near you, it has compounds which serves as germ killers — yes I know it’s weird but it works for me. Anyway, praying for your health and take a rest man!

  6. Try a lukewarm bath a good meal (not too heavy though), lot’s of cold water and then a good sleep. Works wonders for me. Oh and try putting ice on the back of your neck. Relieves me of headache lot’s of times (maybe this is just me though). Take care of yourself! ?????

  7. if you’re looking for a non-drug solution; honey. You could consider it a natural antibiotic Try making tea with ginger and honey, it works miracles.
    If you don’t mind going for classic medicine, take ibuprofen.
    Best would be a combination of both… And also, most importantly: rest
    Speedy recovery!

  8. My secret recipe is honey from my beehives and milk a little nap in the afternoon and it works like a charm i always do this and i rarely fall ill

  9. Honey (table spoon), cyan pepper (cover the honey), diced raw garlic (2-3 cloves) eat 2-3 times a day.

    This not only helps with common cold, but the sore throat that usually accompanies them from the nasal run off.

  10. I’d like to ask..
    How far are you and the other judges in the marking of the fan fictions..
    -Although on the noticeboard, was written that only the few selected FF would be displayed for us to vote; I would very much appreciate for you to display the unselected ones in another thread in WW. ?
    – Even if I did not participate, I would like to read the fantasies that the fans of ISSTH had imagined and written. ?
    ? Many thanks ?

  11. Hey, DeathBlade, I’m a US Corpsman; I tell my fellow soldiers if they feel like they are coming down with something to immediately take 2-3x the regular dose of vitamin C tablets. So if the bottle says take 2 take 4-6. You can’t overdose on it and the reason for the extra is it overloads the body. Most of it is passed through urine but
    you’ll get a higher boost for your immune system. Do it twice daily until you start feeling better.

    1. Old data… You actually can overdose vitamin C – and also, the more you take it, the less effective it becomes in the future. 😛 (at least as far as pill vitamin C goes, it’s much better to eat smth that naturally contains this vitamin ^.^)

      1. Vitamin c is one of the water soluble vitamins, you can over dose on it, if you have limited water intake, and REALLY try, not that anyone has ever managed, but in theory, but otherwise it’s less toxic than almost anything you care to name, you can eat more than half a kilo of raw vitamin c(not just tablets) with pints of water, and it might alter your salt balance a bit, but a healthy person will be fine, humans cannot acquire tolerance to vit c, and as long as you’re not trying to,get pregnant you’ll probably be k

  12. This will be uncomfortable, but I suggest that you sweat it out tonight as much as possible. Drink a LOT of water and get into bed with the express purpose of sweating (and sleeping… but mostly sweating). Lay in bed without any angles in your body (no bent knees/elbows). This generally works for me.

    Thank you and get well soon!

  13. “Does anybody have any tried and true family secrets to “driving out” a fever before it strikes…?”

    Before going to sleep drink soda with hot milk. It should help. 🙂

    Thanks for the chapters!

  14. DB i have a suggestion for you.

    In Denmark we drink a large cup of tea with brandy in it. Works wonders since it heats up the body (you sweat) and the body then kills the bacteria because of the heat.

    Also drink at least two cups. It should work best by drinking it before going to bed.

  15. Something I used during the army, eat the peelings of green lemons, if u could; chew the lemons themselves like oranges. Try it
    *grins evilly *

  16. Sweating is a must!
    Exercise like a madman, then take a nice cold shower proceeded with drinking nice a hot bowl of roots vegetable broth, after all that, then you can rest. If the above suggestion doesn’t work, get to a hospital. Fever is more of a symptom than an actual sickness, which means if it persists, there might be something serious.

    1. Psa, sweating is not a must, old wives tales, though popular, are not based in fact, sweating is your body fighting to regulate temperature, why make your body fight infection and itself at the same time? Moderate excersize if you’re well enough is almost never a bad thing, and, so long as it’s not too long and you warm up after a cold shower isn’t harmful, and can be refreshing, which is nice

  17. You should definitely take a rest for a few days

    Overworking on tranlation is a sure method of making it worse.

    We don’t want to see you ill Reverend Deathblade!

      1. In the past some of those zinc nasal sprays contained enough zinc to make people permanently anosmic. Is shortening the length of a cold worth risking a permanent loss of your sense of smell?

        Also, the efficacy of zinc was never all that good to begin with. Not worth it.

  18. hello… im just asking .. to appease my curiosity. not judging or anything bad… the sponsors chapters… collect 80 dollars for each new chapters… isn’t that quite a lot?… 2 chapters sponsored then, it will be 160 dollars… that amount of money is like 1 day of work for first class job in my country. is this job for one person and the money goes to one person only or not… hehe.. just asking…

    1. It all works out. These translators need to be very proficient in in two difficult languages. I am sure they frequently have to address occurrence when there is no real way to directly convey an idea of the author… It is both skill and a bit of art… So their request donation seems fair to me…

  19. I hope you feel better Deathblade. You can try the chinese herb combination called Yin Qiao Jie Du Wan. It’s a miracle worker for hot infections like colds and flus, and taking it consistently when it first comes on can totally prevent the infection from happening. It should be easily available where you are. It comes as a pill, and you should soak them in boiling water and then swallow it all.

  20. Recently I’ve used oil of oregano for a recurring sore throat/fever combo. What usually goes away in 2 weeks went away in 4 days! This stuff is potent. Supposedly also has antiviral properties too.

    For the immune boosting method, nothing beats some vitamin D, zinc, lots of raw unfiltered honey, raw garlic, and loads of hot tea. Raw ginger also helps. Medicine and alcohol don’t cure anything, just masks the symptoms making it potentially worse as it gives you a false sense of confidence.

  21. Light exercise is a good way to enhance your immune system response due to the release of various immunostimulatory catecholamines like adrenaline, epinephrine, and norepinephrine. Tea brewed from adaptogenic herbs such as ginseng, rhodolia, jiaogulan, astragalus, etc may also help, but I’m not sure about their scientific mode of action.

  22. Honey + lime (or lemon) + cinnamon (not cassia)

    The better the quality the better the results…

    The consistency will be a little thinner than cough syrup and you will use minimum 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon….

    Many people find this concoction to be quite tasty

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