☯ ISSTH Chapter 513 ☯

Sorry for the late release, I’m having a lot of trouble with the internet. I suspect it may have something to do with the “two sessions” government meetings that are happening in Beijing right now, which have led to increased internet and VPN crackdowns. Because of google and wordpress related things to do with wuxiaworld, it tends to get affected more than other sites. The weird thing that I noticed is that regardless of whether my VPN is on or off, the speed is ridiculously slow. However, any time I switch the VPN on OR off, wuxiaworld pages will load instantly. Any tech savvy people out there know why that might be?

Chapter 513
Translator: Deathblade
Contributors: Madam Deathblade, anonpuffs
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  1. try resting your browsers setting, using vpn and proxy often, usually screws up with background setting also try restarting your pc rather than your modem
    at least this is my experience with this kind of things,since i live somewhere with a lot of filtering too 🙁

  2. Switching vpn on and off makes the browser think that the Internet is off and there is a chance the browser will recall the cookies inside your pc. That’s what I guessed.

  3. When you switch you VPN on or off and current data transfer get interrupted and the browser instantly shows what’s been loaded so far while discarding the components that couldn’t be loaded in time. So yeah, there’s a component on the website that’s loading slow for you but is not a core component of the website. (google analytics or google ads I guess) If you block them, the website will load fast. (probably)

    You might want to try a different browser as well, a browser that shows immediately the component when it’s been loaded without waiting for the whole website to load (firefox might be like that).

  4. Well I would help if you tell us what OS, Browser, VPN Tool etc. you use.
    If you use Linux with Chromium + Adblock (or Opera). And make you VPN Settings OS-Wide with Settings it would help. (I hope) Alternative would be that you find a Chinese Sharing Site that works well in china and rest of the world. You upload your stuff there and somebody copy it here (a bot I assume).

    I believe Wuxiaworld has some superb admins, so it wouldn’t hurt to ask them. They would know it best.

    Thanks for the chapter and we want/need more. You can’t leave us there. Up the Spirit Severing no break please 😀

  5. Not tech-savy and purely speculative, mixed with half forgotten probably wrong knowledge… but during the last crackdown I witnessed (early 2015?), I experienced similar issues. Afaik and remember, vpn connections can at least be partially recognized by the governments search software, depends on the used vpn protocol as well. Thus it can immensly slow you down if some automatic, or manual, analysis of your connection is in progress. I had an abysmal connection speed to any foreign site during that time and when I tried using my paid vpn, I often could not use the internet at all.

    Contacting my paid vpn provider and switching to different servers somewhat helped, partially only temporary though. Worked the best after 3 switches iirc. I usually used US westcoast servers but ended up switching to US eastcoast servers of the same provider. The general speed was slower but it somewhat worked out. After the crackdown the speed was more stable again.

  6. Dear Deathblade,

    I understand that you redact lines and change the position of titles to be helpful, which is appreciated, but if I read a spoiler, its because I want it to be spoiled. I get I’m only one person. So I don’t expect much, and I’m thankful for the ability to easily read ISSTH either way. Its just that when I’ve finished reading a great chapter, and I’m looking forward to getting as much more as I can threw the spoiler I’ve grown to expect, its more annoying than it is exciting when I’m greeted by redactions and withheld titles. So I’m just sharing what I’ve been thinking every time a line or title is redacted. If you were another translator, I wouldn’t say anything at all, because I wouldn’t expect them to care. But you, Deathblade, I’ve learned you care about this story and your readers a great deal. So if I cant share my thoughts than what can I do? Maybe you will reconsider if they are really necessary, maybe you wont do anything, either way, I’ve shared what I felt like sharing.

    Thanks again.

  7. I’m guessing that it loads a cached copy of the site when you turn the VPN on or off, since it’s no longer getting data from the Internet. And if it’s using the saved copy of the site on your computer, it wouldn’t have to spend so much time loading stuff like ads.
    Not sure, just a guess.

  8. Have you tried kicking the computer? That’s what I usually do when people ask me to help with their stuff. Then again people don’t really call me “tech savvy”.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  9. The browser is establishing a connection to the destination server via your VPN connection or ISP. Your slow connection issue is probably caused by a component used by wuxiaworld that is responding slowly (example a javascript file, which may have been deleted). When the connection via the VPN or ISP is severed, the browser loads the missing component from a local cache or it is giving up loading the component. If it’s a component that affects the user interface, you’ll notice some visual feedback. If it’s a background component that is inconsequential you will notice no effects.

    To find out what’s causing the problem, if you use Chrome, right click -> inspect -> >> -> Network and reload the page.

    PS – Thanks for all your hard work with ISSTH

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