☯ ISSTH Chapter 677 ☯

I got the coolest gift of alcohol from MDB’s mom, and it even has a connection to ISSTH/xianxia. Check out the pics and explanation after the jump!

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This release marks 2/7 guaranteed chapters and 2 sponsored chapters, for a total of 4 chapters this week!

Okay, this is a special kind of baijiu from south China. Baijiu is normally white in color, but this type is yellow. Why? Because they insert the baijiu into baby bamboo, which then grows up and infuses the alcohol with special flavor. They don’t remove the alcohol from the bamboo, either. The package is actually a gigantic piece of a bamboo shoot, which you break open with a small wooden hammer (included).

The cool thing is that according to the information on the package, the process infuses the alcohol with “the spiritual energy of Heaven and Earth.” That’s right, the package uses the exact same word that I usually translate as “spiritual energy” in ISSTH.

By the way, the alcohol itself was delicious! Check out the pics:





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  1. Now this is super cool. I wonder how much it would cost in Europe. If you would compare it to some other well known alcohols what would it be? I assume this is a high percentage, like 40%?

    1. Yes, if I remember it was over 40. I’m not sure about the cost, since it was a gift. I am somewhat tempted to look it up online and see if I can buy some.

      1. Baijiu being something like a Vodka, this stuff would almost be… something like a Whiskey or Bourbon?

        EDIT: WTH? I swear I posted this as a new comment… Why…

  2. That looks awesome. I’m in the States, and sadly I haven’t seen any baijiu where I’m at. How does it compare to other drinks? How does the one you got there compare to more normal baijiu?


    1. I don’t think you could get baijiu unless you lived somewhere with a big Chinatown. I could get it when I lived in Chinatown in NYC, and I bet the Chinatowns in LA, San Francisco, Chicago etc. would have it.

      It has a very unique flavor that most non-Chinese don’t like, although when you get the more expensive varieties they are more tolerable. This particular kind had a very unique flavor that’s different from anything I’ve tasted before.

      1. Yeah that’s what I’m thinking, I’m near Dallas so maybe I could hunt it down there. The selection can be iffy though.

        Interesting, I’ll certainly try it for sure. I’ve tried some weird drinks, so I might end up liking it (then be sad since it’s hard to get).

          1. Maotai nasty. Go for some of our own Sichuan’s Wuliangye! It is much smoother (although baijiu still nasty in general)

          2. Lol, that’s true Wuliangye is pretty good. I actually haven’t had Maotai for like… years believe it or not.

          3. Oh ho ho, Ren our fellow baijiu snob xD!

            I’m a beer snob myself, but I’ve been getting into sake recently, so jumping to baijiu might not be so bad.

  3. My Dao of Drinking demands to know the proper name and characters of that stuff. Any idea if I can find it in Hubei province? I find that bamboo-baijiu 1) interesting for myself and 2) awesome gift for when I actually finish my contract here and get back home.

    Baijiu doesn’t taste weird btw. I quite like it. Although I keep drinking Chinese under the table. Finnish genes cultivated on vodka profound elixirs, he-he-he.

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