☯ ISSTH Chapter 652 ☯

Chronicles of Baby Deathblade: This special Chronicles is brought to you by a certain fellow wuxiaworld translator who specially requested it (if you follow either of us on twitter, you might know to whom I refer heh heh). After the jump, you can see my favorite recent video of BDB.

Chapter 652
Translator: Deathblade
Contributors: Madam Deathblade, anonpuffs
Proofreaders: Lingson, JSmith, Courtrecords, Yascob
Meme Archives: joeljbright
Memes: leoloo, Azusky
Sponsors: Anonymous and Michael Harrison

This release marks 4/7 guaranteed chapters and 4 sponsored chapters, for a total of 8 chapters so far!

This is actually a followup to the last video. As you can see, his enthusiasm and passion for the “new sound” has only increased. The sheer lung power that he puts into it just gives me a big kick.

P.S. There was someone who snidely commented on the last video I posted and said something like “don’t be an annoying parent who constantly/only posts pics and vids of their kids.” Well, I’d just like to point out that of roughly 60+ chapter releases per month, only 2 or 3 are BDB related. So in response to that person: “(insert appropriate response here).”

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  1. Heh. On the plus side of all these videos, you’ll have plenty of baby pictures to show his future girlfriend, and you’ll have plenty of embarrassing/interesting conversation topics to grasp in 20 years.


  2. That person calling you an annoying parent is very rude! I, personally like the chronicles of Baby Deathblade. It’s quite entertaining and gives a breather before, or after, reading the chapter! So, keep up the posting of those chronicles!

  3. Kidyeon got it right, Baby DB’s going to be so embarassed in the future, so these pictures and videos are going to be annoying for him in the future, too XD

    Well, joke aside having another saga of Baby DB’s adventure is quite a refresh from the gore of Xianxia, so please sent more!

  4. I was surprised with myself when I noticed that I looked forward to seeing the little guy. I would expect myself to have the same reaction that other fellow did, but no, I always check out what cool thing baby DB is doing now/you have him doing. Remember the batman bib? Haha

  5. That meme is from “fullmetal alchemist” one of the most popular scene from the manga.

    A man that really loving his wife and daughter has been shot to the death cause he realized some secret and try to tell his trusted friend by phone. And the man that crying is a friend who’s having last conversation with him on phone

  6. I don’t read ISSTH (not yet, anyway), but I have been reading your posts very often, for the past 6 months or so. I find them quite pleasant. By all means, keep them coming (about baby DB or anything else… I like them all.)

  7. More BDB please 🙂
    Don’t know why but by the way he behaves he genuinely looks like a good kid, you and your wife have raised him well.
    Besides, he is the son of our Patriarch, who wouldn’t want to know how the first young master is doing?

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