☯ ISSTH Chapter 523 ☯ (and weekly Qidian rankings!)

I’m happy to reveal the project I talked about earlier. As many of you know, quite a few of the novel translations you read on wuxiaworld come from the Chinese web novel site qidian.com. Qidian has literally thousands and thousands of novels (maybe more?), making the current crop of translations (not just here, but everywhere) almost a drop in the bucket compared to what is available. Lingson and I are proud to bring some of the recent charts from qidian.com, translated into English. [RWX – I stickied this!  Suggest making this weekly thing a separate post from the chapter release]

I plan to make this a regular thing, where we rotate between various different sets of data, including monthly and weekly charts, all-time rankings, monthly votes and VIP votes, the works. I hope that this will raise some awareness regarding Chinese web novels, and will also provide some tools for translators who are looking for a title to pick up. There are even links to the novels within the charts! Please check the jump for a peek into what was popular last week on qidian.com!

Chapter 523
Translator: Deathblade
Contributors: Madam Deathblade, anonpuffs
Proofreader: Yascob, ISSTHNo1FanBoy, Lingson
Meme Archives: joeljbright
Meme: Anonymous
Sponsor: Sofoklis Schortsanitis

Many, many thanks to Fellow Daoist Sofoklis Schortsanitis for bringing the 1st sponsored chapter of the week!…

These are top tens for weekly “recommended” rankings. Some important notes:

1) Some of the title translations are extremely accurate, because I looked up the information on the book. Some titles are mere guesses on my part regarding, for example, plural v. singular, or Chinese characters that can have multiple meanings, etc. Please feel free to point out any mistakes. I did a lot of the translations during my breaks over my work weekend, so I freely admit that there may be some mistakes. Any translator who picks up an untranslated title would do well to research the name of the book to ensure that the title is translated correctly
2) This list is only top tens. There is much more data available on Lingson’s website.

Title Colors Legend:Blue: Novel translated- Red: Only title Translated- Black: Novel and Title not translated yet


# Sub Category Title Votes Author
1 Adventures in Another World 龙王传说 The Legend of the Dragon King 89,559 Tang Jia San Shao
2 Fantasy Cultivation 玄界之门 The Portal to Wonderland 63,226 Wang Yu
3 Adventures in Another World 雪鹰领主 Lord Xue Ying (Xue Ying Ling Zhu) 47,694 I Eat Tomatoes
4 Abnormal Ability 天启之门 Apocalypse Gate 45,906 Dancing
5 Celebrities 我真是大明星 I’m Really a Superstar 36,340 Chang Yu
6 Eastern Fantasy 巫神纪 The Magus Era 35,779 Blood Red
7 Eastern Fantasy 完美世界 Perfect World 32,473 Chen Dong
8 Jin, Sui, and Tang Dynasties 盛唐崛起 Rise of the Tang Dynasty 31,870 Geng Xin
9 Classic Xianxia 一剑飞仙 One Sword to Immortality (Yi Jian Fei Xian) 31,656 Homeless Toad
10 Song, Yuan, and Ming Dynasties 银狐 Silver Fox 30,863 Jie Yu 2


Alternative Fantasy

# Sub Category Title Votes Author
1 Adventures in Another World 龙王传说 The Legend of the Dragon King 89,559 Tang Jia San Shao
2 Adventures in Another World 雪鹰领主 Lord Xue Ying (Xue Ying Ling Zhu) 47,694 I Eat Tomatoes
3 Eastern Fantasy 巫神纪 The Magus Era 35,779 Blood Red
4 Eastern Fantasy 完美世界 Perfect World 32,473 Chen Dong
5 Adventures in Another World 大主宰 The Great Ruler 30,181 Heavenly Silkworm Potato
6 Eastern Fantasy 五行天 Day of the Five Elements 29,410 Fang Xiang
7 Eastern Fantasy 天醒之路 Heaven Awakening Path 27,201 Butterfly Blue
8 Eastern Fantasy 儒道至圣 His Holiness of Daoism and Confucianism 23,639 Yong Heng Zhi Huo
9 Eastern Fantasy 一世之尊 Most Renowned in the World 23,358 Ai Qian Shui De Wu Zei
10 Adventures in Another World 原始战记 Chronicles of the Primordial War 18,546 Chen Ci Lan Diao


Traditional Fantasy

# Sub Category Title Votes Author
1 Western Fantasy 巫界术士 Warlock of the Magus World 6,596 Wen Chao Gong
2 Western Fantasy 巫师之旅 Wizard’s Path 3,816 Yi Xing Bai Lu Shang Qing Tian
3 Western Fantasy 圣者 Holy One 2,240 Jiu Yu
4 Western Fantasy 哈利波特之凡人的崛起 The Rise of Mortal Harry Potter 1,905 Tu Tou Pi Feng
5 Western Fantasy 邪神旌旗 Banner of the Evil God 1,736 Chu Bai
6 Western Fantasy 寂静王冠 Crown of Silence 1,677 Feng Yue
7 Western Fantasy 永恒高塔 Pagoda of Eternity 1,552 Chun Ji De Hei Tu Zi
8 Undead and Aliens 重生之绝色亡灵法师 Reborn as an Incredible Necromancer 1,530 Yi Qiao Bu Tong
9 Western Fantasy 二十面骰子 Twenty-sided Dice 1,402 Suo Si
10 Magic School 魔法师就是贵族 Magicians are the Nobility 1,335 Shu Shan Wen Hai



# Sub Category Title Votes Author
1 Modern Wuxia 侠行天下 Face the World with Chivalry 7,942 Zhttty
2 Modern Wuxia 白袍总管 White Robed Explorer 6,457 Xiao Shu
3 Modern Wuxia 执剑写春秋 Wielded Sword Writes Spring and Autumn 4,488 Shu Yan
4 Modern Wuxia 剑出华山 The Sword from Huashan 2,993 Xie Wo Tian Ya
5 Modern Wuxia 铁血神剑 Divine Sword Ironblood 2,754 Cang Jian Jiang Hu
6 Modern Wuxia 浮州遥记 Histories of the Floating Continent 2,022 Jiang Yang Mao Shi Ba
7 Modern Wuxia 武侠崛起 The Rise of Wuxia 1,991 Da Shuai Fei
8 Modern Wuxia 武侠枭雄 Wuxia Anti-hero 1,981 Hong Xiu Di Yi Dao
9 Traditional Wuxia 武侠世界自由行 Traveling Freely in the Wuxia World 1,377 Da Jiang Ru Hai
10 Traditional Wuxia 修行在虚幻世界 Cultivating in an Illusory World 1,140 Lie Tu Cheng Huang



# Sub Category Title Votes Author
1 Fantasy Cultivation 玄界之门 The Portal to Wonderland 63,226 Wang Yu
2 Classic Xianxia 一剑飞仙 One Sword to Immortality (Yi Jian Fei Xian) 31,656 Homeless Toad
3 Modern Cultivation 造化之门 Door of Fortune 15,606 E Shi Lao Wu
4 Fantasy Cultivation 飞天 Flying through the Heavens 11,671 Yue Qian Chou
5 Classic Xianxia 青玄道主 Mysterious Azure Highway 9,468 Zhong Yuan Wu Bai
6 Classic Xianxia 我欲封天 I Shall Seal the Heavens 7,826 Er Gen
7 Fantasy Cultivation 大道争锋 Great Dao Commander 7,508 Wu Dao Zhe
8 Fantasy Cultivation 修神外传 Legend of the Cultivation God 7,475 Xiao Duan Tan Hua
9 Classic Xianxia 太易 Too Simple 5,976 Wu Ji Shu Chong
10 Fantasy Cultivation 蛊真人 Reverend Insanity 5,428 Gu Zhen Ren


City n Modern

# Sub Category Title Votes Author
1 Abnormal Ability 天启之门 Apocalypse Gate 45,906 Dancing
2 City Life 神藏 Collecting the Divine 28,136 Da Yan
3 Abnormal Ability 逆命 Defy Life 16,594 Xia Xie
4 Abnormal Ability 修真聊天群 Cultivation Chat Group 15,312 Sheng Qi Shi De Chuan Shuo
5 City Life 超品相师 Super Psychic 14,723 Jiu Deng He Shan
6 Slice of Life 黄金渔场 Golden Fishing Pond 14,371 Quan Jin Shu Dan Ke
7 City Life 1985香江枭雄 Anti-hero of 1985 Hong Kong 12,505 Da Wei Zhao Lei Shu
8 City Life 韩娱之光影交错 The Sunlight and Shadow of Han Yu 11,100 Ji Cha
9 Abnormal Ability 山寨龙太子 Dragon Prince of the Fortress 10,336 Jiu Zhou Zhen Long
10 Abnormal Ability 我的手机有异能 My Phone has a Strange Function 10,063 Gan Bian You Yu Xu



# Sub Category Title Votes Author
1 Jin, Sui, and Tang Dynasties 盛唐崛起 Rise of the Tang Dynasty 31,870 Geng Xin
2 Song, Yuan, and Ming Dynasties 银狐 Silver Fox 30,863 Jie Yu 2
3 Unfounded History 赘婿 I Live With My Parents-in-law 24,975 Fen Nu De Xiang Jiao
4 Song, Yuan, and Ming Dynasties 夜天子 Son of Heaven at Night 20,936 Yue Guan
5 Three Kingdoms Period 偷香 Stealing Beauty 20,170 Mo Wu
6 Unfounded History 医统江山 Take Over the Medical World 19,925 Shi Zhang Yu
7 Song, Yuan, and Ming Dynasties 寒门崛起 The Rise of a Poor Family 9,148 Zhu Lang Cai Jin
8 Foreign History 崛起之第三帝国 The rise of My Third Reich 6,311 Da Luo Luo
9 Song, Yuan, and Ming Dynasties 南宋不咳嗽 No Coughing in the Southern Song Dynasty 5,857 Di Shi Ge Ming Zi
10 Jin, Sui, and Tang Dynasties 唐朝小闲人 Tang Dynasty Losers 5,230 Nan Xi Bei Qing



# Sub Category Title Votes Author
1 War Fantasy 复活之战斗在第三帝国 Resurrected into the War of the Third Reich 7,222 Feng Rui
2 War Fantasy 佣兵的战争 Mercenary War 6,880 Ru Shui Yi
3 War of Japanese Resistance 抗日之将胆传奇 True Guts in the Fight Against the Japanese 6,626 Chou Niu 1985
4 War Fantasy 我的第三帝国 My Third Reich 4,430 Long Ling Qi Shi
5 War of Japanese Resistance 抗战之中国远征军 The Chinese Expeditionary Force Fights the Japanese 3,573 Yuan Zheng Shi Bing
6 War of Japanese Resistance 烽火逃兵 AWOL 2,922 Xiao Zhi Xian Xian
7 War of Japanese Resistance 抗日之铁血兵王 Ironblooded King of Soldiers in the Resistance 2,150 Zi Se Qiang Wei
8 War of Japanese Resistance 抗战之超级兵锋 Resistance Fighter Supersoldiers 1,573 Chang Feng
9 War 雄霸南亚 Dominating South Asia 1,372 Hua Dong Zhi Xiong
10 War Fantasy 特战狼王 Wolf King, Special Ops Soldier 652 Zhong Chu Jiang Hu



# Sub Category Title Votes Author
1 Virtual Reality 惊悚乐园 Terror Paradise 14,577 San Tian Liang Jue
2 E-Sport 神级英雄 Divine Hero 12,315 Da Yan Gang
3 Game World 深渊主宰 Dominating the Abyss 6,099 Zhu Sheng Fu Tu
4 Game World 舰娘之火力提督 Warship Girl from Admiralty Firepower 6,007 Zi Se Zhi Yi
5 Game World 暗影神座 Divine Shadow Throne 5,151 Yu Yun Fei
6 Game World 暗黑破坏神之毁灭 Destruction of the Dark God 4,699 Di Qi Zhong Zou 01
7 E-Sport 英雄联盟:上帝之眼 League of Legends: The Eye of God 4,237 San Qian Wu Wang Jin
8 Virtual Reality 网游之大盗贼 The Great Thief of Online Games 3,587 Fan Zhou Tian Ci
9 Virtual Reality 无限西游 Infinite Journey to the West 3,343 Shua Shua Er Lang
10 Virtual Reality 从零开始 Starting from Nothing 3,309 Lei Yun Feng Bao


Sport n Competition

# Sub Category Title Votes Author
1 Sports Competition 全能运动员 Almighty Athlete 12,736 Guo Guan Zhan Jiang
2 Soccer 冠军之心 The Heart of a Champion 11,137 Lin Hai Ting Tao
3 Sports Competition 拳坛猛龙 A Raptor in the Boxing World 9,042 Wang Jiang
4 Basketball 超级指环王 Super Hoops King 5,492 Tu Lai Ge Cao
5 Soccer 超级训练大师 Super Training Grandmaster 3,056 XX Shen
6 Basketball 篮球之上帝之鞭 Whip of the Basketball God 2,723 Bu Ai Chi Cao De Yang
7 Soccer 翡冷翠的时代 Florentine Era 2,639 NTR Qi Shi
8 Basketball 篮球皇帝 Emperor of Basketball 2,521 Jing Wu JW
9 Soccer 足球皇帝 Emperor of Soccer 1,429 Tian Tian Bu Xiu
10 Board Games 重生之围棋梦 Reborn in to a Go Dream 1,129 Qi Si Ba Huo


Science Fiction

# Sub Category Title Votes Author
1 Mecha 星战风暴 Tempestual Stellar War 30,052 Ku Lou Jing Ling
2 Time Travel 异常生物见闻录 Memoirs of a Strange Being 15,361 Yuan Tong
3 Apocalypse 颤栗世界 Shake the World 14,158 Albin
4 Time Travel 会穿越的外交官 Supersede the Diplomats 9,922 Zuo Ye Da Yu
5 Time Travel 电影世界大抽奖 Great Raffle in the Film World 8,006 Xiong Mao Pang Da
6 Time Travel 恐怖网文 Net Culture Terror 7,583 Chun Ji Di Xiao Long
7 Apocalypse 请把你的背后交给我 Please Turn Your Back on Me 7,004 Duo Yi Nan
8 Apocalypse 黑暗血时代 Age of Dark Blood 6,587 Tian Xia Piao Huo
9 Time Travel 全方位幻想 Complete Fantasy 6,514 Ru Qing Ru Su
10 Future World 时空棋局 Space-time Chess 6,206 Zhu Shang Zhu Zhu



# Sub Category Title Votes Author
1 Horror & Thriller 恶灵国度 Ghost Kingdom 2,523 Dan Zhi Yi Xiao Jian 0
2 Detective & Mystery 歇斯底的黎明 The Dawn of Madness 1,874 Fu Long Yi
3 Supernatural & Myths 伯符的恐怖故事集 Bofu’s Horror Story Anthology 1,111 Jie Kou Qia
4 Suspense & Adventure 非正常人类异闻录 The Strange Story of a Weirdo 1,074 Jing Fen San Dai
5 Supernatural & Myths 阴阳师学徒 Apprentice of a Yin-Yang Master 971 Wang Wen Juan De Lao Gong
6 Suspense & Adventure 勇者大冒险 Adventures of the Brave 963 Nan Pai San Shu
7 Horror & Thriller 我爱上了一具女尸 I Fell in Love with a Zombie 727 Wo Xin Cheng
8 Detective & Mystery 渡灵神探 Spirit Crossing Detective 607 Shi Yue Dan Yang
9 Horror & Thriller 吃鬼的男孩 The Boy Who Eats Ghosts 567 Kong Bu De A Fei
10 Supernatural & Myths 魍魉诡谈 Demon Fables 522 Wang Liang Gui



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    1. Simply put, modern wuxia is people doing kung fu in modern time, as example, Police Story(The film jackie chan in)
      Traditional is like most of the chinese kungfu tv-series, like Duke of Mount Deer, Storm Rider, and so on.
      (This is just my inderstanding, according to various chinese movies/series)

      1. For those three dynasties, they come in that order: Song (960-1279), Yuan (or Mongolian aka Genghis Khan/Kublai Khan era, 1271-1368), and Ming (1368-1644)

  1. Apocalypse gate seem’s awesome, i really want to read the premise…
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