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Er Gen is awesome, but I have to say that he makes a lot of typos. Lately, it’s been driving me crazy. Sometimes I reach a part I don’t understand, and I never know if it’s because I just don’t understand the Chinese, or because it’s a typo. Because I’m not a native speaker of Chinese, the typos don’t always jump out as obvious, and I sometimes end up wasting quite a bit of time trying to “figure out” what it means, only to realize in the end that it was simply a typo. I saved up a few examples, check them out after the jump.

Chapter 698. Translator: Deathblade, also available on Twitter, Pinterest, and Patreon. Translation Checker: anonpuffs. Chinese Grammar Consultant: Madam Deathblade. Proofreaders: Lingson, Courtrecords. Meme Archives: joeljbright. Memes: Azusky. Master of Cuteness: Baby Deathblade. Sponsor: Alex Tsue

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On the left you will see the typo and it’s “meaning,” on the right you will see the correct version.

竟能星辰斩灵气息 – 竟能形成斩灵气息
jìng néng xīngchén zhǎn líng qìxí – jìng néng xíngchéng zhǎn líng qìxí
It could actually star Spirit Severing aura – It could actually form a Spirit Severing aura
(This one really had me confused for a while and I even e-mailed anonpuffs about it, asking about if there was some sort Star-type Spirit Severing aura)

它清晰的差距 – 它清晰的察觉
tā qīngxī de chājù, cǐkè de mèng hào – tā qīngxī de chájué, cǐkè de mèng hào
It was a clear gap – It could clearly sense
(This one took me about 10 minutes to figure out)

王家第族 – 王家第
wángjiā dì shí zú – wángjiā dì shí
Wang Clan “time” Patriarch – Wang Clan 10th Patriarch
(This one was obvious to me immediately, but kind of funny so I included it)

厚积薄 – 厚积薄
hòujībó – hòujībó
Thick product thin – To accumulate
(This is a four-character expression that I wasn’t familiar with. Because the final character was missing, it didn’t show up in the dictionary when I looked it up)

孟浩认不出 – 孟浩忍不住
mènghào rèn bù chū – mènghào rěn bù zhù
Meng Hao did not recognize – Meng Hao could not endure
(This one stumped MDB for quite a few minutes)

神色偶然 – 神色傲然
shénsè ǒurán – shénsè àorán
His expression was occasional – His expression was proud

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  1. Chinese is really tricky huh? So with one wrong stroke on a Chinese character it would mean a different thing altogether.

    I always thought you were a native Chinese speaker. I’m curious Sir, how long did it take you to learn Chinese to be able to start translating these novels?

  2. I’m curious if RWX runs into these same problems as you when he tld CD, and even currently with DE. Maybe he’s gotten really good at recognizing these typos being on his second ER Gen work, maybe pick his brain when they come up?

  3. What does an occasional expression looks like? Kinda fun looking at the author bloopers. But again if from afar it’s a comedy to us, i’m somehow sure it’s a tragedy for you at that time.

  4. Thank you very much for this insight DB.
    I read some novels via MTL while checking the raw. so i sometimes suspect words being typo but don’t know how to change them.
    Now i remembered that pinyin is used for typing. I complete forgot about that.
    A small neglect in pinyin completely changes characters and sentence meanings.

  5. Now I’m confused… isn’t wángjiā dì shí zú the exact same as wángjiā dì shí zú? Should one of those “shí” actually be something different?

    王家第时族 – 王家第十族
    wángjiā dì shí zú – wángjiā dì shí zú
    Wang Clan “time” Patriarch – Wang Clan 10th Patriarch
    (This one was obvious to me immediately, but kind of funny so I included it)

    1. It’s exactly the same pronunciation. There are many characters in Chinese that look different and have a different meaning but have exactly the same pronunciation.

  6. DB you are awesome but you made a typo
    –On the left you will see the typo and it’s “meaning,” <– its

    XD lol

    thanks for the chapter :]

  7. oh god…DB got hard time for er gen! yup, such instances gotta be tough and u start thinking maybe it is so cuz u r not a native speaker!

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