☯ ISSTH Chapter 566 ☯

Again, many, many thanks for such support! I now have a huge queue to work down. If only I was Fatty and the queue was a flying sword! Incidentally, I saw a few recommendations that I start an account on patreon. I went ahead and did so. I’m not sure if I set everything up correctly, so if you are a user, please check out my profile and send any constructive criticism to [email protected], or leave comments on patreon. If you haven’t heard of patreon.com before, check it out, it’s pretty cool.

Chapter 566
Translator: Deathblade
Contributors: Madam Deathblade, anonpuffs
Proofreaders: Lingson, ISSTHNo1FanBoy, Courtrecords
Meme Archives: joeljbright
Sponsors: Freelance PR

This release marks 1/7 guaranteed chapters and 2 sponsored chapters, for a total of 3 chapters so far.

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  1. Patreon looks good, I already signed up to support you. I’ll still do the occasional large donation, too 🙂

    Maybe add a picture of Baby and Madam Deathblade with a caption about how you have a family to support? Also, your list of sponsors is going to be really long. Maybe have a separate page listing us?

  2. Hmm…
    Patreon… I wonder, the fees are quite high. I’d rather send money “to family and friends” via PayPal (using bank account as fund). Aside from currency conversion there are no fees (= you get about 8.5% more).

    How is Ren dealing with Patreon?
    For PayPal he queues DE in Addition.

  3. I’m not sure how your patreon page works?
    Usually it’s a monthly pledge. Your seems to be.. per chapter?
    Also, how is it going to work with Ren’s DE?

  4. Deathblade, I think with Patreon, it’s a regular payment rather than a once off. The only ‘once off’ donation is the ‘no rewards’ option. Count Grey is right, maybe have a separate listing for the regular patreon sponsors as opposed to sticking them with the other contributors. Which also means that the regular $80 payment won’t work per chapter as they will be sponsoring every chapter…..

  5. that I start an account on patreon.
    that I started an account on patreon. ——- Seems betters. damn it, the grammar nazi power has taken over me. No offense if this offended you.

  6. hail ya!! now that is why i love the community! man those donations…….damn, hope i graduate soon and find a job, i can support a bit then…..

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