☯ ISSTH Chapter 625 ☯

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Chapter 625
Translator: Deathblade
Contributors: Madam Deathblade, anonpuffs
Proofreaders: Lingson, Courtrecords, Yascob
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  1. Since im seriouly wasted and seriously entranced by the thoughts of what the Dao means, im gonna give you guys my piece of mind about what i understood so far ( reading xianxia novel number ~ 30 in progress.. well yeah and living on my own 😛 ) : Imagine the point on earth you are standing/sitting right now, you can turn in every direction you want, your lifes choices are the path that you are treading, you can turn in every which direction you want. Overcomming the obstacle in front of you is part of the Dao, but so is going around it. Make your very own decision and bear all the following consequences, if you are able to do so with a clear conciousness, you’ve followed your Dao. And if you fear reaching the same point on earth you once came from, because you went everywhere else already (as if 😉 ), ..try going for the heavenly Dao, leave earth in all the maybe or maybe not possible ways and try archieving the next lvl of conciousness, be it in a rocket grasping how tiny and far away the problems you feel important while being on earth are, or as a ghost reaching who knows what, only by chossing for yourself and treading your path, while molding it, will you ever find out what’s out there to find out. Whats important is going forward embracing your own choices, so you are ready to make the next one. *Three bows to the master and one bow to the fellow disciples*

    PS: I loved it that you reminded every one to send their Paypal info to Ren after i… well whatever .. it rly made a smile blossom on my face, ty Deathblade. <3

  2. Hey DeathBlade, Is there anyway to apply to be one of your proof readers? I occasionally run into some problems on the chapters, Nothing major just minor slips here and there. But Would love to be one of your proof reader’s! Thanks for always releasing this awesome LN! And Tell Madam thanks too!

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