☯ ISSTH Chapter 508 ☯

Chronicles of Baby Deathblade – Because we decided not to go the hukou path with BD, he currently has only a birth certificate, but no citizenship. He is legally a citizen of neither China nor America. I guess that makes him a citizen of… Earth? The Solar System? The Galaxy? The Universe? Anyway, the Deathblade Clan leaves for Beijing today to go to the American embassy, where we will register BD’s birth and apply for his SSN and passport. I’m not sure how this will affect the chapter releases. It depends on the travel circumstances, wifi. etc. I will of course post relevant updates on twitter.

P.S. I originally forgot to include a recording of how to say Xu Bai’s name. Check the jump for that plus some cute outtakes!

Chapter 508
Translator: Deathblade
Contributors: Madam Deathblade, anonpuffs
Proofreader: Yascob, ISSTHNo1FanBoy, Lingson
Meme Archives: joeljbright

This is guaranteed chapter 1/7 for this week…

Xu Bai

Here is the amusing outtake of the “Xu Bai” recording…. (the best part is Madam Deathblade’s final words haha)

Baby Deathblade extends greetings to his fans in this recording:

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      1. DB, you can actually give baby db both nationalities.

        China doesnt allow 2 nationalities, BUT you can apply for the chinese citizenship for him first, and after he’s gotten it, then apply for the US citizenship. But you cannot let the chinese govt know that he has both citizenships.

        Thats what i did with my first kid. Just that whenever the kid leaves or enters china, he needs to use his chinese passport.

        That way you wont need to apply visa or any permits for him to stay in china.

        1. I heard that it’s okay to have two citizenship for the child of two different nationality parent until a certain age (5 or 10 or something..) before choosing his own citizenship..
          Though meatbun is not too certain, cause meatbun didn’t pay attention to the teacher when he was teaching the class..

  1. As long as you have not surrendered your American citizenship, you should be able to claim Baby DB’s. Technically he had it at birth, it’s just a matter of providing the paperwork to have it recognized.

  2. All these little updates just give me even more reason to want more chapters to be posted.

    Baby Deathblade has already stolen my heart with his previous words.

    1. Just as I was wondering “Ren should know about this, he was a diplomat, wasn’t he?”, I end up running into this post :D. Anyway, just a question: do you advise DB regularly about the (presumably) confusing paperwork regarding the visa/nationality/birth certificate problems?

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