☯ ISSTH Chapter 558 (real version) and 559 ☯

So were you fooled? Don’t forget that I’m in Asia, so April 1st comes early for me! Wahahahaha! I came up with the general concept a few weeks ago, and spent a few days writing the chapter on breaks between translation. As you will see when you read the real version of 558, the entire chapter except for the first couple paragraphs was completely written by me. Alright, hijinks are over. To make up for the trickery, enjoy this double release!

Regarding the search for proofreaders, I have narrowed it down and will soon be sending a message to the winner of round 2 (hopefully tonight but maybe in the morning).

Chapter 558, Chapter 559
Translator: Deathblade
Contributors: Madam Deathblade, anonpuffs
Proofreader: Lingson, ISSTHNo1FanBoy
Meme Archives: joeljbright

This release marks 6/7 guaranteed chapters and 4 sponsored chapters, for a total of 10 chapters so far. (I’m not counting the April Fools’ chapter as either guaranteed or sponsored)

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        1. Meng Hao’s Time abilities is also why someone said he was from the Han clan as well and not Meng. This was a few chapters ago, but that may help a litttle

  1. Really mate i was fooled! in Spain we dont celebrate April fools day (its in December) so as I was reading your chapter my eyes poped! Happy fools day for you too!

  2. dang it!! i didn’t get a chance to read it (preoccupied)!!! can someone make a copy of it or can you post it in the forums, deathblade? this is gonna bug me if not

  3. That chapter you wrote was marvellous. You really captured the writing style of ISSTH and even knowing that is was a fake from your email, I still had trouble not seeing it as a real chapter. The work you put into crafting that chapter really shows!

    Also, best of luck to my fellow proofreader candidates!

  4. Well played, Deathblade… You got us good.

    Can you post the original April Fools chapter somewhere? (And link for the folks that missed it?) That was a work of art.

  5. That April Fool’s joke was really effective since the chapter started out like normal. My heart couldn’t take it, the preview was funny as hell though.

  6. didnt fool me for 3 reasons:
    1-was expecting it, after TDG doing it i decided not to belive anything specially chapters that had a preview and start off normal(like CD)
    2-too soon for whoever’s mothers it is to appear and also she wasnt called meng li,cant remember her original name
    3- waifu(xu qing) shall live!!! or i will rage quit!

    btw what comes next might or might not be considered an spoiler question so dont read it if u dont want to get spoiled
    a while ago when someone asked when will the guys from south appear u said it will be around chapter 550-60 or something, was that it? was it all part of your long scheme?

  7. To Sir Deathblade I sent a response email that was edited however when checking back this morning I don’t have anything in my sent folder. :/ I’m not certain why…. I will resend it but if I’m dropped accordingly I totally understand 🙂 have a great one!

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