☯ ISSTH Chapter 598 ☯

Last time I went to Beijing I went to a bookstore and found a copy of the Mountain and Sea Scripture. Check out the pictures after the jump.

Chapter 598
Translator: Deathblade
Contributors: Madam Deathblade, anonpuffs
Proofreaders: TheNo1Fan, Yascob, Lingson, Courtrecords
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This release marks 2/7 guaranteed chapters and 3 sponsored chapters, for a total of 5 chapters so far!…


Don’t forget that the “Mountain and Sea Scripture” is actually a real book describing the supposed geography and life forms of ancient China. This is an illustrated version, and I can tell you…. wow, there are tons of super bizarre creatures inside. However, one happened catch my eye, which was a Flying Rain-Dragon!

Anyway, here’s my copy of the most powerful scripture in the Nine Mountains and Seas!




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  1. Legendary Scriptures can be purchased at bookstore :)) Knowing how easy it is, Meng Hao surely will vomit gallons of blood lol. U got to learn how to cross between cosmos. Gotta have grandmist power yeahhh.. The fourth cosmos creator MengMeng or HaoMeng.. Lol

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