☯ ISSTH Chapter 632 ☯

Meanwhile, back in the Li Clan in the Southern Domain…. The Li Clan Elders and Patriarchs sat cross-legged, wide smiles on their faces. “Welcome back from the Primordial Demon Immortal Plane, Li Tiandao. As Dao Child of the Li Clan, you must have made incredible gains. Please, report everything that happened!” Li Tiandao swallowed hard. “Greetings, seniors. First, let me ask…. Have you ever heard of someone named Meng Hao…?” Instantly, the eyes of the Elders and Patriarchs started to glow with a strange coldness….

Chapter 632
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  1. First of all, thanks for the chapter!

    Second, a question about the Immortal Li/Dawn Immortal change.

    So, am I right when I say there are three “Li” Immortals?

    First mentioned is “Immortal Li” now called “Dawn Immortal,” second is Meng Hao’s mother “Meng Li,” and last is “Lord Li” the previous ruler of the Ninth Mountain? Three separate “Li’s”?

    So, back in the Song Clan arc, Meng Li appeared to do some stuff in the background for Meng Hao. The Patriarch of the Song Clan asked his Immortal ancestor who she was, and the Patriarch mistakenly thought she was “Dawn Immortal” Because of the similarities in names and how she was looking at the resurrection flower instead of Meng Hao (supposedly).

    Am I right in this? “Immortal Li/Dawn Immortal” and Meng Li are two different people, right? Because I had thought they were the same person for like this entire time until you answered another question about the change a few chapters back. And Dawn Immortal has no connection to “Lord Li” right? At least seen so far? And hasn’t actually appeared in person so far in the novel?

    Sheesh, I need to reread this at some point.

      1. Lord Li is not Immortal Li/Dawn Immortal.

        Lord Li was the former leader of the Demon Immortal Sect and Lord of the Ninth Mountain, who went missing. His position was taken over by Lord Ji after a big war.

    1. Yes, there are three ‘Li’ Immortals – Meng Li (mom), Dawn Immortal (formerly called Immortal Li), and Lord Li (previous ruler). All three Li’s have different characters; 丽 for Meng Li (which means beautiful), 黎 for Dawn Immortal (which means Dawn), and 李 for Lord Li (which is a surname). These three have no connection to each other. Your other stuff is all correct. There are no connections between the three.

  2. Good Day, DB. i have this concern about the link of “Glossary of Terms, Places, and People” link. it directs me to wiki not the WW “glossary”. so i have to search in google before i see the real glossary of terms places and people.

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