☯ ISSTH Chapter 515 ☯

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Chapter 515
Translator: Deathblade
Contributors: Madam Deathblade, anonpuffs
Proofreader: Yascob, ISSTHNo1FanBoy, Lingson
Meme Archives: joeljbright
Sponsors: Brandy-Lee Dennis, Jerry Hou, LB, Aaron Stoute, Omar Hamad, Sebastian Weiß and Anonymous

Many thanks to all the Fellow Daoists for bringing the 4th sponsored chapter of the week!

29 thoughts on “☯ ISSTH Chapter 515 ☯” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. The profanity filter ticks me off. Cuz recurring murder and sexual themes (even the occasional rape!), oh and that vivid torture scene on ATG, are fine on the site, but swear and your comment gets removed. The profanity filter is really BS. You write the word spoiler, and illogically, that gets removed as well. Like how is warning about a spoiler grounds for comment filtering?

      1. tru that aimless i agree, in a age where ppl hate you for saying the word retarded because they think you are making fun of mentally challenged kids. In an age where cursing for some is a way of life is there culture, to some of us cussing is natural and a way for us to express ourselves. Do i want a bunch of stupid ass smile faces sad faces or evil faces no i wanna cuss it out. Censoring ppl who donate to novels that involve rape, cursing, senseless murder and torture, like going to see a saw movie only to be told to not scream SHIT (because some dude was tortured to death). Not because you yelled at the movies 1 time but because you said shit and kids could be in the audience lol

        1. also SOME ppl do find it offensive even tho they read this type of content smh lol but i think its mostly because those born with a silver spoon in the mouth find it tasteless sry not all of us went to private schools!!!! MOFO’S FREE SPEECH MUTHA TRUCKAS <==== so gay

    2. The profanity filter ticks me off. Cuz recurring murder and sexual themes (even the occasional rape!), oh and that vivid torture scene on ATG, are fine on the site, but swear and your comment gets removed. The profanity filter is really BS. You write the word sp°iler, and illogically, that gets removed as well. Like how is warning about a sp°iler grounds for comment filtering?

      Also if I recall correctly, haven’t some of the characters used profanity? What’s up with that? God, do I hate unnecessary filtering.

      Ren do you think a few swear words are gonna mean anything to people reading about killing? Rarely does a chapter go by in these XianXia novels without someone being killed. What’s a cussword gonna do, if people are desensitized to killing, you think a word is gonna mean anything?

      1. I think it more for keeping the comments more clean, I mean swearing in-itself isn’t really needed to be blocked but by keeping the comments clean it gives a much better image for the site.

        Of course does the site need to have a good image? Idk.

        The spoiler filtering I find okay mainly because I encountered many things in comments that have ruined a large pot point for a story and someone just saying ‘spoiler’ isn’t enough to deny most peoples wandering attention.

        Basically, I don’t think the site needs the filtering but I don’t actually need to express my rage through mindless swearing so why not?

          1. That makes a lot more sense, but suddenly makes none when you consider every second chapter of CD had someone say motherf**ker XD

          2. Makes sense from the financial standpoint, can’t argue with you there. Although the crawlers would probably go through all content on the site, including chapters, which do contain profanity, so isn’t that point negated? Plus this is a high traffic site, will the effect be that drastic (if at all?) But I’m not unreasonable. I understand where you’re coming from. Any decrease in ad revenue is bad, and what for, just so people can swear (i.e. nothing productive)?

            All loss and no gain. I… just don’t know man, sometimes you just need swear to emphasize your statement. Couldn’t you set your profanity filter to change swearwords to asterisks partially or completely? Or would that get picked up by advert companies as well? Seems like a nice middle ground. I just don’t like feeling like I’m being babied.

            My issue with the spoiler filtering is that it filters the WORD ‘spoil-‘. Here’s a scenario I’ve encountered on the site: some twerp started spoiling stuff in one of the series, I believe it was Renegade Immortal. I wrote a nasty comment (but still would pass through the profanity filters) yelling at him for spoiling. It didn’t go through (or got delayed, which is the same thing pretty much) because I used the word ‘spoiler’ or some variant in the comment text. Basically a big F U: the spoiling comment is up and complaining about a spoiler will get picked up and filtered.

            Sure, I see why you have set that way: your attitude is ‘ all spoilers are bad even spoilers with a warning. In my opinion a warning is enough, but i guess we have an opinion conflict, and who am I to tell you how run your site? …though it hasn’t stopped me from trying hah (yes I still hate the ‘FIRST’ comments)

            Anyway, thanks for taking the time to answer our annoying questions.

          3. Chapter profanity, every few days/weeks, I actually run a script that autoreplaces certain letters with aster*cks (like so). The problem is, that script doesn’t work on comments! Hence, comments, I just nip it in the bud to begin with xD

            And yeah, when people start spoiling, even if they don’t put in the ‘spoiler’ tag, usually someone else will yell at them for ‘STOP SPOILING’, which flags my attention, and I go hunt it down and delete the post 🙂

          4. Honestly you’ve made very valid points and seem to have really thought about it. Really shows the effort you’ve put into the site man.

            I don’t know what filter you’re using at the moment, but WebPurify does offer the option to auto-replace words with other characters (e.g. asterisks), so you may not even need the script to work on comments, just delegate the task to the filter. Then again it may be more work on the site and it just seems to never end. It is a solution though. Alright I’ll stop naggin’.

        1. There is one big difference.

          When you are reading about profanity in novels, its about story telling, it is not personal. When it comes to comments, most of the time you direct that sentence to another person, it can become personal.. I have found translation sites went down due to profanity in comments.

          I think ren did the right thing by nipping the problems in the bud…

          1. Yeah, no I don’t think I believe that last part, what are these sites you speak of? I frequent quite a few translation sites and I’ve never heard or encountered anything like this.

  1. Profanity filters lose some meaning when you get moderated for saying a word which occurs multiple times within a story, and then your post passes moderation anyways without being censored.

  2. Is there a way to change the font color in the comments? So when a poster thinks that what he wants to say is a possible spoiler, s/he can just change the font color to white. Or if possible, allow something similar to the spoiler button in the forum.

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