☯ ISSTH Chapter 499 ☯

This almost fell under a Yin Yang China post, but I decided not to. I saw some advertisements in some elevators recently that left me… puzzled? amused? confused? Check them out after the jump…

Chapter 499
Translator: Deathblade
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Many thanks to Fellow Daoist James Timmermans for bringing the second sponsored chapter of the week!…

Okay so these are ads for wedding photography companies. The first one…


Okay, cool outfits, but… what the heck is the girl doing? She appears to be … spreading her legs? Like… What?! I don’t get what it’s supposed to mean. And the guy… Like… okay I know that in wuxia and xianxia an abacus can be a weapon. But, what exactly is this dude supposed to be doing or saying? My math skills rock! Or what?

Next picture…


Okay it seems okay, but I have this nagging feeling that it’s somewhat sexist. Either that or a typo….




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          1. I did math once, but I stopped after getting addicted.
            Math is dangerous and makes you carry around massive abacusses.
            Math not even once.

    1. The girl is saying “The man may be the one making the money, but she holds the purse strings through whats between her legs. At least that’s how I see it. Dao of the cooch wins over Dao of money, I guess.

      1. Lol, this is exactly what I thought.

        In my country, there is a phrase called “ander da saya” (“under the saya”, where saya is a traditional skirt), where a guy is totally controlled by the Mrs, typically used to insult husbands who don’t throw their weight around.

        I think there may be an equivalent idiom in English (“under the skirt”) or Chinese. So basically, the man earns the money, then the wife is telling him to go under the skirt (i.e. to submit to her).

      2. That just reminded me about one of my friends used to sell for a wholesaler in an industry that in my city is dominated by Chinese immigrants. He struggled getting sales at first then managed to get invited to play Mahjong with a bunch of the business “owners” wives.

        After he started playing with them regularly he suddenly made heaps of contracts. There’s no doubt in his mind who was actually making the financial decisions in those businesses after that. 😉

  1. First of all, thank you for translating.

    The first photo.. I think that it has something to do with the child policy. There are cases where triplets are borned, what will the parents do? That can’t be calculated.

      1. Yeah, i second your opinion…

        I m leaning more to the notion that this guy has mad fingering skills with that abascus that hes going to use with the girl. The girl obviously uncomfortable with the long dress. Why? Shes a party girl that tends to wear short skirts to parties… Shes gonna show her dance skills to the guy….
        Or maybe they had a flood and she had to raise her skirt and he has to safe the abascus… Its all game here 🙂

  2. well it has a link in it, seems to be for professional wedding photographer but yeah you should also have the pic of this guy staring at her butt though, lots of pics of this girl smiling at the camera and this guy holding stuff.

  3. For the wedding picture I think the girl has dress lifted like pretending to show her garter as in when the groom bites the garter on her leg and pulls it off with his mouth to solidify the marriage. (don’t know if they do that in China but it’s a guess)

  4. That first picture… now I know what everyone else jumps to but the first thing that caught my eye was her head.
    Is that supposed to be a phoenix head garment? I’m pretty sure it’s the red Angry Bird.

    Thanks for the chapter 😉

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