☯ ISSTH Chapter 528 ☯

Yin Yang ChinaNegative: It doesn’t matter where you buy stuff, you have a high likelihood of getting something fake. I’m talking Coke, Disney merchandise, electronics, etc. Unless you bring stuff personally from overseas, you never know if what you have bought is the real deal. Positive: A lot of stuff is really cheap. Does it wear out ten times faster than the real product? No problem, just buy another for one tenth the price!

I Shall Slay Immortals – Chapter 2: Shattered Dreams is now up!

Chapter 528
Translator: Deathblade
Contributors: Madam Deathblade, anonpuffs
Proofreader: Yascob, ISSTHNo1FanBoy, Lingson
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This is guaranteed chapter 4/7 for this week (sorry, I mistakenly labeled the last guaranteed chapter as #4 when it was in fact #3)

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    Also, since I can’t sign in on the forums for some reason, I’ll say it here. In chapter 1 of your fanfic, “rouge cultivator” should be “rogue cultivator.” Rouge is a color. ;P

  2. Thanks for the chapter.

    You have to remember though a lot of these name brand stuff are made there, the only reason they start being called “genuine” or “original” is mostly due to the difference in price and where it was bought. Unless it is downright noticeable that it’s fake, ie. gucci becomes cucci, or cartier becomes gartier. I mean if I look in my closet (Im in Arizona btw), most of it is made in China, hell most of the stuff in my house is made in China.

    1. There’s a difference between fake and knockoff. In Chinese even there are two very different words for the “fake” stuff which looks like Gucci, and the “Cucci” stuff which is obviously a knockoff. The stuff you buy in America that is “made in China” is not available to be purchased here. Oftentimes the factories that make the “made in China” stuff will turn around and use inferior materials to make stuff that looks the same but is far lower quality.

      1. The stuff we get here seems inferior too, so I can just imagine how terrible the fake stuff is LOL. We have the same stuff going in back home in the Philippines, but what a lot of them do is actually steal the genuine stuff from the factory and sell it on the street. Cops dont do anything in the Philippines, so nobody gets caught. Some even steal from the factories in China and bring it to the Philippines. A lot of Chinese live there so they can have more children, and make money.

        1. more than any other reason, smuggling is rampant. corrupt customs officials letting containers in for dirt cheap, killing the local industry. counterfeit and imitations are swimming on the streets but I think everyone knows that they are not the genuine article. The sellers don’t advertise them as “genuine” either, they say it’s “Class A” lol.

    1. Think about this for a second: They have fake cabbages.

      Fake Coke isn’t much of a stretch. Just put some random cheap sketchy ingredients that tastes like Coke into a bottle that looks like a Coke bottle. Voila: Fake Coke.

  3. First thanks for all your hard work translating and providing excellent insight and commentary to the process, also your stories and notes and memes are always great fun too!

    Without wanting to create wild claims that may be untrue or exaggerated but a watchdog special on knock off chinese toys being sold on ebay or dodgy shops in the uk (this was a pre christmas warning episode) contained all manner of nasty stuff, including trace to obscenely high levels of carcinogens and mutagens…The plastic was such poor quality and polluted it poses significant danger to pretty much anyones health especially kids even their brain development!

    The stuff found wasn’t only at levels that were too high but also stuff that in the EU and uk atleast are completely banned due to being proven to be so bad.

    Like i said it may be an over the top warning but i think with evidence proving this happens id feel guilty not to write this!

    Thanks again and keep up the good work

  4. So, I wonder why Meng Hao hasn’t thought of a Demonic Qi Nascent Soul…
    If he can make a Nascent Soul about every Element and Tribulation Lightning, why not Demonic Qi?
    Or am I completely missing some important difference between Existing Nascent Soul Elements and Demonic Qi? Only thing I can think of is that Demonic Qi is not an Element but Qi. But seeing as how T.Lightning is not some simple thing either, in fact it is the one thing every cultivator fears, I do not see the problem of Demonic Qi being a possible suitor for another Nascent Soul.

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