☯ ISSTH Chapter 584 ☯

Chinese can be tricky. I recently realized I’ve been making a major blunder for months without realizing it. When I get coffee, I often ask for an extra shot of espresso. Espresso is 浓缩咖啡 nóngsuō kāfēi. However, I misread the second character as 郁, meaning I was constantly asking for 浓郁咖啡 nóngyù kāfēi, “rich” or “strong” coffee. Close, but not quite right. For months I’ve been wondering why I always end up having to point to the sign before they understand me. DERRRRRRRRR!!!!

Chapter 584
Translator: Deathblade
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    1. Lol, if that happend to me I wouldn’t be here….. cause I would be reading the raws hahahahahahaha, but sadly I don’t speak Mandarin or Cantonese…. but I still have you that’s for these chapters bud!

  1. Compressed drip coffee – espresso; rich drip coffee – strong coffee? I don’t coffee that much, but I can get the meaning of that coffee by just 4 letters, chinese so useful!

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