☯ ISSTH Chapter 501 ☯

At long last we have reached the time to post some art from the official ISSTH game that depicts specific characters! I haven’t played the game TOO extensively, but this appears to be unique art specifically meant to depict certain characters (no guarantees). Check it out after the jump!

Chapter 501
Translator: Deathblade
Contributors: Madam Deathblade, anonpuffs
Proofreaders: Lingson
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Sponsor: James Timmermans

Many thanks to Fellow Daoist James Timmermans for bringing yet another sponsored chapter of the week, the fourth!…

Please keep in mind, I’m fairly confident that virtually no art direction was given on any of this, with the exception of Fatty. As for as how faithful this art is to how the characters are supposed to look…. seems not very. In any case, more fuel for the imagination! Enjoy:

This is Meng Hao. Yeah…. Of all the artistic depictions I’ve seen of Meng Hao, I’m pretty sure this is my least favorite.

(Do I really need to explain who this is?)

Xu Qing

Chen Fan

Chu Yuyan

Han Bei (not a huge fan of this one. It almost looks like she only has one breast…)

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  1. Meng Hao too beautiful (isn’t the author keep emphases normal looking and scholarly look?!)
    Xu Qing way too sexy
    Han Bei way too subdue, she supposed the sexy one!

    1. he’s even sorta supposed to be a little dark-skinned. It’s what got me into the series initially, a scholarly average-looking MC. There’s enough Yun Ches and Xiao Yans, the most handsome specimens ever to exist.

    2. It is emphasized that Meng Hao becomes more handsome (his skin gets lighter as well) and domineering as the story progresses. He still isn’t drop dead gorgeous, that makes girls squeal in delight at his sexiness, but he’s very attractive (strong, charismatic, wise and charming). Like when that snow clan chick looks at him under the moonlight. Also, he kind of has a switch where he is amiable and harmless to human and animal scholar at one point and the next he is a Demon-like cultivator. Lol.

    1. Yuki needs to learn that speaking in 3rd person will result in being mocked.

      Next, it’ll be baby talk. “Yuki want apple googahh goo!”

  2. Meng Hao’s pic disappoints me……
    When Er Gen describes Meng Hao it makes you feel that even though he may not be some insanely handsome hot guy, he’s got this charisma, this attraction, etc. But this pic doesn’t match up to my expectations. As for Fatty, I feel quite satisfied with his pic. As for Xu Qing, she looks like some mature heavenly beauty with Celestial robes though I imagined her to be a beauty who dressed quite simply. Chu Yuyan looks like some teenager. Han Bei looks bad compared to the other two, her face makes me feel like she’s some ugly duckling & as mentioned by DB, that one breast……. Almost forgot Chen Fan, I imagined him to be some cool big brother type guy but he looks like some kind of smooth lady talker kind of guy.

    1. you can say boob, I think they don’t censor that one.

      EDIT: what do you know, the incredibly overzealous censoring doesn’t have boob on its list. Truly a miracle

  3. Although Er Gen has described Meng Hao as handsome on more than one occasion, he’s also made it perfectly clear that Meng Hao doesn’t have earth-shattering good looks (think Wang Tengfei).
    Brother Meng is ruthless and a hardass yet cool, refined, brilliant, and charismatic as hell. And that’s what makes him so damn attractive and brings all the ladies to his yard. ?
    That artistic depiction is too damn soft and pretty with none of Meng Hao’s epic personality. It does not do him justice at all. Much disappoint. Such sad.
    But thanks for sharing, DB!

    1. The Chinese can’t help it. No I’m serious. You know how in movie adaptations of books (here in the west), have attractive stars play average looking characters? That’s how the Chinese are with all forms of art.

      I have nothing to back this up, but hey, seems consistent with what I’ve seen over the years.

    1. There is one, the image has him making a hand sign and has a red mark on his forehead. At least I think that was one of the depictions DB posed in the forums. It was the one with the darkest skin and perhaps my favourite one. He just looks great.

  4. i think i would have swaped Chu Yuyan et Xu Qing, when i read to me it feels the purlple dress and overall look suit Chu Yuyan better than it suit Xu Qing, yet this is but my humble opinion.

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