☯ ISSTH Chapter 580 ☯

Xu Qing let out a sigh of relief as the door of Meng Hao’s Immortal’s cave slid closed. She chuckled. “Good old Meng Hao, so gullible and always so focused on the Dao. Does he really think I just sit here meditating all day?” She quickly settled herself into a divan located directly in front of the large glowing screen in the main room of the Immortal’s Cave. Like the Immortal’s Caves of most silkpants in the Sect, it was equipped with a Dbox 360 game console, complete with all the accessories. Popping a Spirit Fruit into her mouth, Xu Qing began to thumb through a collection of jade slips piled up next to the divan. “Let’s see. GTA: 3rd Mountain. COD: Secrets of Lord Li II. Hmmm. What’s this? LEGO: Demon Sealers.” Xu Qing frowned. “What’s LEGO, I wonder?”

Chapter 580
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  1. Lego, my friend, is the way you can construct numerous modifiable puppets made from the Dao of Puppet Controlling and a material called plasma sticks, and you can order them to tear up as many people who offend you as you want and they can’t convict you because the one that killed them is a strange person with flat body parts.

  2. Wait. This is ancient times. The Dbox didn’t exist then. Shouldn’t Xu Qing be playing the original NintenDao Entertainment System?

    Thank you for the chapter, Deathblade.

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