☯ ISSTH Chapter 535 ☯

Today, Er Gen posted a message basically saying, “Want to know the title of my new book? Too bad!” However, I was in the middle of work, tired and not paying very close attention, so all I saw was “title of my new book.” I got really excited. I quickly scrolled through the message to the end, where I saw a box that said, “Important Part Here.” Except, I mis-read it as “Click Here.” I kept pushing down over and over, wondering why no message was popping up. Derrrrrrrr. In the end, he just said to stay tuned for his next incredible book, which premiers on 4-29. Also included in the message were some recent pictures of Er Gen. It looks like he’s lost some weight compared to some of the previous pictures/videos? Check those pics out after jump if you’d like.

Because of our different time zones, Caladbolog and I won’t be able to get the next chapter of I Shall Slay Immortals out until the next ISSTH chapter release, stay tuned for that.

Chapter 535
Translator: Deathblade
Contributors: Madam Deathblade, anonpuffs
Proofreader: Lingson
Meme Archives: joeljbright
Sponsor: Frank Contreras

Many thanks to Fellow Daoist Frank Contreras for bringing the 7th sponsored chapter of the week!…

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  1. Maybe a bit too late, but after thinking about it, am I wrong to think that Pill Demon is actually what the name suggests?Since we found out about the crow’s origins we know it’s possible for that to happen.And the patriarch violet is the alchemist.. That’s why pill demon wad sighing when thinking / talking about him.
    Confirmation from patriarch deathblade is needed.
    And thanks for the chapters
    Wow it took longer than I thought.
    You still reading?

    1. It kinda obvious :3 the Golden Crow told Meng Hao that he has a similar smell or feeling of somebody of her kind. Meaning his master Pill demon is a pill also the guy from the clan Jing, or jin I don't remember also was asking Pill demon during their fight if he was a pill or the actual person who created him.

  2. This clearly a wonderful news. It would be nice, if there were a translator that could start translating it, along with Er Gen, so it would be up-to-date. Maybe we can make some sort of ad for interesting translators for it.

    Thanks for the chapter and for your hard work, when I think that we didn’t get a new chapter in AH for so long a time, I understand how much hard working you are. So here I want to thank all people involved, translators, editors, meme-makers etc.

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