☯ ISSTH Chapter 545 ☯

It’s the weekend, so no extensive chapter releases. However, I do have to say that if you follow my twitter, you might have noticed my message about losing some files on my computer. I couldn’t be more pissed at Apple at the moment, because apparently this is not something rare. Pages crashed, and when I forced it to restart, lost some important documents. I lost my master ISSTH translation file (not a huge deal since the whole things is here on WW.) I lost the chapter I was working on at the moment (half a chapter, not a huge deal, just a bit of work to retranslate). Worst of all was I lost my notes document, which among other things had about six months or more of records about things I wanted to tweak and change about past chapters. Every time someone said, “hey did you notice that something in chapter ABC conflicts with chapter XYZ,” I would write that down with the intention of going back to do a major overhaul. I also had a ton of Yin Yang China notes, some recent “outtakes,” and other records. Unfortunately, unless I can restore that lost file, I’m kind of screwed. (sigh)

Chapter 545
Translator: Deathblade
Contributors: Madam Deathblade, anonpuffs
Proofreader: Lingson, ISSTHNo1FanBoy
Meme Archives: joeljbright

This is guaranteed chapter 7/7 for this week!

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  1. Dude holy shit, that’s horrible. A similar tale has happened to me (flash drive corrupted fml) and ever since then I religiously save all my documents in the Onedrive folder (thank you based Microsoft for merging Onedrive with the OS.) You should probably use Dropbox if Apple doesn’t have something similar from now on. Also deathblade, you should consider using a file recovery tool. I haven’t used one in years, but I can vouch for the company behind this one https://www.piriform.com/recuva. Give it a shot. It’ll be some trouble to sift through everything, but yeah mate it’s easier than losing all that.

    1. Thanks. Yeah, dropbox is blocked in china unfortunately, so I stopped using it, although now I have a VPN…. Well, a bit late now. I will try some file recovery stuff though

  2. Sorry to hear that, but that’s why (multiple) backups are essential. If only we could remember to make them…

    Another possibility is trying for a version control system (git, fossil, etc.). It’s saved the doctorate thesis of more than one of my colleagues.

    1. Yeah. As a lifetime PC user I’d always heard rumors of how awesome Macs were, but I have actually had way more trouble than I could have ever imagined. A lifetime of crashed PCs and they never files just completely deleted like this.

      1. Mac OS market share is ~15x smaller than Windows. This means that Apple probably spends more time and effort developing software for Windows than they do working on software for Mac [including Mac OS itself].

        ^ just a worthless, but somewhat ironic, aside.

        EDIT: Wtf… I could’ve sworn I posted this as a standalone comment…

      2. Awesomely expensive. For the price you could get a pc with better specs, which is my default response to all apple computer conversations.

        Don’t forget that people who pay $100+ for a plain white t-shirt from kanye west are happy with their purchase.

        1. For basically half the price you could get a PC with the same specs.

          See: Dell XPS, Asus Zenbook, etc.

          A Mac is basically just a hardware restricted PC with a heavily closed-source version of Linux and a 50-100% markup for the apple sticker on the top.

  3. That’s a big loss, so sorry to read that 🙁 Since the files were lost to a crash, then maybe temporary copies still exist in temp folders? I’m no expert unfortunately. I hope you’ll manage to recover your notes document, even in part – seems like it’s very valuable.

    I’m always in fear of losing my work. For now, I try and regularly (manually) back up important files to Google Drive, but that’s quite a tedious process, and I often forget about it. Not sure whether the service is available in China, too.

  4. Hey Deathblade, I am a certified digital forensics examiner. Recovering those files should be a trivial matter. I could easily do it but I’m based in Philadelphia PA. So I recommend you use someone closer to you although my company has done work globally as well. I realize how busy you are so I know researching a tool to use is time consuming but FTK imager is free. You could image your computer send it to a technician like me and those files are as good as yours. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

  5. I’ve had that happen with Windows. Lost every base C file I had written before the boot sector went on the hard drive. Had to restart from scratch,which sucks as the books where all there too.

  6. You can restore the files with file recovery softwares, there might be some files which might not be recovered or which might have been overwritten but recently lost or deleted files can be recovered with much more higher success.
    There are lots of recovery softwares in the internet and they work ( I have experience with lost and deleted files )

  7. You should look into Scrivener as a writing resource instead of Pages. It’s something like $40 but it is completely worth it, especially if you’re doing things like translation and notes. There are a lot of features which make writing much easier, and categories for fiction, nonfiction, plays, etc. I think most useful for you would be the ability to create drafts without making a separate document (it has a rollback save thingy much like timeline) and the ability to organize your documents on the sidebar which means you don’t have to open a billion pages to consult specific information.

  8. You should use something like Evernote or if you have Office, save onto OneDrive so you will always have an online backup or if you use Google Drive, you can make offline changes and then sync with your drive when you’re back online

  9. Usually when you use a Mac you can choose to activate “time machine”, which allows to save your WHOLE computer data almost in real time (it autosaves every few hours or so). When something crashes, you can just access it by picking the file in the backup save and copying it (going back in time, hence the name). Of course, that implies you actually have your HD partitioned, or an external drive, that works as the time machine. If that was not your case, maybe you should work with it from now on, and as for your “lost” files, go with what bennymac suggested (no data is ever lost on a computer, unless it is corrupted, it’s not accessible to you as a standard user that’s all).

  10. « Although the dao of the [Pure Yin Backup Banishing] was certainly tempting and easier to cultivate, it was also extremely risky and heavens defying.

    The attack of the tribulation cloud had been totally unexpected and extremely vicious.
    Patriarch Deathblade coughed a mouthful of blood and had to retreat more than 299999½ li. His soul had been heavily injured by the will of extermination.

    His precious artifact, crafted from a brutally poisoned, viciously evil and wildly expensive golden apple, had suddenly exploded in a mist of gore and pectin, and his translation domain had been thoroughly dissipated.

    His hands still numbed, Patriarch Deathblade immediately circulated his mighty translation Qi. He then lighted a dozen of incense sticks and drank a cup of divine viridescent jade tea to stabilize his emotions. He also took a jade slip from his cosmos bag inside which was sealed the mellifluous sound imprint of the famous De De Rodent to sooth his troubled mind. He then took 81 profound breaths to relax his tensed body and heal his nearly lethal injuries.

    Of course, all of this takes some time to describe, but in actuality it happened in the time it takes for a spark to fly up from a piece of flint.

    Luckily his translation base had not been destroyed, protected by the power of the Heaven Wide Silky Web, the legacy of the immortal Berners-Li.
    Patriarch Deathblade still exuded the majestic power of the great translation circle.

    But sadly he had lost a full flagon of liquefied translation Qi, carefully accumulated during 60 cycles. The meticulous refining of his perfect gold translation was put at risk of annihilation.

    The patriarch raised his head and his gaze was full of anger but at the same time radiated a renewed unwavering resolve. Transcending this tribulation, his translation domain had been reestablished stronger than before.

    The congregation of the “F5 sect” cultivators and the ordinary wandering fellow daoists of the Third Planet were totally horrified, flabbergasted and nonplussed.
    Yet their eyes were also full of awe and respect for the resilient and brave patriarch Deathblade. »

    (sorry if there are some errors, English is not my primary language ?)

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