☯ ISSTH Chapter 684-685 ☯

I saw more than one reaction to the last chapter (both on reddit and here at wuxiaworld) that went something like this: “WTF. I can’t believe this!! 600 chapters wasted!!??? This is #^*$!%@ ridiculous! If this doesn’t @!$#@ get fixed then I’m @%@!%@# dropping ISSTH!!!!!!!!!” Or something like that. I’m glad that to see so much passion for ISSTH, however, I think some of you are very much in need of the special meme I created that you can see after the jump.

Chapter 684. Chapter 685. Translator: Deathblade, also available on Twitter, Pinterest, and Patreon. Translation Checker: anonpuffs. Chinese Grammar Consultant: Madam Deathblade. Proofreaders: Lingson, Courtrecords. Meme Archives: joeljbright. Memes: Azusky. Master of Cuteness: Baby Deathblade. Chapter 684 sponsor: Mads Hansen. Chapter 685 sponsors: Tugene Lee, Christopher Choi, Thomas Kho, Nguyen Thanh Tung, Michael Fiddes, and Hoang Nguyen

This release marks 5/7 guaranteed chapters and 7 sponsored chapters, for a total of 12 chapters this week!


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      1. what was i supposed to do?^^ how woud i sleep, eat, be productive? and the great thing is that it doesn’t even matter if you know where the story is going; with er gen the journey is the brilliant feat… it’s somehow a philosophical adventure in both the story of issth and it’s execution 🙂

  1. It’s been a Hundred years passed by.. I miss both Lord Fifth and Lord Third..

    It’s been so long I never expected Meng Hao to become so lifeless..

    Thanks for The Two Chapter Release

  2. There’s still around what 900 – 1000 chapters left? I doubt we have very much to worry about. Meng Hao conning people is enough for me to keep reading lol

  3. It’s really a mystery… Will he get back his perfect Dao back? Will he start from the start? Though he will never live a normal life since he’s the Mc. A new path?

    1. I’m gonna go with ‘new path’ on this one.
      His perfect Dao is with insane Wang 10, who is half-step into Immortal Ascension. And I don’t think Er Gen wrote another 600 chapters talking about Meng Hao starting from scratch either lol.

  4. people have that little faith?
    i’m surprised they haven’t learned that this author knows how to turn death into life for meng hao.

    now on to se how he does it this time…
    and thanks for the chapter!

  5. Thanks for the all the chapters, since I just made an account, that goes for the past 685 ones.

    After the whole violet sea arc where time jumped over a hundred years all of the sudden, these type of developments don’t surprise me as much anymore, compared to how the timeline started jumping so much. Though if he doesn’t somehow steal his foundation back, it does feel somewhat wasted learning all those techniques before. But in IISTH fashion, he’ll have to come back stronger than before.

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