☯ ISSTH Chapter 613 ☯

Okay I freely admit to being a nerd. What I have to say next might still come across as bizarre though. I love typing. I know it sounds weird, but to me, I enjoy the feel of my fingers hitting the keys, the sound of the typing itself, the rhythm I get into, the speed. That’s right, I just like it. I learned to type when I was barely five years old, and my dad raised me on games designed to improve typing and typing speed. So, when I received a challenge to test my typing, I couldn’t wait to test myself out. See the results after the jump.

Chapter 613
Translator: Deathblade
Contributors: Madam Deathblade, anonpuffs
Proofreaders: Courtrecords, Lingson
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This release marks 2/7 guaranteed chapters and 1 sponsored chapter, for a total of 3 chapters so far!



I don’t MTL at all, which means that every single letter and words of ISSTH is personally typed by me. I think being a bit quick at the keys helps out!

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  1. Dang. Not just the speed, but also the accuracy is crazy. I can type fast, but then my accuracy will suffer. Or I can type normal speed and still make probably more than 1 mistake per 116 words. lol. I’ll try the test after I read the chapter and maybe post my results if they aren’t too embarrassing. 😛

  2. Are you freaking serious? I barely hit 100 and I’m considered a typing god in IT department at my uni… Obviously I use all of those []{};” in codes so I’m not used to writing many normal words but still, holy freak, you are a monster, I could never top that, even in polish…

  3. Your profound knowledge and insights in the Dao of Typing is almost at the pinacle. Good job! Keep working though, you still have a long way to go!

        1. Our shifu Deathblade has bigger plotarmor than any MC, so bottleneck or “infinitely” doesn’t mean squat to him!

          Still, DB is at the pinnacle. If that’s not the pinnacle, I don’t know what is. I hear a lot that 8 keystrokes/sec is already astounding and that our shitty keyboards in uni will break if I keep on punching them that fast. And lookie there, someone effortlessly has more than 10. Holy cow. I wonder if he uses a mechanical keyboard or a membrane one with flat light keys. (yeah, looking for excuses for my measly skills)

          1. i think the pinnacle is closer to 200 wpm. if anyone could do that with normal words and without mistakes…

            i’m nowhere near though. can barely type without looking at the keyboard.

          2. I don’t think 200 is humanly possible. It’d be like 16 keystrokes/sec. I can imagine me doing 125 if I didn’t stutter over few words and had a better day. 200? Never in a million years. If I can’t imagine doing something it’s impossible and so far I’m like 99/100 right. I get dem exps from CS GO overwatch and my reports.

  4. So many people claiming 100 WPM… Somehow I doubt them. 😛 At least, without evidence. Pretty impressive, Deathblade! Though you should use one that does proper sentences rather than random words. ;P

  5. If you love typing and the sound and feel of typing, you should look into a good mechanical keyboard. Like a topre realforce. If you already have a mechanical keyboard, what do you have?

  6. You’re not the only one. Me too!! Since primary school i loved to write essays. And since my first computer and university days, whereby reports have to be typed by computer, i enjoyed typing so much too! So much so that my ex had me do & type her reports for her….

    Glad to hear that you enjoy what you do so much!

    Once again, thanks for the chap!

  7. There’s nothing wrong with that. I actually enjoy using the “ancient” typewriter. It is very soothing to hear the sounds of the print head hitting the paper.

  8. Just tried it myself… less words and few more bad keystrokes (6) ended up with 86 words and 434 keystrokes. 94.92% nowhere near yours 🙁 and more mistakes… but I am satisfied 😀

  9. I tried it. DB is crazy. I only got in the 87%, with 66 words, 3 wrong, 349 keystrokes. Even if I keep trying, I’m not confident I can make the top 10%.

  10. T-T

    My result was this.

    Words per minute (WPM) 100
    Keystrokes 504
    (498 | 6)
    Correct words 98
    Wrong words 1
    You are better than 97.73% of all users

  11. Words per minute (WPM) 88
    Keystrokes 442
    (442 | 0)
    Correct words 81
    Wrong words 0
    You are better than 95.45% of all users (position 8639 of 189816 – last 24 hours)

    i guess my cultivation speed is still in the mid tier …im at a bottleneck right now

  12. actually i love typing on my mechanical keyboard myself! i think it is an enjoyable feeling specially when the kb responds u back in kind….that feel!

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