☯ ISSTH Chapter 524 ☯

About the spoiler titles. In the last chapter, I initially released the title at the top of the chapter. On the scale of spoilers, I put it relatively low, because it mentioned the spoiler relatively early in the chapter. In response, I received more requests to move the title to the bottom than I’ve ever seen. And that was in about the first hour. That has settled the issue for me. From now on I’ll put “spoiler titles” at the bottom. It literally takes about two seconds to scroll down and see it, so if you are dying for that spoiler, go ahead and scroll down or hit the “page down” button a couple times. As for everyone who supports the arrangement, if you see comments in the future asking to NOT move the title, could you help me out by responding to those comments with an explanation? I’d rather not constantly be addressing this issue in the future.

By the way, here is another wuxia lego set!

Chapter 524
Translator: Deathblade
Contributors: Madam Deathblade, anonpuffs
Proofreader: Yascob, ISSTHNo1FanBoy, Lingson
Meme Archives: joeljbright

This is guaranteed chapter 2/7 for this week.

23 thoughts on “☯ ISSTH Chapter 524 ☯” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Thank you for the chapter.

    As for the titles, I do enjoy not seeing the titles when you felt they would be a bit of a spoiler. When I read other books where the titles are somewhat spoilers, I don’t quite get that feeling of surprise that X event or Y thing happened/was acquired.

    1. Exactly. With the recent chapter of Desolate Era, the title literally said “Chapter 26 – Killing Youngflame Nong”

      It was really disappointing and took away from the experience, since it was supposed to be such a surprising development. It’s like putting the punchline of the joke in the title of the image. :/

      I wish Ren would adopt this practice as well. Please consider, dear resident Overgod.

  2. Well, it’s fine to do it when posting the chapters… but what about AFTER a few chapters?

    I think it’d be helpful to people rereading to find the chapters they want with the chapter titles…

    So while posting the chapters, keeping the title’s hidden might be nice, but when trying to find what you want again, it might be more difficult to find it without the title….

    So why not make it that all chapters when they are just being posted are on the bottom, but a few days later, they get put back on top and no longer hidden…. just to make rereading easier…..

      1. Or keep it to top but hidden it so when wanted to see it… just have to highlight it to see… Some translators do this… I dunno if it is working solution or not regarding to the DMR’s suggestion.

      2. Nah, that just screws with people who pick up the story later on since they’d get all the spoiler titles. Instead it would be a win/win for everyone to use the chapter index from the story page to look up things you want to reread. I’d suggest to put the titles there.

        P.S. Do you personally moderate all the posts or just mine?

          1. Hello Deathblade, leave the spoilerish titles at the bottom of the chapter but in the index page all of them should be revealed. Thank you for the chapter 😀

          2. @Fivfouthretwon

            Don’t really agree. Sometimes when reading new series I scroll down to see how many chapters are left in a ‘book’ or just see what chapter the translation is at. Those can be really spoilery. Even the book title has spoiled stuff for me before. I started covering up the screen with my hands lol

    1. 1up for the idea
      Definitely dont like spoiler title at the top page on its first day/few days it posted
      However to move it to top after several days, this meng ryu do not oppose it.

      Many thanks fellow cultivator deathblade for the chapter and arraging the title at the bottom.
      And for DMR thanks and great idea.. :))

  3. I’m personally in the camp where it’s annoying to not have the titles right away, if the author has the title at the start then why is it a spoiler if they wanted to have it be seen in the first place?

  4. I don’t see the big deal. I don’t care really for the title to be shown, kinda hard to spoil anything when most of the story is predictable. We all know Meng Hao is the mc, he’s not going to get killed off any time soon and pretty much all his enemies will die a horrible death sooner or later, the rest is just filler to me. Plus Ive spoiled my self already reading those horrible mtl’s, so no biggie for me.

  5. I crave that Wuxia set so badly: I could have two rival sects fighting each other. It looks like this set features different accent colors (red vs blue) and a different colored fierce beast. The core building structure is the same.

    Deathblade, I won’t be a jerk and buy it now. If you don’t get any decent bids before the auction ends, I’ll take it.

  6. Can’t you just put a show/hide button for the title ? People who wants to see can and those who doesn’t don’t have to.

    By the way, the chinese readers always have the title before the chapter, right ?

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