☯ ISSTH Chapter 502 ☯

Chronicles of Baby Deathblade – We took BD to the local clinic yesterday for some routine stuff. As If there’s anything more likely to draw attention and cause a commotion than seeing foreigner, that is seeing a foreigner with a half-Chinese baby. It kind of annoys me. In Chinese there is a relatively common word to describe “mixed” kids. So of course, as soon as we show up, you can hear people saying things like, “Look at the ‘mixed’ kid!” “What a cute ‘mixed’ doll!” Of course, I want BD to grow up to be an optimistic and friendly little dude. Therefore, I helped him to say “hello” and wave to all his new fans. I also told him (in English) that he needs to get used to being stared at because it will happen for the rest of his life as long as he is in China. After the jump you can see a picture of the high-tech method they used to weigh him at the local clinic.

Chapter 502
Translator: Deathblade
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  1. first thanks
    or not
    Chapter 4502? I didn’t know there were so many chapters already! You must be tired from translating 4,000 chapters in such a short period of time…lol

  2. Thx for the chapter Deathblade! Don’t worry about baby Deathblade, he’s sure to be strong under stress and coldly stare anybody who thinks he’s weird to death!!! 😀 Just make sure he doesn’t unleash any flying swords on anybody haha.

  3. No worries come to america. We are ignorant enough to just group anyone from Asia together regardless of where in Asia you are from or if you are half or full lol

    1. I am 100% white. Well, actually I have some American Indian heritage. But totally American, born and raised in California. Yes I can surf. And yes I have a touch of California accent.

      1. Patriach Deathblade, I am sure I have saw your picture with Baby DB before, as to no offense you looks really asian! I have always thought you were American-born asian/chinese to be specific!

    1. Yuki needs to chill out with the 3rd person.
      Or I’ll just follow Yuki around and make fun of her.

      See, the ‘Aimless’ in my username really should be ‘A-hole’.

  4. Baby DB looking in confusion and puzzlement with his beautiful black eyes while chewing on his fingers… “Huh ! What the hell is going on..? I never expected them to be so high-tech with their weighing machine…!!!”

    Thanks for the chapter…!!!

  5. Being American you’re well aware of the negative term “half-breed” that was used towards American Indian children. Is the chinese term “mixed-blood” meant in a negative way, or simply as a statement of fact?

    Also, the scale looks like something that they’d be charging you for BDB’s visit by the pound (butcher shop or fish market … have similar ones in my town’s open market area).

  6. Baby deathblade is currently being test with the innate tallent scale device hehehe…. Oh yeah i remember a phrase from CSG where earth s master where seeing jc so strong and thought inwardly “did he cultivate while still a baby?” Hehhee cheers to DB

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