☯ ISSTH Chapter 703 ☯

Life as an expat in China can be crazy. Today, someone I know sent me a text message which read “they’re going to kill me, helpppp” and yes it had the three extra P’s on the end. After reaching him on the phone, he explained that someone who had a beef with him tried to run him over with a car, then sent 4 thugs chasing after him. “They’re trying to kill me, this is like a movie or something,” was how he described it. After hopping a fence, he made it to a public mall where he felt safe. He wanted me to call the American Embassy for help, which I did, and ended up talking with the duty officer for 15 minutes. P.S. This is not a joke or exaggeration. Just life in China.

UPDATE: The circumstances leading up to the situation had to do with a shady business situation, and I won’t go into any more detail than that….

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    1. lol, about this, I think you heard some of it. It have something to do with their law. But don’t misunderstanding it. It’s not like what you think.

    2. You need to understand that China Law say that if you hit someone you need to pay for their Hospital Bill

      This bills could accumulate to an extravagant amount.

      Instead if they kill you they only need to pay your funeral

      There was a news about it in chinese or something a long time ago about some guy who hit someone and had to pay the bills for years and ended up being in tons of debt.

      If he just kill the man he wouldn’t even be in such debt to begin with.

      Thus in China they rather kill you than had to pay for your hospital bills

      1. Damn. Then what about the murder charge?
        Since they prefer killing, the murder charges must get lost on the way through connections?
        This is scary…!!

        I hope people just WISH they had killed them, and not actually go and kill.

          1. For the record, Wuxia and Xianxia are as reflective of Chinese society as Fast and Furious is reflective of driving in America…

          2. “For the record, Wuxia and Xianxia are as reflective of Chinese society as Fast and Furious is reflective of driving in America…”

            I’m torn between 2 responses:

            1) “That bad huh?…”
            2) “…driving in America is scary…!”


            Misunderstandings FTW!

          3. Many cases in that article are about children or elderly.
            I again realized the dark nature of humans can be to what extent.

    3. Just because some incident happens in China doesn’t mean that “in China they…”

      For example, did you hear about the recent news that was going around about a girl in America who filmed the rape of another girl? Crazy. But if I then said, “In America, girls film other girls getting raped,” would that be a correct statement?

  1. Con himmm…just like meng hao always does..errr…probably not..im getting reality and fantasy a bit overlapped…har har har..run or fight, your in china…you should know how to do some kick and punch just like in movies….hahaha

  2. I am not really surprised really i mean its China and probably the person your friend had a beef with is related to the triad.

    He is an expat in a foreign country to him and he went and had a beef with the locals.

    I hope he is safe now and he better get out of the region asap

      1. Yeah, the most common term I hear is “hei she hui 黑社会” which is the “Black Society” you referred to. Underworld types.

  3. Interesting. Now we know where they get the inspiration for all the xianxia novels, just another day in China lol.

    That being said, report it to the police. While the “Dang” or “Tang” or “Triad” or “Snakeheads” or “Black Society” might be strong in China, they still have to toe the line. Most of the time, they work “under the radar” by intimidating people not to report them because the police are still required to control them. Though a lot of them also do have “connections” with the police, but those are for small matters, blow something up big enough and even their “friends” in the police force have to keep a low profile.

    1. Depends on what kind of Dang Tang Triad Snakeheads or Black Society

      If its just those small gang probably reporting to the police would solve the problem but if he got himself into some dipshit he might as well just go to the embassy and stay there and GTFO asap.

      There is another way but he need the local to help him by seeking a mediator that would mediate between him and the guy he had beef with if everything go right by paying some compensation or just a talk could solve this thing.

      I had this experience in my hometown got into some misunderstanding with the local gang member ended up had to find my hometown snake head to talk to the local gang member to stop harassing my family.

      My fault for leading them back to my house i should had went to the police station but i was panicking when they were chasing me on their bike.

    2. Uh….. This is based on your personal experience, or movies, or what? Because the reality in China that I have seen is a lot different than what you’re describing.

      1. Personal experience

        Well my home town is not in china but its pretty much comprise of mostly chinese.

        Yes the gang members are chinese and we do call them “hei she hui 黑社会” here too and a lot of other term in different dialect cantonese hokkien blah2 etc

        I assume that your friend case would be like mine and need a mediator which in my case the snake head in my hometown solve my problem.

        If its not the same then please ignore my experience lol

          1. My bad its confusing to see who is replying to who lol

            Anyway thank you Master Death Blade, Madam Death Blade, Cute Baby Death Blade and the sponsors for the chapter.

            Hopefully your friend could get over this ordeal and be safe

          2. Death, probably location has something to do with it as well. In high density areas like cities, you probably get a lot more police presence than outskirt towns.

            Not gang experience in China though, another country, but with a rather in depth look. Uncle was a gang member, my mom sort of grew up as one of their mascots as well, those tough guys can sometimes be pretty gooey toward little kids. 🙂

            And one thing gangs absolutely hate is police and media attention. They try not to let misunderstandings get to that stage, hence usually more jaw-jaw than war-war.

  4. Seen those videos of Bulldozers having a fight in the middle of the streets, rival companies; and a Bus driver ramming and a car that annoyed him and ran over the driver when he ran. China is something, stay safe out there Patriarch

  5. If you do a shady business dealing anywhere in the world, you’re inviting trouble. Statistics show China doesn’t have a single city in the world’s most dangerous cities list, whilst the US has 4.

    Instead of “just life in China”, it’s more fair to say it’s just life for being involved in doing illegal business deals with underworld people.

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