☯ ISSTH Chapter 669 ☯

Chronicles of Baby Deathblade – BDB had another first recently… his first fever and cold. I didn’t want any of you to be worried, so I waited until he recovered before mentioning it. He’s over the worst of it now, but the past couple days have been rough for both him as well as mom and dad. I snapped a pic when we took his temperature, and you can tell he’s definitely feeling under the weather. Poor little dude!

P.S. A new chapter of Refreshing Tales from the F5 Sect is up!

Chapter 669
Translator: Deathblade, as seen on Twitter, Pinterest, and Patreon.
Contributors: Madam Deathblade, anonpuffs
Proofreaders: Courtrecords, Yascob
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This release marks 6/7 guaranteed chapters and 5 sponsored chapters, for a total of 11 chapters so far!



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  1. wow tales of the f5 sect 0.0 didnt know that existed well i quit the f5 sect a long time ago no matter how determined you think you are there always seems to be someone even crazier ;(

    oh and hope bdb feels awesome

  2. Hey, you lied at the end of the chapter (8>.<)8

    Baby DB wouldn';t ask for a college fund… he'd follow the same philosophy as fatty when it comes to money….. eat it, or watch it burn!!!!

    P.S. If anyone guesses what chapters I’m referring too, you will get a typed pat on the back!!!

  3. Get better soon, kiddo!

    and since I’m used to Celcius, I don’t know what is normal temperature in Fahrenheit, but I hope it’s not serious, just his introduction to cold fever!

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