☯ ISSTH Chapter 540 ☯

New arrangement and request for cooperation: Usually after I post a chapter, I check the comments frequently just in case there are typos or mistakes. Of course I’m interested in all your reactions, too. Every chapter is a reaction chapter for me hahah. Anyway, I’m going to stop doing that, because it interferes significantly with my translating. I honestly think that it takes me twice as long to translate a given chapter because of the constant checking. On the other hand, I want to fix mistakes as soon as possible. Therefore, to those of you catch mistakes, can you please, please e-mail them to me directly? I don’t mind jumping out of translation mode to fix mistakes, but I need to free myself from my reverse-F5 syndrome. Thanks so much.

About the snafu with the release of this chapter, please see some info after the jump.

Chapter 540
Translator: Deathblade
Contributors: Madam Deathblade, anonpuffs
Proofreader: Lingson, ISSTHNo1FanBoy
Meme Archives: joeljbright

This is guaranteed chapter 3/7 for this week!..

For those of you who have been reading my translations for a while (back when I was posting them on SPCNET or even in the early days here on wuxiaworld), you know my process. I translate the chapter, then let it sit for a while, have it proofread, and then do a final edit before releasing. Usually I get everything ready the night before, then wake up in the morning to do my final edit. The final edit is most often only cosmetic, although sometimes I catch important mistakes.

For this particular chapter, I didn’t make very many significant changes, only some adjustments to wording, punctuation, etc. If you read it in the brief period of time last night that I made it live accidentally, you don’t need to read it again.

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    1. I have a better idea deathblade, you should comment on the chapter, declaring “TYPO THREAD”. That’s how it’s usually done, to make everyone’s life easier, by containing the typos and errors into one string of comments, and reduce clutter (although if any western webseries author took a look at our comment section they’d be absolutely mortified by the spam). Just before you submit the chapter, comment the first comment or something. Emailing is sorta a pain, and more effort than the casual reader is willing to put forth.

      Just my two cents. To be honest it works from what I’ve seen.

  1. Rather then have people email you, why not make a forum topic or have someone make a forum topic, have people post there and edit the first post of whats been fix’d and what hasn’t been fix’d. Kind of like a “known issues” post in game forums and stuff, except for translations, I think it would be better then slogging through a bunch of emails that can easily be the same mistake.

    Just my two cents, logged in after a long time to just suggest this~

    1. I also think it’s a better idea, I form would also be good. So we could see which typos are submitted and there is easier to evaulate.

      By the way who knows the email of DB. I’ve a mail adress but I don’t know it’s what he wants to use. (That adress will be flooted, so it’s kinda important)

        1. You don’t even realize how much of a hassle it would be to correct mistakes by receiving corrections by e-mail, lol. 😀 Believe me, it wouldn’t be pleasant thing to work with xD

  2. Initially I was confused, I had read chapter 539; and as usual continued on to the sneak peak, but as I continued to read I was beginning to think ‘wow this is a long sneak peak’. Then the real chapter 540 gets posted, and as I read the only thing I notice is that there were some punctuation corrects and typos fixed. Then proceeded to cough up some blood because i didn’t get the annual ISSTH medicine.

  3. TT.TT had my reading hunger fixed with the unintended 540 release earlier,. and now all i’m left with is the crash.. still thank you for the release.. i’ll go back to my corner now… sob..

  4. i feel so sad for Gu la, after all his dedication to the golden crow tribe.

    many thanks for the chapter, Patriarch DB!

  5. Thanks for the chapter but for some reason when I finished reading chapter 439 and wanted to read the spoiler for chapter 440 I found the whole chapter ( this happened after you released chapter339 by 1 hour )

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